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The original Cooper Time Cube was a Duane H. Cooper and Bill Putnam collaborative design that brought a garden hose-based mechanical delay to the world in 1971, and has achieved cult status as the most unique delay ever made. The Cooper Time Cube is famous for its spectacular short delay and doubling effects and its uncanny ability to sit perfectly in the mix. The new Cooper Time Cube MkII has all the sound of the original delay system, while offering modern delay device features: Delay, Decay, Pan and Volume controls plus Tempo Sync and Automation for each of two independent delay lines. The original CTC had limited practicality as a full-featured delay; only 14, 16 or 30 ms settings were available. Over the years, this quirky device has grown a strong following and finds a home in the most prestigious studios in the world, such as Blackbird and Sunset Sound. Top producers and engineers such as Richard Dodd, Vance Powell and Joe Chicarelli still swear by the Cooper Time Cube for its unique character.> The distinct sound of the single or double hose Coil is preserved regardless of delay setting, and either sound is available at the flick of a switch. The Cooper time Cube MkII also incorporates other enhanced tone shifting features such as the Color switch that presents the user with the original (A) or “leveled” (B) frequency response, plus tone controls and a 2-Pole High Pass Filter. Lastly, a switch is presented for soloing the Wet signal and the Send switch allows momentary interruption of the signal being sent into the delay system.


Gear list "Under the Sun"

...for the extra synth harmonies that come in. Gforce MTron Pro for the Vibes and flutes, Bass is Minimoog. I used Cooper Time cube from the UAD on the Kids way parts. Vocal reverb Bricasti M7 IR's in Altiverb, I think i used that with big pre delay and may have also had Bill Puttnam...

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Ten UAD plug-ins Gearslutz can't live without

My UAD list shortened for a while. Abbey Road Plates replaced EMT-140 DMG Equilibrium replaced all my UAD EQ's! VTM replaced my UAD tape plugins. But I added and use all the time AMS RMX-16, EP34, 88RS strip, SSL Strip, EMT-250, Cooper time Cube and Lexicon 224 so I'm still a big fan :-)

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Best Delay Plugins - 2018

+ U-He Colour Copy for vintage delay. D16 Tekturon might be interesting, or go complex and check out Sandman. Or sometimes simple is what's needed: Audio Damage Dubstation or Fuse Bucket-500.

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