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Worst gear purchase?
Old 15th January 2007
Gear Maniac
Blacky's Avatar

Presonus Digimax 48kHz system
To here the voice of the sea, you don't need to drive a long way!!
Take a SM57 on the Digimax and you stay in the middle of the sea!!dfegad
t bone SCT2000 tube mic!
Old 20th January 2007
Gear Addict
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Originally Posted by joe-electro View Post
Lexicon Core2 without a doubt. Never worked, never will. The only piece of gear I've ever seen with a copyright date of 1999 on it and it didn't support Windows 2000. Planned obsolescence. No more Lexicon gear ever.
I second that emotion! I had a Core 2 (I liked the breakout box, pretty nifty) which I bought for a troublesome Win98 DAW, upgraded the DAW and added Win XP, and the Core 2 wouldn't work. Lexicon said they would not be writing XP drivers for the Core 2. Goodbye Lexicon! Wonderful support...

~~~~Mark S.
PGR Media
Old 20th January 2007
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I had the core 2 also. What a lame thing to do to their customers. They could have probably updated the drivers for the price of a couple of the units they sold. They probably could have gotten one of their frustrated customers to do it for free.

I don't think I would ever buy another Lexicon product. tutt
Old 20th January 2007
Gear Head

i used it at last

Well, not that anyone's following my litle saga, but i used the pedal i was determined to use- the Maestro Wah Volume Surf Tornado, which, as I said earlier is nothing more than a wah/volume pedal with a white noise generator which, when set to surf, controls white noise with volume, and when set to tornado, controls the white noise with a wah. Again, to be clear, I'm not being idomatic; I'm not exaggerating. It's a literal white noise generator. After all, how else could Maestro feel conscionable about boasting a tornado in a pedal, or promise you the sound of the ocean's roar in a stompbox? Also, it has a... maybe it's a sawtooth (?) wave generator that starts making noise and rises in pitch when you step on it, only to drop when you step on it again... It's labeled "siren".

Well, anyway, I used it in a session last week and it was fantastic. I had the guitar player plugged in, and making kind of vague feedback-y noise. The white noise was raging. He was wah-ing. And I was kneeling on the floor wiggling the cable in the jack, which has gone bad. So we had this terrific storm happening under the solo, complete with armageddon-like crackling cable... "This will be our last broadcast, ladies and gentlemen, the apocalypse has come!" That kind of thing. Perfect.

So, I officially retract my "worst gear" entry. That little moment might not have been worth the $120 I paid for the pedal, but it was easily worth $104.76. And if that's the case, I only overpaid by $15.24. I'm sure I did that on some other piece of gear... like maybe my portastudio and SM57.
Old 20th January 2007
Lives for gear
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Originally Posted by GTR View Post
Antares Mic Modeler -- WAY USELESS!! I was reading this whole thread wondering when this piece of ****e would get mentioned. This is by far the WORST software plug I have ever purchased. It is nothing more than a hi or low pass filter with a couple knotches in the EQ here and there. Horrible!!
before i had my basic mic collection... i found it to be pretty useful... once you get the real mics though there isn't much use for it ...

one use i recomend is to warm up acoustic guitars (esp. nylon-string) tracked thru a piezo pickup (not that tracking acoustics like that is a good idea) ... just bypass the first mic... choose a 2nd mic and add a bit of distance and tube... it makes it sound way better...

most of the times i keep the distance function off. it messes the phase to my ears...

to me it's not the worst... as well as the bass pod XT... can be very useful too...
Old 21st January 2007
Gear Maniac
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Originally Posted by GTR View Post
Antares Mic Modeler -- WAY USELESS!! I was reading this whole thread wondering when this piece of ****e would get mentioned. This is by far the WORST software plug I have ever purchased. It is nothing more than a hi or low pass filter with a couple knotches in the EQ here and there. Horrible!!
Yes, brother i forgot this kind of sh..!!! For years this stuff was installed on my PC This is really an awful mic modeler for $250!
Old 21st January 2007
no ssl yet
OF all the things mentioned here, it makes me feel like Protools HD was one of the first systems that actually Worked well.

I always thought Adat xts sounded better than 888's and guys thought I was crazy for it.
Old 28th January 2007
Lives for gear


Tascam t38
Alesis adat lx20
line 6 hd 147
Marshall 9100 , jmp1, 1960 cab
rocktron gainiac ( i bought it because sometimes I need a bad guitar sound. Well, it is so bad, that it couldnt do that either..)
pffff.... and lots more...
Old 28th January 2007
Registered User
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Originally Posted by 11413 View Post
1) Genelec 1031As - ruined my life for 2 years. they have a HUGE soft spot around the crossover point, right where compressor smack usually is.. the top end is way too processed.. the low end always sounds the same. USELESS. then i got an annoying intermittent crackle in one of mine which the repair guys couldn't find.. months of frustration followed... they finally pissed me off to the point that i ran some 40Hz from a sequential pro one at max volume until it blew. it made a wonderful whistling sound when the amp finally let go. I cheered..

2) mackie 32/8 - can't pass signal in any form without damaging it irreparably

3) ultimate support speaker stands - too light & the ABS plastic tops are murder.. worst sounding speaker stands ever.

