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The Electronic EZX presents a mind-blowing collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds. It includes as much as 33 carefully crafted preset kits as well as a large selection of optional snares and kicks, all designed to cater to a broad range of genres and production styles. No matter if you are looking to make beats for hip hop, house, grime or dub step, lead sound designer Richard Devine, an award-winning artist and pioneer in modern electronic music, has managed to squeeze, shape and bend sounds in and out of proportion as well as record pristine takes on classics to create the hottest collection of electronic drums imaginable. FEATURE SPOTLIGHT • A large collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds • Engineered, recorded and edited by Brad Bowden and Richard Devine in Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA. • 33 preset kits • A large selection of optional snares and kicks • Custom MIDI library included


Toontrack Electronic EZX - Where's the green GUI?

I just bought the Electronic EZX and there's no fancy futuristic GUI like all the ads show?!? It's just the dumb X-pads. It's loaded into S2.0 instead of EZ player. Not a huge deal, but the hex pads kind of bother me. I was hoping for the nifty GUI. I also don't see...

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Toontrack-favorite ezx?

Metal Machine and Metalheads both sound awesome for heavy, mean sounding drums. The Electronic EZX is a very interesting EZX if you're looking for different electro sounds. It has some standard 808, 909, etc... emulation but it has some really bizarre stuff, too.

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drum loop pattern/groove template VST

after some research, i think i need superior drummer 2 (not EZ drummer 2) and the electronic EZX pack.

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