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Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus =CRAP DAW Software
Old 1st March 2009
Gear Nut

Thread Starter
Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus =CRAP

This **** is just terrible! I decided to start this thread after seeing Taylor Swift on SNL last night. Just HORRIBLE. Besides 9-12 year old girls, Who is buying this crap.

NARAS should be fined and or lose credible sponsors for putting Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers on the same stage.

Ultimately, I wish they would create a game for Xbox 360 where you hunt for Jonas Brothers...
Old 1st March 2009
Gear maniac

madtv was making fun of them last night haha. the video game idea isnt bad tho but i want death metal playing in the backround!hehthumbsup
Old 1st March 2009
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sahiaman's Avatar

Too man toys in the studio, there was boud to be less emphasis on actually playing music, and creating something new with notes rather than effects.
Old 2nd March 2009
Gear addict
spunkadellic's Avatar

when you make music (or a movie) that makes more money than the jonah bros or taylor swift or banana montana then you opinions might matter

music is for the people

and millions of people love that music
Old 2nd March 2009
Lives for gear

+1 Taylor Swift sold 64,000 units of her "Fearless" CD last week during a seven day period! How many did you sell? I sold 3... More power to them all!
Old 2nd March 2009
Just because something's popular, doesn't make it good.

I hate it when people use this sort of logic to defend something - it proves nothing. To suggest that you can't have an opinion just because you've not done better is ridiculous!

Does that mean I can't criticise a football player for being rubbish, because I can't play as well as he can? Of course I can - if someone's being paid and promoted as being a good player, and then isn't, I can criticise - I can compare him to another player who I do rate, and decide that in my opinion the original player is rubbish.

Same thing here - there's plenty of comparison points with music that sells lots but isn't crap - take your pick of examples here - so now we're comparing like with like, you can say something is crap.

What your argument defends is the marketability of it. If Jeff had said "I think the marketing campaign for Miley Cyrus/Jonas Cretins is crap" he'd quite clearly be wrong, because as you point out it's sold a bucketload.

There's any number of novelty records that you'd have to consider "great music" by your argument, just because lots of people bought them for a laugh.

If people are still listening to this stuff in 10 years, when there's no longer a marketing campaign behind it, the same way they still buy back catalogue of classic bands and singers, then maybe I'll stand corrected. but take away the marketing, and you don't have much left.
Old 2nd March 2009
Registered User

..uggghh, another one. I agree 1000% but it's so played out on GS
Old 2nd March 2009
Gear Head

Good music, bad music... Who decides? It's all a matter of taste. But, many times, it's (sadly) not all about the music. There's also looks, charisma, a really aggressive marketing/management team...

I like pop music so I listen to some of the tunes these guys come up with. They're not classic, but they're catchy. That definitely helps their ubiquity.
Old 2nd March 2009
Lives for gear
bobsandifer's Avatar
I think it does in the mind of the public. What if you get hired to mix one of these albums then take it upon yourself to give it that old skool unpolished sound? Would you OR the artist be popular in the market? I am sure that the mix engineers that do this music get quiet a bit of work because they can produce this music. I always look at an album based on the quality of the recording and the work that was put into it. I once saw where someone was blasting Britney for doing 40 vocals takes/tracks. Doesnt it take as many as it takes?

Go ahead to start your GS crap but I thought the miley cirus album AND the lastest BS album was great. IT had every thing that was needed to make it sell the number of units the label and the artist needed.

For some reason (probably abilities) I am stuck doing Rap and Indie. The indie I dont mind but after 25 years of doing rap I am now starting to regret the next MP3 showing up I have to master. Yes I said MP3! Would I jump at the chance to do a Miley album or Britney album....hell yea.

