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Worst gear purchase?
Old 21st April 2007
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SSL 9000J
Old 22nd June 2007
Here for the gear

Now, which piece of gear do you own that HASN'T been mentioned in this thread?
Old 24th June 2007
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Thumbs down akai dr4

Akai dr4 , you had to be a rocket scientist to work this thing! cost a fortune,gave it away,backup to Dat a nightmare
Old 24th June 2007


jeeez, well i donno about the WORST gear purchase,

but we got a sunbeam breadmaker through amazon for $35 bucks.

it was really highly rated - man, THIS THING TOTALLY ROCKS.
we've already made over 30 loaves with it, and it TOTALLY KICKS ASS.
my wife and i still can't believe it...

i mean, seriously..

who wudduh thunk - you could have your VERY OWN SLAMMIN'
fresh baked bread - from a machine that only costs $35...

i feel like i'm smokin' thai stick.....


sorry for the ot...

(now back to gear that sucks....)

Old 24th June 2007
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hey dude iam smoking thai stik! my missus is Thai and iam in Thailand now, i stand by what i said,the dr4 sucked blown converters ,down time etc etctra backup to dat very archaic,loading stuff back in from dat sucked
Old 24th June 2007
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oh yeah and a company in Aus,that had boys working for them that didnt know much about the product they were selling i felt like a beta testa, I brought one of the first that hit our shores ,service /fixing of the thing even under warranty cost me figure that!?the unit didnt sound bad in fact pretty good for 18 bit
Old 24th June 2007
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Old thread revived. I'm glad. It's validating to read some of these posts.
My least favorite purchases:
Behringer Composer
Aphex 107 preamp
Panasonic SV3700 DAT (Tape eating monster. I shook with apprehensive fear whenever I inserted a DAT.)
Lexicon LXP15
Roland JV1080- the sounds were OK, but programming this thing was a special hell. The only piece of equipment I've ever owned that actually made me cry.

Questionable gear I bought that I still like anyway:
Zoom 1201
E-MU Vintage Keys Plus
Yamaha DJX
Old 24th June 2007
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[quote=Narayan FM;880149]Rode NT3 condenser mic - good on acoustic guitar, horrible on everything else! phasing, scooped sound! It always sounded like the signal was totaly over EQed. Completely un-natural sounding. But could sound good on acoustic guitar in more pop context. but that's it.

Well-it is bright and scooped but I found just the ticket as a secondary mike for a double bass- required very little eq as it was "right" for that instrument.

Tried as a drum room mike with compression -heh -tutt as I was waiting for my beyer M160's-an eq pigfest.

Goes to show-horses for courses

Old 24th June 2007
Gear Addict

Originally Posted by princetown View Post
Akai dr4 , you had to be a rocket scientist to work this thing! cost a fortune,gave it away,backup to Dat a nightmare
I really really liked the dr4. I had 3 machines with a remote control.
They always worked, are very well built, and you could edit without having to look at a screen (big plus!).
Oh, and they sounded good and they had a nice big time display.

I had to dump them when my analog mixing console broke down too often. Switched too Protools but miss the simplicity of those machines ....

I agree that the backup was a big hassle. But for their time they were great.


BTW I have 2 machines and the remote for sale at the moment.
I'm keeping one for nostalgic reasons and for location recording.
Old 24th June 2007
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Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
SSL 9000J
As a matter of interest, would you mind elaborating on this?
Old 24th June 2007
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1. Oberheim OBMX - Heralded as the first of the big poly analogue synths with full midi implementation and stunning modulation options with a great sound by Sound On Sound Magasine. SO, I saved and blew £1400 on a two voice version of one of the first batch to get to the UK . Everything SUCKED about it. The case is thin and crusty, the buttons are th CHEAPEST nasty bits of plastic and the knobs are eaqualy as bad. The sound is Puke the filters don't do what they say 'Mini Moog' - HA ! ! WRONG! - The EGs were Slopppy. SO frustrated that I drop kicked it down a stairwell - The Best sound it ever made !

JAZZ DRIVES I've been through three of these drives - What a terrible product. I had (at one time) my hardware samplers all hooked up to a Scsi network and had most of my archive on about 20 1gig jazz carts - One day a cart fails - no prob I had backups of all my project sample banks so I use the backup disk... It Fails... Turns out that when 1 cart becomes 'Faulty' it can screw the read head of the drive which in turn can screw up other carts used in it - A viral form of data nightmares - not knowing this I buy a new drive and plug in my backup carts - an endless loop of damage and distress ! - lost 7 Gigs of library and files and eventually bought a 3rd Hot Swap drive with a Jazz to transfer the remaining un-harmed data over to MO's.
Old 27th June 2007
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Samplitude or Shamplitude?

