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The BC1 provides smooth buss compression associated with one of the most famous buss compressors from the mid 80’s. Mixing engineers call it the magic ‘glue’ when transparent compression strengthens mixes without compromising clarity. The BC1 provides just that kind of compression bringing cohesion and punch; equally useful for drum buss and instrument compression. The built-in blend control makes it easy to apply parallel compression by adjusting the mix of dry and compressed signal. A mute-switch is provided for muting the dry signal making it possible to adjust the compression without changing the blend control. A switchable side-chain filter can be applied at 150Hz which makes the BC1 less responsive to low frequency energy. The external side-chain input makes it possible to have the BC1 pump to an external source. Smooth and transparent compression will never go out of fashion and the BC1 has already become a best-seller. The BC1 will add the magic ‘glue’ and make your mixes sound punchy and coherent.


Option number one, two or three? (empirical, thermionic, tk audio) samples inside

...with. I think that unit will give you some serious options on the way in, and the way OUT. The TK BC-1 is a much more transparent device, so it really doesn't have the MOJO these others do, but what it DOES do REALLY well, is compress without artifact and distortion. Its a great...

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What's on your master bus? (analog only please)

...Vari-Mu 11 A Designs Nail 11 Smart C2 9 Cranesong STC-8 9 Dramastic Obsidian 9 Shadow Hills Mastering Comp 8 UBK Fatso 7 SSL 6 Thermionic Culture Phoenix* 5 Daking Fet II 5 Focusrite Red 3 5 Neve 33609 5 Pendulum OCL-2 5 SSL FX-G384 5 TK Audio BC1 4 Chandler TG 12413 ZenerLimiter 4 Drawmer 1968 4 Elysia Xpressor 4 Pendulum ES-8 4 Pendulum*PL-2 4 Roll Music RMS755 4 Smart C1 3 Fearn VT-7 3 Foote P3S 3 Regular John Master Buss Compressor 3 Portico 5043 3 Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph 3 SSL-G Series Bus Compressor 3 Vertigo VSC-2 3 Waves L2 2 API 527 2 Dave Hill Designs Titan 2 DBX 160SL 2 EAR 660 2 Fairchild 670 2 JDK R22 2 NTP 179-470 2 Rockruepel...

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Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet first impressions

...Apollos > Two dangerous convert 8 D/A> Dangerous 2bus+ > Silver Bullet (mostly on SB insert I have TK Audio BC1 and/or Elysia Xfilter ) > Portico MBP II > Overstayer MAS > Burl B2 A/D All these above are connected through Samson Patchbay S plus. Since I am limited to only one Burl AD...

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