4) AKG C414 B-ULS - fits in perfectly with the soft crossover point of the 1031s. useless.

5) powermac 7100/66 - worst midi timing in history

6) lexicon nuverb TDM board - software NEVER worked right ever.

7) Logic Audio - way back when I tried to switch from Studiovision to Logic... I hated the environments.. i hated the 8000 different screens.. i hated the horrible manual.. i hated how much it slowed me down.. it hated my opcode studio 4. never again

8) dbx 1066 - comp/lim/gate, hard knee, soft knee.. no matter how you set it, it just sucks

9) joe meek SC2.2 - i was looking for a cheap replacement for the SC2 i sold when i needed cash. it didn't have the SC2's magic.. in fact I never got one decent sound out of it ever. HORRIBLE. the original SC2 is a thing of beauty on a drum buss BTW.

10) langevin el-op - NOT an LA-3A

11) TT patchbay - don't ask me how many connections I soldered.. used the wrong cable.. ****ty connectors.. ****ty bays.. dust magnet.. wasted way too much time and money just to cause myself endless headaches... arrrrrgh.

12) dbx TT patchbay - waste of $50.. plastic connectors.. bad solder joints.. how can you screw up a patchbay? dbx did.

13) drawmer 1960 - vintage dark.. you're better off sticking cotton in your ears.. it's about the same sound.

14) rev 2 Prophet-5 - took 3 days to come into tune.. think about tuning 2 floyd roses in series and you'll begin to approach the level of frustration i had. sounded GORGEOUS when it came into tune tho... best synth i've ever heard. unusable 90% of the time. oh, and the knobs only have usable settings between 4-6... who ever set the taper on em should be shot.

15) line 6 echo pro - ****ty emulations of popular delays.. great if you want everything to sound like old 80s foggy digital. USELESS.

i'm not bitter.
I loved my Prophet. I still miss it
Old 26th March 2007
Gear Addict
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Digitech TRS12
Cubase 5
Korg X5
Tascam DA20

All of this gear I never really got into or it frustrated me. Cubase looked like a cool app, but I could never really get into it. I hate that on the Mbox2, recording audio is monitored out of the outputs. Korg X5 synth sounds just ain't that good. It's been my midi controller since 1995.
Old 26th March 2007
Lives for gear
carlheinz's Avatar

#1.My mackie 32.8.
panasonic 3700 dat
3 tascam da-88 's
Akai dr-16 chasing the tascam da-88's via smpte.Comp to da-88's
Genelec 1031's...went back to ns-10' experimenting with dynaudio's.
This combo worked great,had more tracks and sounded overall worse than my tascam 688 cassette demo's.I don't really know how to put it.Everything I did on the tascam 688 sounded more "real" or convincing.The other way was " higher fi "but was just sterilized...Sounded ok but never "right"..Sold all of it.

#2Alesis quadraverb.absolute crap on a crap cracker.I didn't buy this.My friend did.What a nightmare.
#3.Alesis hr16 drum machine.AHHHful..
#4.$50 dollar superlux small diaphram mics.CANT WAIT TO DUMP THESE.
#5.Aphex 107 gates n 10? comps. sold em long ago
Old 26th March 2007
Gear Nut
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Originally Posted by Matej View Post
Well a lot of people would differ. Just because it sounded worse with your signal chain compared to tape/protools/whatever it doesn't mean it's bad. You just have to know how it sounds and get the sounds a little bit differently.

There is a ****load of records that have been produced on 16 bit or 20 bit ADATs and a lot of them sound fantastic. You might wanna check again the Jagged Little Pill By Alanis Morisette. Something like 15 million people that bought it think it sounds more than fine. Have you recorded anything that sounds better than that?

Ofcourse, I guess your name is not Glenn Ballard, so for you I guess ADATs are just wothless piece of junk. Don't knock something that doesn't work for you, but it's known to work for others.

But then again... you haven't bought it, so why would you list it in this thread?


Oh yeah, that record was also mixed on a mackie board.... something you think sucks donkey ass...
Not mixed on a Mackie board. I think this was mixed on a Euphonics(sp?) console with automation.
Old 26th March 2007
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Originally Posted by zaza View Post
My hat is off to AKG, i have not found a bad sounding mic from them guys yet...
Yeah, them guys rule a lot heh

Seriously, I hate that mic.
Old 26th March 2007
Lives for gear
evangelista's Avatar

Originally Posted by zaza
My hat is off to AKG, i have not found a bad sounding mic from them guys yet...

Clearly, you have not heard the D3400. Atrocious.
Old 26th March 2007
Gear Head

haha...this is a sore subject for me because it took me a while to get smart. I feel like every purchase has been a bad one until my last one (Great River ME-1NV and Shure SM7B). Previously, I had purchased:

pair of AKG C1000s
Fostex PM1 Monitors
Tascam 788 Digital Portastudio
Tascam US428
M-Audio Delta 1010
Monster cables
the list goes on and on....

Those are some of the things I bought in my first few years. And I learned the hard way. And now I'm going to have to upgrade absolutely EVERYTHING!