OK. This is not *****' in the hardware sense but it does represent a wasted investment. (It's also an appeal for help which I'll post elesewhere):-

I am running Samplitude 9.1.1 under Vista 64 Ultimate on a dCdP Opteron 2.41 workstatiom. I have a MOTU 2408 mk3/424
pci-e audio interface. My mixer is a Tascam DM-3200. I use an ASIO buffer of 2048 samples.
Samplitude 9.1.1 is very highly strung. At times it's stable. At other times it's a pig- crashing the core every 5
minutes or so. Sometimes the crashes appear to be audio/asio based and at other times they are related to interface
issues (clicking with the mouse).
Magix are unable to help me with the problem even though their salesman said Samplitude 9.1.1 was compatible with
Vista 64. I've tried to find a solution using the Samplitude / Sequoia forum but even though I'm a registered user I
can't post.
At this time I'm not even getting replies to my tech support questions.
So, if anyone out there has a set up similar to mine and has solved the Samplitude conundrum I'm all ears. Here is a
list of the problems I've been having:-
These problems occur intermittently. They do not happen every time with every click.
Samplitude 9.1.1 - Crash makers
1. Opening a project with the sample rate different from that in the audio interface
2. Refreshing VST folder in preferences
3. Clicking anywhere on the screen (not always thank Christ)
4 New project/ click off the 'auto save' button
5. Clicking the blue monitor buttons near the mixer faders
6. Opening Remix and FX demo causes a crash even before we get past the splash screen....
6. Opening Remix and FX demo with MOTU 2408 off was fine. (No crash this time). Using nVidia ASIO was fine. Then
switching to MOTU ASIO was also fine.
7. Using sliders on mixing desk above channel 16 (MIDI problem)
8. Hitting mini blue monitor buttons on the track
9. Just using the main 'play' button
10. Setting external control Mackie and Mackie_xt causes crash even in nVidia ASIO
11. Clicking mute/solo or record causes crash.
12.Hates Rewire (noise and loss of synch). Reason is noisy but Live crashes the core.
Bad behaviour
1. Sam9.exe will not quit correctly (see Task Manager- does not surrender its memory). I notice that after a few
minutes it SOMETIMES does quit...... often though, there are 2 instances of SAM9 running.
2. Opening any Samplitude VIP demo causes BSOD (probably an audio card issue)
3.MIDI 'All notes off' never works. Also on 'stop' some instruments in mid note do not get issued with a midi 'note
off' message.

Big Issue
1. No other programmes (Cubase, Live, Reason or any plug-in) has an issue with our set up. Everything works
perfectly all the time EXCEPT Samplitude.
2. Samplitude is making a 'request' that causes the hang. What is the 'request'.
3. There is no difference in stability between Windows XP X64 and Vista Ultimate X64.
4. MOTU driver and nVidia display driver are the latest 64 bit versions.
5. I suspect it is the windows audio driver (after a command issued by samplitude) that is crashing the core. X64
Vista does not have the same core protection as Vista 32.

George Snow
Old 27th June 2007
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Thumbs down

Old 27th June 2007
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1st Mbox
Old 27th June 2007
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Originally Posted by princetown View Post
Akai dr4 , you had to be a rocket scientist to work this thing! cost a fortune,gave it away,backup to Dat a nightmare
Thats wild. i still have 5 of them and use them sometimes, i thought they were a walk in the park to use , backup etc, same with the DR16 as well. you dont get any easier than the DR4, also my DR4s have been up and running since 1995 and not one issue.
Old 7th July 2007
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worst gear purchases ever

Originally Posted by midislut View Post
Fostex mixer

Kurzweil k2661

Behringer truth monitors

I recently bought a K2661, what are all the things you dislike about it?
Old 7th July 2007
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Roland VM-7200 and VMC-200 digital mixer/console. Works great, easy to use, nice motorized faders, 24 tracks control. I used it a grand total of 2 times. I just have no need for that many tracks when I only record myself for the most part or do a little editing. Now it sits in its box devaluing, waiting for a good trade or someone that can use the stupid thing.

basically wasted $2800 :P
Old 8th July 2007
Here for the gear

MIDI Floorboard....built to transmit MIDI data....on the rear panel, which port is the most important one to have working correctly? The MIDI Output.

Which one broke? You guessed it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a MIDI Floorboard that doesn't send any MIDI data.

Yea, it was B-ringer.