Now for the turn around.
Opinion on this forum are mostly coming from professionals in the music industry. We are very opinionated. Could I make a suggestion on a release? Could I think I could have done some things better? Well yea. I am an armchair quarterback as well. However, if a pro football player, that I ragged on, came to my house to play big ass would be in the front yard
Old 2nd March 2009
Lives for gear

No ****ing ****. The Jonas brothers (why did I watch the 15 seconds that I did?) on SNL were almost weirdly bad. Same goes for a lot of **** on SNL: Gwen Stefani actually *YODELS* on a song and somebody paid to promote it?! System of a Down, again, weirdly bad and yet they are allowed a national forum. It's's *really* weird. Not to brag, this isn't saying much, but...well, I was going to say I make way better music than any of these people. That's true. But, moreover, so does everyone I know.
Old 2nd March 2009
.Off topic I know, but I knew "football" would be taken to mean gridiron...I was talking proper football, what you guys know as "soccer" know, the one where the ball is actually played BY the foot by 20 of the 22 men on the pitch, and everyone gets to touch the ball instead of just hit other people?!

hehe..typical Brit.

Anyway, I don't think the argument is how to mix or produce pop music. There's lots of good pop music out there, and I certainly wouldn't mix it as I would an indie band. But you're allowed to make your own opinion between good pop music that stands on it's own regardless of marketing crap, and pop music that ONLY sells because of how it's promoted and who's fronting it. You think Miley Cyrus would be popular on the merit of the material, without the TV show?

I totally agree that the production on a lot of mediocre pop songs can be great - there's just not a great song in there as well. I was just defending the view that something can be popular (temporarily) AND crap, which appears to be impossible in the eyes of some.
Old 2nd March 2009
Gear Nut

Thread Starter

Wow. I didn't realize that posting this thread in "The Moan Zone" would spark so many Jonas brothers fans to riot and get their panties all up in a bunch.

Sorry. it was just my opinion, everyone has one and this is "The Moan Zone."
Old 3rd March 2009
Gear interested

It's not so much that the songs are good or bad, mostly bad, but it's the sound of their voices. It's that whiny, auto-tuned, over-enunciated, teenage voice. It's irritates the hell out of me. Why must everyone sound like Avril Lavigne?
Old 3rd March 2009
Gear Head

Yes, that's one thing about the Jonas Brothers that irritates me. It's as if they're forcing themselves to sound like that.
Old 3rd March 2009
Gear Guru
AllAboutTone's Avatar

Taylor is ok, the other is mega ****, its a damn FAD, no i have not sold any CDs at all, thats not the issue at hand, but they still = ****.
Old 4th March 2009
narcoman's Avatar

and by that analysis Coltrane was worse?

Your argument holds the same amount of H2O as a sieve.

Amount of sales matters not one whit for analysis of artistic merit or musicality. Your arguing marketing over music. And yes - i've made and worked bigger gigs than those little fekkers....

As for turning down stuff - I'd turn down all of those and Nickelback. Everyone else - you're welcome here heh
Old 4th March 2009
Lives for gear
logicll's Avatar

People are sheep....there children are worse. Crap in crap out.....bla...bla...!!
Old 4th March 2009
Lives for gear
Kyle S's Avatar

seems like half of the industry is sheep too.
Old 4th March 2009
Lives for gear

I never thought I'd see System of a Down and the Jonas Brothers lumped together in the same category...any category...

I'd agree that their performance on SNL wasn't the best, but I'm a big fan of their albums...not to mention the fact that they're an actual band who writes their own music and plays their own instruments...

I thought Gwen Stefani's yodeling was a little odd as well...
Old 19th April 2009
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JoeyM's Avatar
Think about all the influences music gave you between the age of 9 and late teens. Plus - that's an age group who asks a parent to buy them something for Christmas or something - another piracy killer.

If I wanted to target music to the most people I wouldn't forget any socio-demographic.
Old 19th April 2009
It's all cyclical folks. It does no good to complain. When you have a decade of angst ridden, anti-fashion grunge, you are inevitably probably going to get a decade of fashion conscious fluff, because the one thing that each generation wants is to find something that is theirs, not of the generation(s) that came before. So it constantly cycles around. I thought that most of the whole synth-pop 80s period was gaggalicious, but of course many people grew up with that and still probably look back on it with nostalgia.

