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The Digital Rhythm Machine (or DRM) is an analogue drum machine with a TR... style step sequencer. There are 11 analoge drumvoices with a specific timbre. These are; Bass Drum, Low, Mid and High Toms, Claves, Cowbell (4 oscillator FM circuit), Snare 1, Snare 2, Clap, Closed HiHat, Open HiHat, Cybals. There's an accent function available. With the use of 10 volume sliders (per voice), one accent slider and an overall volume sliders the user can adjust the drumkit. Each sound can be panned using a preset over the stereo sum output. There are also individual outputs, a headphone output, a Trigger out, per voice there's also a dedicated trigger output. Then there's also two rhythm trigger inputs. There's 4 footpedal inputs which control program change, start/stop, fill and bassdrum removal. With an obsolete type connector audio input can be routed to each output. The sequencer offers 32 step patterns, patterns can be chained. Pattern lenght can be changed, and time signature of 4/4 and 3/4 are available. There are 16 preset patterns, and 10 user patterns can be stored. The DRM reacts to MIDI clock sync, start/stop, and MIDI note data so the voices can be accessed from outside MIDI gear (played or sequenced). MIDI data can be transmitted, and the DRM has a clock output to sync external gear. There's a fill mode, which will play a fill inbtween patterns. There's a flam function, and the Bass Drum can play by itself on command. The trigger output has a dedicated sequence assigned. Then, to top it off there's 2 time signature sequences available on the trigger output. It was produced in 1987 in eastern Germany (DDR).


Which drum machines do you own?

Current drum setup: MPC 2500 for samples and sequencing Vermona DRM MK3: Analog Machinedrum UW MK2: Digital Roland TR727: I don't know, I just love it. Roland TR707:Looks good next to the 727. Actually, I like the immediacy of the 727/707 boxes. If I just want to pound out a beat without tweaking the knobs they are great

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April 2018 New Gear thread

Lucked out and found a Vermona DRM for peanuts on a local add site. Missing a few knobs but everything works like a charm. This thing sounds pretty sweet and just so easy to program.

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Ten of the best drum machines right now

yes, the mpc live is to good to be true, the mpc X is bigger and has more features and controls, but i find the form factor and the battery feature of the mpc live superiour. the tanzbär has a succesor now and for many the vermona drm mk3 should be mentioned here also.

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