Also, I had B-ringers POD clone, the rack version, which had the input jack fall out of the front. Lots of flashy lights, no way to get sound in.

I was 15....
Old 8th July 2007
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Originally Posted by kansascitydon View Post
....That little moment might not have been worth the $120 I paid for the pedal, but it was easily worth $104.76. And if that's the case, I only overpaid by $15.24.

That's fantastic.



Old 8th July 2007
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1.Akai S1000, boy I wanted all those outputs. Manual HORRIBLY translated from Japanese, it was really just a bloated product brochure... "you can send one sample out separate output".. OK what f*ckin page does it say how? Only piece of gear to defeat me besides-

2. AARDVAARK 24/96 great audio/midi, low latency on VSTi's, then the company fell of the map, no new drivers. $450 paperweight.
Old 10th July 2007
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Hyperprism plug-in bundle.

Me the PT newbie, didn't realize it was AS-only (no RTAS) until after I purchased it.

I emailed them at one stage to ask if they intended to develop the product any further and got an emphatic "NO".

I may have printed the odd phaser-effect but pretty quickly forgot I ever had it. A waste of money and disk space.
Old 10th July 2007
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Originally Posted by carlheinz View Post
#1.My mackie 32.8.
panasonic 3700 dat
3 tascam da-88 's
Akai dr-16 chasing the tascam da-88's via smpte.Comp to da-88's
Genelec 1031's...went back to ns-10' experimenting with dynaudio's.
This combo worked great,had more tracks and sounded overall worse than my tascam 688 cassette demo's.I don't really know how to put it.Everything I did on the tascam 688 sounded more "real" or convincing.The other way was " higher fi "but was just sterilized...Sounded ok but never "right"
and here I was thinking I was the only one who ever felt this way...
Old 10th July 2007
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An Edirol midi keyboard. Keys started to malfunction after a while, eventually all of them.

Second worst: Another Edirol midi keyboard. Press one key - trigger three was cool in the beginning, now its just annoying.
Old 10th July 2007
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Digital Wings for Audio Elite 10x10 by Metalithic

Yes, I know, I got one and as soon as it arrived the company went legs up with rigamortis. Still have it though as a space filler.
Old 10th July 2007
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Originally Posted by bobwarren View Post
Digital Wings for Audio Elite 10x10 by Metalithic

Yes, I know, I got one and as soon as it arrived the company went legs up with rigamortis. Still have it though as a space filler.
Heh heh, I remember that company....their ad campaign made the stuff look like it was designed for Pantera cover bands, real macho/gothic ads, I mean if you're called "Metalithic" what do you expect.

Old 10th July 2007
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Originally Posted by taturana View Post
alesis ra-100 amp
This one had a really neat design feature in that the quarter inch outputs were located on the back right next to the audio inputs. Combine this "feature: with a darkened back of the rack and bad, bad things could happen

I had one in a bass rig rack (driving 10" speakers for highs) with a compressor inline (before the bass preamp) and once went to hook it up and got my cabling backwards, sending the speaker level output back into the outputs of the comp...which fried it immediately.

The only good thing was it was a new Behringer Composer (MDX2100) so I just took it back to the store and got another one....the salesguy was like "wow I never heard of one of these going bad before"
A Behringer Comp with an RA-100 amp? What the hell was I thinking?


p.s. The amp pissed me off so bad I replaced it with a QSC, and then later got lucky and sold it to a friend's brother, who was going to use it with an ADA guitar preamp and an open backed Carvin 2 x 12" cabinet, man I bet that rig sounded like ass
Old 27th August 2007
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This thread is great, I laughed so hard it was nearly hurting!

Everything I've bought has been great except the moreme headphones which are horrible. I bought 3! doh!
Old 27th August 2007
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1. Elka Drummer 1

I found an analogue drum machine on ebay for £90. Thought I was really clever buying it on the spot without doing any research.

Got it home to discover that the only alteration you could make to each sound was it's volume, it had no midi (just played a single latin rhythm over and over again), and the outputs were falling apart.

It still resides in my cellar, I don't have the heart to sell it to some poor unsuspecting newb as a 'classic analogue drum machine'.

2. B*hringer BCR2000

Actually a really cool and original idea by Behringer to release this. Shame that they managed to completely ruin it by implementing piss poor drivers. The build quality wasn't much either - sticky buttons on both models I tried. No usb bus power. Went straight back to the shop.
Old 30th August 2007
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M-Audio Trigger Finger......(poop)
Old 30th October 2007
Originally Posted by GMR View Post
Aphex Aural exciter! enough said
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