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If you have a problem, a suggestion, a complaint, whatever about Gearslutz itself, please do not post it here! Go here instead...

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Whitecat 24th April 2013
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Is Uli Behringer trying to destroy his professional brands? You can't reach ANY support over phone which for touring engineers...

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JEK3 4 hours ago
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Are they for real? "Bring it to... /place like 40 minutes away from my home/" so then I can lowball you in a neutral...

Deleted 5edf3fa
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StillCrazy 8 hours ago
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Apple TV actually Forces you to go on a computer and go through iTunes just to update your payment information. I just want to...

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TVPostSound 11 hours ago
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Music Streaming needs to structured exactly the same as cloud storage. That is, the service being provided - is in hosting...

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Gearrhea 15 hours ago
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I was born 55 April Fool's Days ago, and this one has been a nice day. But my moan is that in all these years, surely someone...

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JoeyM 3 days ago
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Hey everyone it's Allen from the Synth Spa, I felt like it was important for me to respond to some recent criticism,...

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Mcnulty 3 days ago
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Not really a moan, but I have had a terrible time getting good prices for good functioning equipment through Craigslist which I...

3rd Degree
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psycho_monkey 3 days ago
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I hope I'm in the right forum here, but wanted you guys' thoughts on Reverb. Thus far I have been a huge fan an advocate. Lately...

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Brent Hahn 4 days ago
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It seems like the spammers have nothing else to do except spam others during the virus outbreak. I got 11 calls from Google ad...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 4 days ago
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Exciting news from PA over the last few weeks. Lotsa nice new plugins I guess. So what? For over two years the Elysia...

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pencilextremist 5 days ago
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Happens all the time to me. All the freaking time. Case in point: trying to buy a set of particular cheap monitors. They used to...

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imdasloth 5 days ago
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I was reading an old post and came across the neologism, dfegadon. When I find a word I don't know, I often google for the...

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adrianww 5 days ago
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Hey guys, i want to share some experience with the Metric Halo ULN-8 3d and Lio-3d i bought in January 2019. I upgraded...

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szmola 5 days ago
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Hi Eventide I love your amazing algos but hate your silly boxes Having limited hardware to house digital algos made sense in...

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aagnello 5 days ago
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I will die before Waves gets another penny from me. I cannot say how much I loathe Waves and their stupid, convoluted WavesShell...

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JoeyM 1 week ago
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I just sold a guitar on and paid $261.81 in fees. Total Selling Fees: $103.25 Total Payment Processing:...

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T_R_S 1 week ago
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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm at my wit's end. I bought quite a few sample libraries from them and the...

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TheLastByte 1 week ago
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Quite a number of manufacturers and companies of hardware musical instruments especially in the synthesizer and electronic drum...

Deleted 9de46c8
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TheLastByte 1 week ago
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Just watching a program last night... Guns N Roses VS Green Day. Back to back hits from each on VH1 Classics or...

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TheLastByte 1 week ago
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IF they included a reverb DSP they could change their ad tagline to: Four in, four out -- and one in the chamber. Just...

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JoeyM 1 week ago
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The title says it all. No new work and no phone calls or emails from old clients or new. I guess everyone is worried about...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
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Doc No 1 week ago
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Haven't received 10% bucks in 6 months. Same with everyone or eBay stingy just to me? #ebaybucks

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raggedman 1 week ago
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Brent Hahn 2 weeks ago
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kennybro 3 weeks ago
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Hi Folks Im really sorry for bringing up the same old question, but can anyone direct me to any published papers or serious...

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Glenn Bucci 3 weeks ago
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I’ve decided to delete my account here. While originally I wasn’t going to write a “goodbye post” — mostly out of...

Deleted b788fee
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Brent Hahn 3 weeks ago
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I finally decided which custom IEM's I wanted and made an appointment with an audiologist to have custom ear molds made to send...

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worstcaseontario 3 weeks ago
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I hate emails like this from musicians. Anyone else get these often? “ I want to do 12 songs and I don't make many mistakes,...

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Ruairi 3 weeks ago


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