So just give it some time. The next crop will come along and they will want something of their own and it'll have to be something besides what's hot now. Hopefully it won't be Disco Redux or something, but it could happen.
Old 19th April 2009
Lives for gear
Lute's Avatar

Good music, bad music, who decides? Well, there may well be a "quality" issue. Let's see; a Mozart symphony and Smiley Virus? Hmm, tough one
Old 19th April 2009
Lives for gear

Exactly , the black death was quite "popular" in it's time , I don't think we'd hail its' return :P
Old 19th April 2009
Gear addict
Tantrum The Cat's Avatar

I used to think this way about bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.

Then I realized something: this is music for children, and not something I ever need to take seriously.

You might as well be ranting about the or the !
Old 19th April 2009
member no 666
Fletcher's Avatar
My 15 yr. old daughter is nuts about Taylor Swift... and Kelly Clarkson... and Pink... and Hank Williams... and Frank Zappa... and Thursday... and all kinds of other stuff that goes from stuff I can listen to happily to stuff that makes me glad that these artists are sticking to the 3:30ish radio format time [at 4:00 I'd have to rip my eyes out].

The bottom line to me is that the kid is enjoying music. Any music. There has always been, and will always be "disposable crap" that entertains millions for a few nano-seconds [New Kids on the Block, NSYNC, New Edition, 1910 Fruitgum Company, etc., etc., etc.] and music that will intrigue actual musicians for decades.

One man's ceiling is another man's floor... and at the end of the day it's all "entertainment product" so who is to say that product that entertains many millions is bad while "real music" may only entertain a few million is better?

Let's not forget that if we all liked the same flavor of ice cream the world would be a pretty boring place [and we'd have nothing to piss and moan about on internet forums like this one thus lessening one additional entertainment outlet].

Old 19th April 2009
That's very egalitarian of you, but the fact remains, this stuff is DREADFULLY AWFUL.

I've had more than a few "waking nightmare" experiences innocently turning on the radio and hearing this crap blasting out... is there a hidden camera somewhere? Surely this is a sick joke, I am in the middle of a reality show, there is an audience eager to see my reaction as I try to take it seriously....?
Old 19th April 2009
Gear addict

Apart from the fact that many older guys, deep down, want to **** either Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus, their so-called music has one real problem.

The 1910 Fruitgum Company was mentioned, and many more could be. In those days, we knew what was considered 'light' and what was not.
The problem now is that the new 'bad' is not considered 'bad'. It's called 'good'.

It is taken, musically, at a level that has no bearing on quality, much like the news can be about nuclear war or a cat up a tree, but it's reported with the same intensity and meaning.

If I sound like an old fart, so be it, but that is the truth, as I see it. It is fine to have bubblegum; just don't make it your main meal. Nor pretend that it is real food.
Old 19th April 2009
Gear Head

YOU: Not in Taylor Swift's, Jonas Bros.', Miley Cyrus' target demographic.
OUTCOME: You probably won't like them.

The songs are written to appeal to a tween demo. Therefore, the songs are simple, the melodies are OK and the subject matter is light.

Appealing to tweens means that the songs are dumbed down to the intelligence of the average public-schooled 10 year old.

Coincidentally - a lot of the population likes simple, light tunes about crap like puppy love and stuff like that - so it crosses over.

Crossovers = mad sales. Mad sales means gobs of money for the record co's who promote it even more. These acts = ratings. Awards shows want ratings because that's how you make a ton of money. You know this is about money and not just about "the music?"

You're not going to find the next Pink Floyd or Rush when you're talking about music for that target demo.

I think they suck too, but I know why people like them.
Old 20th April 2009
Lives for gear
JoeyM's Avatar
That's quotable!
Old 20th April 2009
Lives for gear
jeremy.c.'s Avatar
ummm, actually, could you turn a little to the left Joel, that angle is more flattering to your cheek bones...
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