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If you have a problem, a suggestion, a complaint, whatever about Gearslutz itself, please do not post it here! Go here instead...

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Whitecat 24th April 2013
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I just got my SOS magazine. Looking through it reminded me that I would like to know who is buying all the high end gear the...

Thomas W. Bethe
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psycho_monkey 1 hour ago
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Wondering how many have been left dangling by Kickstarter? My first purchase was two Guitar Wings, 3 years ago... for the first...

Rick Dalton
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D_T_Music 9 hours ago
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Long story short, this is sadly the same old story. I ordered 2 pieces from Stam Audio. One, over a year ago, and another at the...

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iangomes 13 hours ago
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When my mastering studio was built in 1995 I had a wonderful retired carpenter doing the work. He and I spent the whole summer of...

Thomas W. Bethe
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DarkHelmet 1 day ago
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Being in vacation, I probably played too much my folk guitar, yesterday, after a rather long abstinence period. Result : even the...

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pencilextremist 1 day ago
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There is the type who always posts how they have expensive gear or the more expensive gear is better than anything else. Which...

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badmark 2 days ago
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Don't you just hate looking at vertical iPhone videos?? I like panoramic views. Comon people hold it sideways.

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DarkHelmet 2 days ago
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Anybody else in the USA or elsewhere not receive the October Print Edition as of today October 26? Ironically, I received an...

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Brent Hahn 2 days ago
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Playing a demo track to a friend... only response: "It isn't mastered yet or?" :facepalm: :lol: No single word about...

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dirtROBOT 4 days ago
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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm at my wit's end. I bought quite a few sample libraries from them and the...

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blyt 4 days ago
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Writing this just to inform you that this guy doesn't comply to the orders he receives. Ordered two cabs on 31st dec 2008,...

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DarkCide 5 days ago
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I had a 4+ year old Apollo Twin die during a recording session. It no longer powers on, nothing. Extremely frustrating, but it...

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psycho_monkey 6 days ago
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- No charger when you buy a new iPhone. Apple claims you already got enough. - 250,- for 8GB RAM. (when it's even possible to...

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The_Champ 6 days ago
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sorry. hope Pete the wizard picks this up. i have absolutely no idea what my computer is doing these days. it's gone completely...

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mattiasnyc 6 days ago
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Saw some back-and-forth in a recent thread about autotune bugs, and it seems like a lot of older guys in audio don't seem to get...

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swafford 6 days ago
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Call it a rant, call it someone's soapbox...a lot of stuff said in the following video makes a lot of sense, and NOT just pop...

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robert82 6 days ago
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Hi! So, I bought a 3 course bundle in October 2019, these are online only, no downloads (Mixing With Effects). However, the...

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pencilextremist 1 week ago
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I ordered a new Boss TU-3W tuner pedal from a smaller online retailer, along with a few pedal cables. The pedal was in the...

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Benprogfuse 1 week ago
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I have exactly one product from them, so I get all the emails. I jumped onto the bandwagon a little late, so perhaps I just don't...

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lovemonkey3833 1 week ago
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I have a few 1U pieces of gear that need space to cool, but not a full 1U between each one. I just need half a space or so and...

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carbon 1 week ago
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theblue1 1 week ago
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It's unbelievable. Slate has sent countless emails touting their commitment to finalizing FGX AAX, stating that they're committed...

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T_R_S 1 week ago
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I purchased a Voodoo Labs Dingus from Chicago Music Exchange via Amazon. After opening the padded mailing envelope, I...

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JLast 1 week ago
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Just for fun, which top charting song (from any decade) has the worse mix to you ? - This is not about songwriting so don't just...

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psycho_monkey 2 weeks ago
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I have been doing music with computers, and involved with related subjects since I am 10 or so years old. I used the first...

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doom64 2 weeks ago
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Charlie Clouser is not being inducted into Rock & Roll hall of fame in...

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bill5 2 weeks ago
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Installing a new mac today as my previous mac crashed. I cannot stress how much I miss the old days of software where you just...

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mattiasnyc 2 weeks ago
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Every time i make a setup of simple hardware i think about why it has to be so complicated. We are leaving in 21-st century and...

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HerbDelux 2 weeks ago
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I ordered these. Put them together. The wood split in multiple places because pilot holes were not pre-drilled. I had to guess on...

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mlbchitown 2 weeks ago
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People grip about Reverb/eBay well today it's Amazon Amazon is every charging me 40 cents to collect the tax - gee whiz!! it...

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Duardo 2 weeks ago
Avatar for cubic13

It isn't the first time that I stumble on this trap, sadly, and it's getting irritating : my last XLR cable purchase (Cordial),...

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Metasfera 2 weeks ago
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Well, thanks in part to my communications and media studies degree, I think it all stems back to the way broadcasting was...

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worstcaseontario 2 weeks ago
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IMO, this is another explicit example of the B-rand fanaticism and negativity that has come to this forum recently. I call it...

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kcearl 2 weeks ago
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~~~ DISREGARD, FOUND HIM ~~~ There's a YouTube user named The Synthesizer Grouch that I've been trying to contact for a...

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synthRodriguez 3 weeks ago
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or Monitroll/Monitroller Just a monitor controller with a cheeky name. Isnt there a Phonitor already?

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mattias78 3 weeks ago
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So, I submitted a copyright for a sound pack that I did WAY back in December of 2018. Just today I receive a denial notice...

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bill5 3 weeks ago
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The good news, is PA has a massive sale, which would allow me to get ProAudioDSP's DSM-3 for $30. Sale ends on the 5th it says....

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JoeyM 3 weeks ago
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It's been a long/busy few months with a butt load of headaches from the ProTools side of things. Just one random thing after...

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andersmv 3 weeks ago
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An artist I work with was looking for recommendations for 251 clones, and Peluso was one that I told her to try out in her price...
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wolvie 3 weeks ago
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I feel like the last couple of weeks have been a real turning point for me with this whole new normal pandemic dystopia thing....

Local Man
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theblue1 3 weeks ago
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I just sold a guitar on and paid $261.81 in fees. Total Selling Fees: $103.25 Total Payment Processing:...

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JLast 3 weeks ago
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I left a valuable vintage microphone with Tony Merrill of Stephen Paul Audio about 4 years ago and was given a repair estimate....

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speerchucker 3 weeks ago
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Yesterday I got phone calls from the IRS (SCAM) from Best Buys' Geek Squad (two calls) saying they were charging my credit card...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Synonym Music 3 weeks ago
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California wildfires are raging. Chino is safe. Others are not. The Vanimal's Fire Report. Save the Tubes!

EveAnna Manley
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realtrance 4 weeks ago
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Honest self-reflection of financial and emotional impact of a pandemie. Could belong to another thread but he speaks broadly...

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omkar 4 weeks ago


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