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Foldable Studio Headphones


Best mixing headphones!

How come no one's mentioned the Ultrasone PRO 750's? I've mixed a hand full of TV shows using them. And did a close comparison test agains the Auratones. And the Ultrasone was VERY flat and for me at least, didn't add or take anything. So my Mix translated very smoothly when listening to the...

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Help me decide: Ultrasone Pro 750 Vs AKG K271 MKII

welp just ordered the Ultrasone Pro 750 for 329 shipped. pretty good deal i thought since they retail for 549. i heard the 900s are smoother sounding with more body and a slightly better soundstage. for me the smoothness is worth the extra 90 bucks over the 750s. ill let you guys know how i...

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Anyone that used to use Ultrasone Headphones

I am a very experienced Ultrasone Pro 750 user and have successfully used them for mixing. The reason you hated them is because you "listened to them for about two minutes and put them away." Ultrasones require a lot of burn in time, I would say at least 100 hours. The more...

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