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Hi, I’m looking to start making and editing videos and am looking for advice on software. I am 100% brand new to this and am...

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dickiefunk 4 weeks ago
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Hi there, which quality video cams can you recommend for classical music videos? FullHD at 60 fps minimal, but 4K would be...

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RayHeath 4 weeks ago
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Hi From what I see this forum is mostly meant for software side of video processing but what place would you recommend to ask...

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Newmann 4 weeks ago
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Hello Post Party People Noob alert - with A LOT OF QUESTIONS sorry, and thank you I am a relatively experienced music...

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mattiasnyc 17th April 2020
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Hello Post Party People Noob alert - with A LOT OF QUESTIONS sorry, and thank you I am a relatively experienced music...

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augustin187 16th April 2020
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Hey, I record videos, put them together and put them under my music. I record using gopro7 black. At night I record at 24 fps...

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Foretaste 24th March 2020
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Hi, I'd like to try learning to do some basic video editing, to be able to mix in shots from different vids and from different...

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Vitrix 24th March 2020
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Hi, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to making videos. I’ve uploaded about 6 videos recently and I've been really...

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Soundsauca 7th February 2020
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Greetings! Just wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives to Avid Media Composer for capturing directly to JPEG 2000? I'd...

Red Black
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Red Black 7th February 2020
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Hello All, I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum to post general video related gear purchasing advice; however, I...

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mattiasnyc 29th December 2019
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ok guys, trying to shamelessly push my new video ... it's in a retro, lo-fi, poppy musicstyle. i like the lyrics, a lot. very...

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zinzin 15th December 2019
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If appropriate in this forum I like to ask for advice, guidance, tips if possible I have a modest but efficient audio recording...

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zaiata 15th November 2019
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Catherine the Great on HBO during color: “Hey, wouldn’t it by cool off we just turned all the knobs up?” “Yeah......

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NReichman 28th October 2019
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Hi Has anyone done a film with a full 96khz/ 192khz workflow from shooting till the time of delivery? I would like to know what...

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Bigyna 16th September 2019
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Hi sluts, I've bought a bunch of fancy-pantsies video equiptment to take baby vids with, an rx100m4 and fancy gimbal, I thought...

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assretard 2nd September 2019
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What lyric video making software do you suggest?

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FrankiK Music 9th August 2019
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Here are some delivery Spec documents and items regarding final delivery for projects: I've attached some relatively up to...

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EdSmith 8th August 2019
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Hi, Does anyone have references of reputable companies that sell used broadcast equipment in EU? I've exhausted local markets...

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Pmchristopher 13th July 2019
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Hi all. So I’m close to completing my midsize project studio and wanting to be able to offer decent quality video recording as...

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Snoggin 25th June 2019
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I have a fairly solid background in music production, but film/video is a completely now foray for me. Six months ago I bought...

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Whitecat 19th June 2019
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Recently I accidentally formatted an SSD card which I use for direct sound recording, using a ZOOM H5 with it. I looked up if...

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Amsoily 4th June 2019
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Hi! I recorded videos of a concert with a Zenfone 4 Max. However, the audio of the videos is very very distorted. Is there...

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Thomas W. Bethe 17th May 2019
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Hey all, I am a metal rock bassist (semi pro) and looking to learn live sound engineering. I love gear and am not that techy...

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jamoid 16th April 2019
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Looking for a (maybe even uhd)BR Player w/ 5.1 analog rca outs. Preferebly with easy to unlock region codes and supporting common...

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belasoul 26th February 2019
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I have to dub in my studio some clips shot with direct sound recording using a zoom gear. I have a tube Neuman mic which sounds...

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TVPostSound 23rd February 2019
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I have a fairly hard budget of $2,000 to start doing videos. I am a musician with a very nice audio studio for music...

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Todzilla 22nd February 2019
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Hi, any pro editors know the average time it would take a pro editor to cut 2hr footage down to a ten minute short film, no...

Sean L
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Sean L 31st December 2018
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I am looking for a videographer to do very easy work in the NYC area. The work will be on a consistent basis (weekly). Please...

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flytai45 27th December 2018
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Hi, I am currently assigned a film project in high school. I'm considering to buy either the Rode Stereo Video Mic Pro, or Sony...

Makin Good Music
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Daria91 16th September 2018

My background is in music/recording. I've lived in studios (literally at times) for many years of life, but I know nothing about...

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steadytake 24th August 2018
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Hi. I decided to start making music videos. I currently live abroad and in next 4,5 years I'll go live back home where I plan to...

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[email protected] 9th July 2018
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I don't know the first thing about sample rate, but I've heard that video has (or should have) an audio sample rate of 48...

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[email protected] 9th July 2018
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Trying to run iZotope Loudness Control (AS) on a 5.1 film mix and it renders only 23 minutes of audio, rest is silence. Did not...

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soundcontrol 8th May 2018
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I have a few SFX libraries on CD and would like to transfer them to hard drives. What’s the best way of doing this and the best...

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CCRMusic 5th May 2018
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Can any of you give me some tips on using video from a GoPro? My brother shot my show and gave the the card. I DLed the GPStudio,...

Old Goat
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tom_lowe 10th April 2018
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Hey folks, This year’s NAB will be our trade show debut. Our channel partner, The Telos Alliance’s TV Solutions Group,...

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omasciarotte 29th March 2018
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Hello my fellow Slutzs! I am attempting to record a backdrop video to post my songs to YouTube. Many songs on YouTube have...

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AudioFreq 30th January 2018
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Does anyone know of a screen recording software that I can buy? Im on a PC win 10 and 7

Dave east
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Dave east 20th December 2017
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Room With a View Productions - Professional Video in Northern Ohio I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks in...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 17th December 2017
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Starts Tuesday over in the Immersive Audio forum - check it...

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Whitecat 21st October 2017
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hello, I read some posts in the post-production section and, as suggested, I calibrated the sound system using pink noise at...

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georgia 6th September 2017
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Hi, from macrumors: Apple Announces Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 Available Today - Mac Rumors Apple has...

The Beatsmith
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galaydees 12th August 2017
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Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone here knew if i could use iMovie in a way that it doesn't move my clips around...

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pw2005 2nd August 2017
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Hello everyone, I use Sound Grinder on a daily basis. It's an amazing little software, but it hasn't been updated since 2015....

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sigmatibet 29th July 2017
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Hello, I am using a ten year old UTX-B1 with a hand microphone, and i hear a sandlike noise that acts as the person speaks, when...

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Brent Hahn 4th July 2017
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Hi, Sometimes when I playpack video it stops playing and just randomly freezes. This is kinda frustrating as lately Im doing...

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neoking 28th May 2017
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I need help with recording vocalists for self-tape auditions. Hi... What's the best way to videotape a singer as clean,...

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PG67 17th May 2017
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Hey, I had a question. Does anybody know what these lights are called (the ones in the photo)? I've worked in that studio many...

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[email protected] 28th February 2017
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How to make a television commercial?

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Thomas W. Bethe 24th February 2017
Avatar for Jeff Willens

A quick question about backwards compatibility for Avid Media Composer. If one upgrades to version 8.x, can projects created in...

Jeff Willens
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Jeff Willens 17th February 2017


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