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Tape Machine Synchroniser


Lynx2 opinions

Im new and shopping for a good ADA. i read a lot of great things about the Lynx2. i bought an Aardsync to take care of clocking and plan to get Benchmark DAC1+Lynx2 that still comes cheaper then, the lately celebrated Apogee Rosetta 800 not to mention Mytek etc. any comments. i really need some advice before its...

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Trouble navigating the murky waters of audio interfaces, conversion, please help...

I went through a bunch of interfaces and AD conversion. Aardvark, 1212u, RME, Lynx2... before finally settling on Auroras. If you are transitioning to pro level stuff, I would suggest biting the bullet and just finding a used Aurora 8 for $900-1000. For budget Preamps I think the FMR's are great. In fact,...

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Tape formulations 2016

Good golly...this is interesting. It's like buying external clocks for digital audio, haha. "It has a slightly tighter sound now," etc.

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