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The original Universal Audio 1176LN designed by Bill Putnam was a major breakthrough in limiter technology - the first true peak limiter with all transistor circuitry offering superior performance and a signature sound. Evolved from the popular Universal Audio 175 and 176 vacuum tube limiters, the 1176LN retained the proven qualities of these industry leaders, and set the standard for all limiters to follow. Today, the 1176LN is new again. While it certainly would have been possible "and much simpler " to modernize and "improve" the 1176LN, every effort was made to remain faithful to Putnam's design and intentions. Carefully trained staff hand-wire and test each unit until it meets our uncompromising standards. This Universal Audio Classic version of the 1176LN captures all the nuance of the original through obsessive attention to detail and delivers that trademark sound. Demand the original. Accept no copies. The optional Universal Audio 1176-SA Stereo Adapter calibrates two mono 1176s for stereo operation. The 1176SA was first offered for the original 1176, but has become increasingly difficult to find for use with either vintage or new 1176s. Due to customer demand for stereo operation, we carefully recreated the original adapter. The 1176SA is a small device (4.25" x2.5" x1.75") which rests behind the 1176s. The 1176SA sports a full metal enclosure for proper shielding, gold-plated connectors. A 2-year battery is included. The 1176SA is compatible with both new and vintage models.


UA Apollo First Look (user review)

...laptop. Working at firewire 800 speeds no problem. Im getting 37 out of a possible 44 instances of the UA 1176LN, which isn't bad (duo, and looking at the UA instance chart) Purchased a firewire 800 card for my (cough) tower based mac variant, and i'm told that it is running at firewire 400 speeds,...

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Gear list "Under the Sun"

...Bibio - Bibio's Vocal chain was: Mic - Vintage Sennheiser MD421 (hand held). Mic pre - Chandler Limited Redd.47. Compressor - Universal Audio 1176LN. Into a Universal Audio Apollo 16. The main part of the track is a Circuit bent (Freeform Delusion) kids toy, Called Kids way. The drums are a Hammond Auto vary 64. Arp Odyssey...

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