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If you have a problem, a suggestion, a complaint, whatever about Gearslutz itself, please do not post it here! Go here instead...

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Whitecat 24th April 2013
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I think it's ridiculous that buyers have to pay 20 USD (per year, not even lifetime access...) to be able to contact sellers in...

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swafford 1 hour ago
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Hi Folks Im really sorry for bringing up the same old question, but can anyone direct me to any published papers or serious...

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pitchtwit 6 hours ago
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Diogo C 19 hours ago
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Just watching a program last night... Guns N Roses VS Green Day. Back to back hits from each on VH1 Classics or...

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Liquidaudio 1 day ago
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Hi Eventide I love your amazing algos but hate your silly boxes Having limited hardware to house digital algos made sense in...

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deedeeyeah 1 day ago
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theblue1 1 day ago
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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm at my wit's end. I bought quite a few sample libraries from them and the...

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guitarkeys 2 days ago
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I mean i know it's a piece of hot, burning trash these days im just curious where all the funky junk and deals went too? ...

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johnnyc 2 days ago
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I just sold a guitar on and paid $261.81 in fees. Total Selling Fees: $103.25 Total Payment Processing:...

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Ox Han 2 days ago
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I finally decided which custom IEM's I wanted and made an appointment with an audiologist to have custom ear molds made to send...

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jeremy.c. 2 days ago
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Forgive me if there is already a thread dedicated to this but I didn't find one. I noticed that Waves is now offering a...

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jeremy.c. 6 days ago
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Quite a number of manufacturers and companies of hardware musical instruments especially in the synthesizer and electronic drum...

Deleted 9de46c8
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adrianww 1 week ago
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As a part of my other business activities, I get a daily update on the situation in China from a company specialising in...

The Byre
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bambamboom 1 week ago
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Writing this just to inform you that this guy doesn't comply to the orders he receives. Ordered two cabs on 31st dec 2008,...

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chrisrnps 1 week ago
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Anyone know what is going on over at PSW? They have my sign in authorization so messed up and I have contacted them 7 times and...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
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I injured the middle finger of my fretting hand when my dog chomped down on it, crushing the bone tip, destroying my fingernail...

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lofi 1 week ago
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Is Uli Behringer trying to destroy his professional brands? You can't reach ANY support over phone which for touring engineers...

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adrianww 1 week ago
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Do you ever consider Behringer's unethical business practices? Or is this a taboo subject here because you like their cheap...

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Reptil 1 week ago
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Nobody thought about cloning a Commodore Amiga 500 or an Atari computer of the 80s? They have this organic 8 bit sound that can...

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Simpler 1 week ago
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Does anyone else think these banners look like someone has DIED?! Every time I see these ads with a NAME and DATES on a BLACK...

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Plush 1 week ago
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After a 1 month lull the goofy phone calls have come back with a vengeance. From about the 7th of December till the 7th of...

Thomas W. Bethe
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RicTone 1 week ago
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Help, just watched the half time, I feel alone, worried, frightened and confused about the future of humanity, I dont mind...

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theblue1 1 week ago
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I ordered a pair of 16" Remo heads from MF and the amount of packing material they used was unbelievable. I'm not an...

Joe Porto
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doom64 2 weeks ago
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Of the last five orders I placed with Amazon three of them were either incomplete or they sent the wrong product or the website...

Thomas W. Bethe
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theblue1 2 weeks ago
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There's a guy staring at me right now from the banner at the top of the page... seems to only recently have woken up and glares...

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Synth Guru 2 weeks ago
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Okay, so there's quite a few threads about what gear is best...but how about a list of some of the worst gear you'll admit to...

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nightchef 2 weeks ago
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Hi. Maybe not a thread worthy of the moan zone but this is so hard. I just ordered a UAD Apollo x4. Now I just got a deal...

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mattias78 2 weeks ago
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It's a total shame, I opened a ticket a week ago and they haven't bothered replying. I never experienced anything like this from...

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SluttyMcSlut 2 weeks ago
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Brian Campbell 2 weeks ago
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Never met a good Ovation in 20 years of playing. I think its time to call a gimmick a gimmick and move on. Ive played wet...

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Jimbo99 2 weeks ago
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Hi guys, As a full time professional Music Producer for 17 years I have, like most other older Music Producers I have witness...

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spaceman 2 weeks ago
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N1Greg 2 weeks ago
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Now with the latest announcement of a possible cr78 clone I started to wonder why Behringer is mainly focusing on clones which...

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Ludar 2 weeks ago
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Bought a tube off of ebay yesterday. An old Mesa tube. Of this make/model, there are 0 on Reverb, and two on ebay. I bought one...

Jeff Hayat
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hinterlandwho 2 weeks ago
Avatar for I.R.Baboon

You know what really drives me crazy? VST plugin installers that first make you choose a 32 bit plugin location, and only THEN...

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I.R.Baboon 3 weeks ago
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Someone needs to save music recording from the internet :deth::deth::deth:

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raggedman 3 weeks ago
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1 Declare that any Synth improvement after the 80s is just rubbish. 2 When a major and trustable brand comes out with a new...

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Simpler 3 weeks ago
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Have you guys had any problems with musicians friend lately? I ordered a couple of small things on Tuesday (a snake, a couple of...

Mr. Carden
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Thomas W. Bethe 3 weeks ago
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Nothing but bad experiences with buying and selling on The latest: I buy a Friedenstien Bento 2 to power two Roger...

Rob Coates
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danoverb 3 weeks ago
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Who knew getting kitchen backsplash tiles from Home Depot could take over 2 months? Well, it was one thing after the next as far...

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Synth Guru 3 weeks ago
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I recently upgraded my Apollo 8 to Apollo X6 for the improved conversion (btw totally worth it). Universal Audio had a promotion...

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danoverb 3 weeks ago
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Do people actually go to these anymore outside of places ..say Nashville, LA, ummm ...ummm Who would even bother??...

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hellohead 3 weeks ago
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I am so exhausted by Avid and Protools. The subscription service makes zero sense for DAWs. The cost is way too much. It's...

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dustyjmoon 3 weeks ago
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It's the year 2020. AUDIO equipment reviews that do not have attached or linked sound samples are as useful as a crocheted...

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doom64 3 weeks ago
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Do you guys get e-mails like this? There's always a driver involved. I don't advertise. Beware. Any other scams...

Robby in WA
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12ax7 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Crazy4Jazz

This is an awkward subject but one that I has caused a bit of a dilemma this past week. I have a Jazz gig that's been running...

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theblue1 3 weeks ago


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