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With the VSR 3, we happily rely on the proven old mechanical way to create reverberation. Rightly, because the used reverberation spring by AccuBell (formerly Accutronics) creates that magic 60's reverb which is slightly metallic and dense at the same time. The VSR 3 has a straight-forward and honest approach: signal in - spring reverb - vintage sound out. VSR 3 is equipped with an equalizer that is exactly adapted to the springs' frequency response. In addition, there are controls to mix the dry and effect signal as well as controls for the input and output level. This way, VSR 3 simply exactly does what it was designed to do. Although using a large spring (type 9), VSR 3 fits in a 19" housing with one rack unit – minimal space requirements. Thanks to its extremely solid chassis, VSR 3 is a reliable vintage-effect that cannot only be used in a controlled studio environment. On the contrary, it also serves fine when being used in straining live situations.


vermona retuverb lancet

...more "twangy". The sound seems to recede more (though I tried to match wet/dry levels as best as possible). The VSR-3 sounds fuller, deeper, and more present. The test starts with a simple sequence, dry, then Lancet, then dry, then VSR-3, etc. On each round, I changed the EQ first MID (neutral) then HI then...

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Spring reverb IR's v's real spring reverb?

The thing about spring reverb is that the spring responds differently on every note. An IR cannot do this in the same way. Yes, there are some IR's that sound ok. An IR is never gonna be as realistic as a cheap ass spring reverb. :)

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New Vermona VSR-3.2 spring reverb

If by "noise" you mean hum, my VSR-3 would sometimes pick up interference from nearby gear. I was able to reduce it by relocating it to another rack. I've since upgraded to the DSR-3 which appears to be less susceptible to interference and which also has balanced XLR inputs and a Ground/Lift switch on the...

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