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If you have a problem, a suggestion, a complaint, whatever about Gearslutz itself, please do not post it here! Go here instead...

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Whitecat 24th April 2013
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As I am having to work from home I thought I would shell out on a top of the range DELL so I had something fast and...

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HerbDelux 3 hours ago
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Miss Djax: "Nowadays being a record label is uploading tracks online and do social media stuff." "But the...

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elegentdrum 6 hours ago
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Effective August 4th. Up from 3.5 , that’s not huge, but it’s not minor either.

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wentzelitis 8 hours ago
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I can´t believe that on top that Izotope software being not updated to 64 bits, their authorization system sucks. I have an...

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Ran_ks 17 hours ago
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Long story short, this is sadly the same old story. I ordered 2 pieces from Stam Audio. One, over a year ago, and another at the...

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Noa 19 hours ago
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How is this not criminal?

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JayTee4303 1 day ago
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... I cringe. I guess it's okay if you know them personally. And my wife does it so I have to put up with it, even though she...

Brent Hahn
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Fay Smearing 2 days ago
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I think it is so stupid Roland came up a proprietary standard like "R-BUS" and left out the industry standard...

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UnderTheStairs 2 days ago
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I am posting this story here to help anyone avoid the hell I am going through with a fraudulent seller (and to vent thank...

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Synonym Music 3 days ago
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They're horrible. They fail. Their support is horrible. It costs you the consumer money to send them in for repair. I'm...

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mattiasnyc 3 days ago
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Hi guys, I quit smoking weed about 5 weeks ago for a job and everything is cool except my creativity feels like its gone. I...

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suzspiegs 4 days ago
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Thank you for the special vouchers Plugin Alliance. You stipulate a minimum spend for redeeming the vouchers which are always a...

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screentan 4 days ago
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I ordered these. Put them together. The wood split in multiple places because pilot holes were not pre-drilled. I had to guess on...

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MSR74 4 days ago
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Please allow me to vent a little here about a few software companies that are still living in the dinosaur ages of software...

Sayat Nova
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Sayat Nova 5 days ago
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Synth Guru 5 days ago
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Ahhh...the moan zone...exactly where I belong. Seems like the transition here on GS is almost complete- the studio owners are...

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coffeecup77 6 days ago
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Ok, so, the guy’s YouTube channel shows up in my YouTube feed and I occasionally will click and see what...

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TS-12 1 week ago
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Is this microphone usable for anything? It sounds like turd on oH's, it sounds like turd on high hats, it sounds like turd on...

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carlheinz 1 week ago
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I remeber not a couple of years ago the MS2000 being sold for about $300 ish. sometimes even less. What i am noticing in a bunch...

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Liquidaudio 1 week ago
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Beginning on August 4, 2020, we are increasing our selling fee for the first time ever⁠— from 3.5 % to 5%. The thing that...

Jeff Hayat
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m_b_b 1 week ago
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Apart from one, or two, I don't hear them. Alternative viewpoints in popular songs, I don't see them. Aren't we supposed to hear...

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thehightenor 1 week ago
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Browsing through some synthesizer demo's on YouTube, and notice in the corner an advertisement for erectile dysfunction(some...

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JackDuncan 1 week ago
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.. Hi so when will Dave Smith release the new synth!?? Disco is cool No politics Behringer clones Moogs clone of The...

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HSi 1 week ago
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Hello! I hope you're safe and well :) Whenever I record electric guitars at home, there's this noise. It's driving me insane....

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pencilextremist 1 week ago
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Hi Like many others, I have always wanted to produce my own songs, DAW wise and production wise it gets better, BUT I've never...

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GearFiddler 1 week ago
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I don't know if any one else here has has as bad of an experience, or in this case, lack of, with presonus tech support. I've...

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EastNashRocker 1 week ago
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Moved: Stam Audio

Let this be a warning to potential buyers: after two years of false promises and outright lies, I never received the products I...

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TheDrip 1 week ago
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Nearly every other plugin company has installers that give you the choice to install the specific platform and bit (32 or 64) of...

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grx 1 week ago
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Just got this email: I’ve enjoyed buying and selling on Reverb very much but this sort of feels like the wrong time to...

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TRSC 1 week ago
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I keep getting all these calls from people who want to come over and do a recording session RIGHT NOW! I got one this morning at...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 2 weeks ago
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Granted I’m relatively new to synths and new to this forum, but I’ve had the chance to play several hardware synths in person...

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geob 2 weeks ago
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As someone with a passion for music and synthesizers, I often browse and watch youtube video's for mostly music and synthesizer...

Deleted b598644
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coffeecup77 2 weeks ago
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Seriously. Through the years you find out which companies have good customer support and which companies don't. Steinberg has...

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greggybud 2 weeks ago
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They can make ANY synth sound terrible. A good shop but their synth demos are the worst. Ok rant over

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Stoneblack 2 weeks ago
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First world problems, and kind of silly, but I'm a little irritated. Long story short, I ordered a Jaspers stand over a month...

Breaks Dude
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RetroFunk 2 weeks ago
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USPS - ALWAYS cheaper for EVERYTHING (except maybe very large boxes?). Priority takes 2 days. One, two, you got your stuff. As a...

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thehighesttree 2 weeks ago
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teenage engineering... plain white unbranded t-shirt = £70 1 x tiny bit of plastic & small elastic band (bender) £15 1 x...

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Thomas W. Bethe 2 weeks ago
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They say a can of Red Bull only costs $0.09 to produce but it sells for $3.59. The wholesale price is only around $1.87 per can....

Desire Inspires
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HerbDelux 2 weeks ago
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So everybody knows with increased fees is really squeezing sellers, as if they weren't already, and there is an extra...

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James Lehmann 2 weeks ago
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I have been doing music with computers, and involved with related subjects since I am 10 or so years old. I used the first...

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mattiasnyc 2 weeks ago
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Vintage king customer service is fairly poor. Do not purchase anything Open box from them. If you ever have a product that is...

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MixxedByMike 3 weeks ago
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I just sold a guitar on and paid $261.81 in fees. Total Selling Fees: $103.25 Total Payment Processing:...

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Synthmaven 3 weeks ago
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Hey so I know many of you like me probably use to sell used gear on. I’ve gotten a couple complaints like “Why did...

Ruth House Guest
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bgood 3 weeks ago
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Last week my lawn tractor went T.U. The engine was smoking and all the oil had leaked out. I refilled the oil tank and continued...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 3 weeks ago
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Greetings to my fellow moaners in addition to the popcorn eaters who roll through here. SUCCINCT VERSION: There are some real...

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[email protected] 3 weeks ago
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Hey guys, i want to share some experience with the Metric Halo ULN-8 3d and Lio-3d i bought in January 2019. I upgraded...

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Asbasnowe 4 weeks ago
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Writing this just to inform you that this guy doesn't comply to the orders he receives. Ordered two cabs on 31st dec 2008,...

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TheHorrors 4 weeks ago


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