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In Avid Media Composer I can easily swap the source monitor's contents to the timeline, and then back. This is useful when...

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georgia 13th May 2016
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i assumed DCPs could now be produced at 25fps but a conversation with a film editor today suggested that not all projectors can...

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georgia 2nd May 2016
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all video editing grumbling aside, Is the Avid brand still industry standard for film and lower end MC, all that... Iv been...

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mattiasnyc 9th April 2016
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Hi I recently bought a Rode Procaster, Zoom UAC2, Triton Fethead, DBX 286S, the appropriate balanced cables, shock mount and...

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succulent95 12th March 2016
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Hi there So I know that the DJI Osmo is very flexible especially for tracking shots and such. Let's say I'm alright with FullHD...

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Thomas W. Bethe 12th March 2016
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Hi all, My wife and I are giving up life in the UK to go travelling for a couple of years. I would like to document this as...

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Thomas W. Bethe 12th March 2016
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Hello my band wants to use 4 video monitors on stage that will surround the drum riser, I need to have them independent so they...

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Thomas W. Bethe 11th March 2016
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Hello, I'm recording classical pieces with multiple takes and want to get into editing takes together. Audio/video sync has to...

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jasonwole2n 4th March 2016
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I'm looking for a device called "TBC-6000" in PAL format from Datavideo. This product is discontinued in most places...

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Thomas W. Bethe 1st February 2016
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For doing a computer tutorial, I've looked into things like Camtasia 2 for the Mac. The problem with them, is that there is a...

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rothmusic 18th January 2016
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Hello everyone I'm looking for recommendations for a reputable transfer house in the Ottawa valley area. My cousin has a...

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[email protected] 12th January 2016
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My goal is: A) Audio record several digital piano and synth performances in my home studio, which also has lots of sequenced...

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cadman 28th December 2015
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Hey everyone We need a small video crew to make films for us at NAMM covering the show floor. The team would need to...

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Whitecat 24th December 2015
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I have a video remix that I want to create. It's a video compilation of people speaking that I want to sample into my Maschine...

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Newmann 12th December 2015
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I've been looking for video monitor that supports 10-bit color either through SDI or 10-bit HDMI, but for under $3,000, to...

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MarkH 16th November 2015
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I want to integrate small cameras on each musician in our live show for use in our video show. I'm interested in what others are...

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Thomas W. Bethe 13th November 2015

Can anyone recommend a good usb hub that I can fit at least 10 x usb 2 ports?

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Thomas W. Bethe 13th November 2015
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For whatever reason the download link on the Avid site for DNxHD is no longer working. Avid | DNxHD Codec - Beauty Without...

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TVPostSound 1st November 2015
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Hi all, I ask all a suggestion for this Word clock distribution 1 TV ob van with a Lawo desk clocked with backburst. 1...

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georgia 23rd October 2015
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With a 5 year audio upgrade nearly complete, we're adding video capabilities to our services, currently researching options for a...

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JayTee4303 17th October 2015
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Time to put some of this music onto video. I have Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium that I bought when it was the latest...

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JayTee4303 29th September 2015
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When mix for DVD (for Europe, drama with intro music, underscores, dialogue, fx etc), is it desirable to mix 23 LUFS (r128?) or 0...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 22nd July 2015
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I work in post production audio and as part of our current workflow we ask to received Quicktime H264 .MOVs. We then take these...

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tom_lowe 10th July 2015
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I completed a song I wrote called "Riding the Wave" and I would like to put some surfing video to it, do you know where...

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peterday 29th June 2015
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Hi Everyone, I'm a guitar tutor who wants to create video lessons for promo reasons with a hope to have regular releases. I am...

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georgia 17th June 2015
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Hi all, I am a post production supervisor looking for a good Post Production calendar program. I purchased a license for Reel...

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chorchie 16th June 2015
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Hi folks, I'm sure I'm asking a question that many people have asked in the past, but i swear, i tried looking around for answers...

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misterdmmc 15th June 2015
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Did need to create a playlist of video, photo, songs that will be projected/diffused in an theatre during a ballet event, with...

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georgia 9th June 2015
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OK folks, I'm flummoxed by this "intuitive" app. confoosed I have separate audio track and video footage from the...

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Blast9 19th May 2015
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My DAC-200 is getting old and recently started malfunctioning. So i am looking for a replacement. I use Nuendo and Logic, and...

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georgia 16th May 2015
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Hi everyone, Sorry if this is not the appropriate place for this question, but I thought some folks here may have some insights....

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RyanWiseman 1st May 2015
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Hello all, I've had my AudioTechnica AT8035 for a while now, but I think it is about time I upgrade. Ideally, I'd have an Senn...

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zrichli 13th April 2015
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This may or may not be the place for this but here it goes....... Ive been to studios that had video monitors versus having a...

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JayTee4303 24th March 2015
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Pretty new to video, capture, editing, etc, but I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Extensive time in still image photography...

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JayTee4303 18th March 2015
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Hi, First, I hope I placed this thread into the right topic. If not, please correct it. :-) At our local television facility,...

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huub 1st March 2015
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So I used my PD-150 for a decade. Today it refused to rewind. To finish my work I got a Vixxia 50 something, $400 on sell for...

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Jaybird 1st February 2015
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Hi, I need some help. We gonna upgrade two rooms and we intend to upgrade the video ref we use (Canopus ADVC 110 FW) and a...

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UnFraGile 19th January 2015
Avatar for georgia

I'd like to offer thee basic rules to Edit a by: RULES for excellent EDITING. 1. EMOTION 50% - the AUDIENCE must be first in...

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Thomas W. Bethe 15th January 2015
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Hello, Simple question. Is a apple screen 27" a good display to do colorgrading with? Is a macbook pro 13"...

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PatrickFaith 13th January 2015
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Hi, I've been using NeatVideo plugin to reduce granny noise, particularly shot in low light with high gain. It works 'okay', and...

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Thomas W. Bethe 29th December 2014
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Alright so I haven't been able to edit on my PC because of lack of space, my 750GB was pretty much full and rendering takes up a...

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Thomas W. Bethe 29th December 2014
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Ah... QC... Quality control... since i've just lived this, I thought i'd share with you... Did you ever wonder what QC really...

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Thomas W. Bethe 4th November 2014
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I'm not quite sure if this is the appropriate section of this forum for this post, though I know there's at least one member here...

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katrina 10th September 2014
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So panasonic is introducing a new 4k 4/3 still camera that has a fully equipped audio interface availble to go with it. 4K...

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mo7ies 2nd September 2014
Avatar for georgia

We just wrapped post production for our film Subconscious. I was asked to share this for the "slutz" to see the...

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PatrickFaith 1st September 2014
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Hi all, I would like to talk about digital dailies workflows. Is anyone offering this as a service? I would like to know your...

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georgia 5th August 2014
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Hi All, Say a potential client wanted me to shoot a local TV spot. 30 sec. (non-union). How much would it be worth for a 1 day...

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georgia 2nd August 2014
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This week a colleague put me on to the A&M long form video of 10 Summoners Tales. Which is recorded at Sting's big...

super teaboy87
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ionian 19th July 2014
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Our jazz trio needs to do some live streaming webcasts. What are some of the cheaper setups of camera and software to get us...

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blackwell99 16th July 2014
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I've got a semi-decent video editing set up at the moment. A mac pro (bought 2009) and a couple of Apple 27" monitors to...

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georgia 2nd July 2014


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