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Avid circles the drain
Old 27th April 2014
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drBill, it's the status quo until financials are finally released. They can't put that off forever (they have done a pretty good job of postponing it though) and when released should give a very good indication of Avid's true health depending on how/if they state their non-US operations debt load. A very troubling thing that many gloss over is why was it's first set of auditors fired without cause?

ddageek, I fully agree with you that Avid should make itself better from direct feedback from it's users or even just a select group of them. It doesn't appear willing to do that however with it's most recent round of anouncements that continue down the path of dictate and control with the "monitize via subscription" (software rental) of it's video software with likely following suit on the audio side.
Old 27th April 2014
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Well, I would say."It was how they treated the down market " with crappy versions of Protools.. So crappy, that it seem the Avid was just stealing money.

Only the M-Audio products seems to work. The Pro Tools software 9 Powered, LE versions sucked..

That's why it did not work in that market..

Originally Posted by ddageek View Post
Quit putting words in my mouth!
For AVIDS sake as a feed back tool it would be an interesting experiment to see if each group of users had a desperate discussion of what each group felt it needed to do to address that part of the market.
They and everybody else for that matter, can't build a product that will please every body!
They could learn and decide what direction they wanted needed to go in.
As a former AVID product specialist, who left the fold, came back to PT10 then went to HD 8 to meet the needs of his clients, I know that at one time they did actually listen to their clients.
But the problem with the Internet is anybody can come on and Say what they want and pretty much claim any background.
I want a better Pro tools since Mix I have been complaining in public, private and oh yeah to the people WHO MADE DECISONS AT AVID about how what was originally billed as a platform open to third party development was closed, how the choice to move down market would bite them in the long run!
I know from conversations with those who have left that because of my prior employment and client base that while my arguments carried weight because they knew who I was and where I was coming from.
Unfortunately other factors carried more weight!
Old 27th April 2014
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Exactly!! It was that Decade long [email protected]@# that pissed me and many others off.. That's why I choose to use Other days for projects..

Originally Posted by KFunk View Post
Well if you asked them to explain their reason for PT criticism and it was without merit, then cool. But that doesn't mean that every criticism is without merit, nor every criticizer a likely malcontent who doesn't use the software and can be dismissed as such WITHOUT providing a counter-argument, and/or claiming that they're not "real" pros or something. I use it all day every day myself and have for years.

I outlined a business strategy with respect to PT and asked people to explain specifically why users should be unhappy with it. drBill responded with an analogy that simply pointed out the existence of different model cars without explaining WHY it would make PT users unhappy if Avid tried to give ever user as many features as their hardware would support.

Here's the logical results of his analogy'. My opinion of course...

Potential customer for AVID car: "why is your car in the $15,000 subcompact market lacking so many feature of the other cars in the same market? I mean, it only comes with a one-gallon gas tank. The competition all come with normal-sized gas tanks."

Avid car dealer: "Because if you want to get anywhere far you need to pay us a lot more for a car with a bunch of features you don't want or need. Plus, it would piss off our "professional" taxi drivers. They depend on us to force you to use them if you need to get anywhere far."

Potential customer: "okay bye."

Here's a new slogan they can use:

"Pro Tools. An uncompetitive, bare bones Pinto of a DAW or an overpriced Maserati, all with a confusing mess of different prices, features and compatibility issues. Because, you know, different model cars and stuff!"

But whatevs man. We clearly disagree. I just wanna see Pro Tools thrive. Don't see how it can happen if they keep doing the exact same thing they have been.

Edit: The Pro Tools features outlined in the Avid Everywhere vid definitely are a BIG step in the right direction. Now the issue is it remains to be seen how the features are actually rolled out, on what systems, and at what cost. Oh, wait, that's always the issue….
Old 27th April 2014
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Your analogies suck..!

Because both GM and your restaurant low priced items still worked!! ProTools crippled their M-powered and LE products to make them crapWare.

Originally Posted by drBill View Post
I don't think that would make people happy. Should GM only make one model of car that everyone pays the same price for? Should my favorite restaurant have only one entree? Should all houses be the same size with the same look and cost the same? Should apple only make one computer with no options? Would that make everyone happy? I don't think so....
Old 27th April 2014
This is all feeling very circular and silly now... I think we'll give it a rest. I promise we can have a new thread when there is new information from Avid. Thanks all!
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