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SPACECRAFT GRANULAR SYNTH AU / VST (LINUX VST COMING SOON) Voyage through granular space. Easy To Play, Yet Powerful The hugely popular iOS app by Delta-V Audio has come to the desktop! SpaceCraft Granular Synth is well known for providing instant gratification and inspiring creative flow. Two parallel granular engines provide grain frequency/length control, sample position LFO, stereo reverb/filter and pitch/ring-modulation. The innovative grain pitch sequencer, MIDI / MPE and live sampling capability open up further depths of performance and expression. INNOVATIVE GRANULAR ENGINE Grain pitch is controlled by a unique, arpeggiated note/grain sequencer grid which is capable of a wide range of styles spanning classical granular effects, lush sample layering and organic rhythmic effects. Over 24 scales provides a wealth of melodic possibilities. With the grain control XY pad you can seamlessly morph from granular chords and drones to arpeggiated rhythmic sequences. ELEGANT SINGLE PAGE GUI The focused GUI encourages a creative, interactive experience. With carefully chosen components presented in a single page layout, the user can quickly dive into sound design without the need for time-consuming configuration of parameters and mappings, it’s all there in front of you. Reactive visualisation with a choice of fifteen colour themes provides an engaging audiovisual experience. SPECIFICATIONS The desktop version of SpaceCraft unlocks the enhanced capabilities: Multitouch compatible interface Drag and drop samples directly into GUI Enhanced, higher fidelity granular engine DSP Up to x8 the number of grains (CPU dependent) Up to 16 minutes sample duration (RAM dependent)


Call me crazy but is UFO disclosure near? What Role will music play if true?

...I thought was funniest was the claim in the book that microwave ovens were created by 'reverse-engineering' an alien spacecraft! A spacecraft that crashed in 1947, 8 years after the microwave oven was already invented by radar engineer Percy Spencer. Or maybe Kennedy’s secret moonbase to fight the aliens...

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Dancefair 2018 Gear Thread

...XL desk (with plenty of API 500 series slots) Thermionic Culture Phoenix Prism Sound Titan converter A new product: The On The Moon Spacecraft stereo analog spatial processor. (what's in a name ;) ) Maselec MEA-2 mastering equalizer But of particular interest were these two new machines: The Audiolinear AXIS passive monitor controller: And this brandnew Zerogravity Filterbank, controllable by MIDI....

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Can't decide which mics make this violin sound the most appealing :) Schoeps, Samar

yep: i've been using my standard cmc5 bodies and mk capsules to configure a double m/s array and by now use it on about half of my classical work as my main mic array if not using single m/s, ortf, soundfield or (rarely) decca.

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