Old 26th March 2007
Gear Maniac
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Gee, if I only had "Blah, Blah Blah" I could be just like my favorite rock star, be rich and famous, wild parties, limo'
I Know That's Why I'm In It...tutt

Audio Buddy
Art V3

Sorry To Me Those Were Nothing More Than Distorted Volume... Just... No...
Old 26th March 2007
Gear Addict
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I'm always amused at one of these threads (either "bad gear" or "good gear") because someone always chimes in a proclaims the whole thread a waste of time and references the Beatles and says that it doesn't matter how expensive your gear is, you have to have a good song or it doesn't matter. Well...Duh....but what does that have to do with the discussion? The discussion assumes that you have a song and musicians worth recording or else you are really wasting your time. Can a good engineer record a good song played by good musicians on a PortaStudio using the on board mic pres and have it sound good? Sure. Can the same engineer record the same song and the same musicians into PT using some high quality front end gear and have it sound better? Absolutely.

I think the biggest thing about "nice" gear is that it make the job EASIER. I recorded some vocals through a AT 4033 mic and a Behringer mic pre for a project once and through some heavy use of UAD EQ plugs and compression, and after a good long tweak session, I got it sounding pretty good. I'm recording some vocals now using a Mojave MA200 through a A Designs P1 and it sounds great going in. Having that gear will probably save me a good amount of time not having to tweak it.

My worst purchase ever? ART FXR mult-effects unit. My first piece of rack gear that I ever purchased. The spring reverb in my VHT Pittbull sounds better.

Old 26th March 2007
like 12 years ago i got a yamaha 01d

total recall and moving faders were fun but,,,,,,

it had no real digital inputs outputs to talk to the world :(

then they made the 02r & 03d but suckers like me paved the way for for the 01v,

which is what the 01d should have been from the start :(
Old 26th March 2007
A) Amused to see this thread is still alive. Good idea for a thread, obviously.

B) There is bad gear.

C) It's possible to be disappointed by entirely decent gear when it's not what you want.

D) Sometimes early disappointment can turn into deep satisfaction for those flexible enough to be able to shift their personal paradigms.

Like others, my reaction to the first of my two ADATs (way back when) was: "Wow! It actually works -- unlike my crappy used TASCAM 70-8 1/2" 8 track."

My second reaction was something like: "It's so clean."

My third reaction was, "Damn, does anyone make a 'dirt box' to dirty/warm this up some?" (Starting me out on the purchase of some tube and FET based pres and compressors which helped a lot.)

And -- I have to say -- that while I worked through that issue more or less to my satisfaction -- and was delighted to be able to synch the ADATs up with my PC based MIDI -- it wasn't until I started simply using the ADATs as converters and recording onto my PC's hard drive (in 1996, after Win95 added a multitrack audi layer, improved the MIDI implementation dramatically, and added what would become a usable plug in layer) that I really warmed up to digital audio production.

I'd always done a lot of razor blade and block editing in the past but the computer really opened things up.

So... while there was some initial disappointment with digital, I worked through it and became a dyed-in-the-wool convert.

[OTOH, the three pieces of then-overpriced Behringer gear I bought in the early-mid 90s were a stone bummer. One, a Composer comperessor/limiter, didn't sound too awful... but it died after maybe less than a year. And the two 5 band parametrics were just gawd-awful from the git-go. Awful.]
Old 26th March 2007
1) DA88 Sync Cards - about 30 of them. If we could get the sync card masters to stay up for more than 10 hours, we were VERY lucky and thanked the Gods. You know what, forget it. The entire DA88 line sucked ass. Man, I'm soooooo glad the linear days are gonefuuck .

2) Tascam DA30 mark whatever. Never had one for more than a couple of weeks before it went into the shop, back to Tascam, or into the trash. More "error codes" seen on these than I thought possible. Errors increased as the revisions increased - now that's good product development.

3) Same goes for the 801R. Should have been called the Tascam MDEG (Mini Disk Error Generator).

4) Actually, most of Tascam's stuff just doesn't seem to hold up for very long.

5) SSL Duende. Never did work right.

6) Ensoniq PARIS. Not because the system sucked - quite the opposite. I loved PARIS. But because of Ensoniq being such a bunch of a-holes and dropping the line at the peak of it's interest. That's a great move. Invest a ****-ton of cash into a production system and have the manufacturer flip the giant bird to the community. Not the first (or the last, I'm sure) time that has happened.
Old 26th March 2007
My last case of GP9.

worst formulation ever...
Old 26th March 2007
Here for the gear

Presonus Firestudio! I had 4 of them in quick succession (and now own a Fireface 800)

1 - Went "thump thump thump" at 96kHz. WTF?
2 - Randomly became unlocked from Logic Pro, ending the recording. many clicks & pops. Throw...
3 - Headphone and speaker volume controls didn't work. Massive full-scale clicking at 88.2 & 96 kHz, almost ruined my monitors. Throw...
4 - Same as #2 Throw, for the last time.

Tech support tried hard to convince me that neither Logic Pro nor Audio/Midi setup could switch sample fc on the Firestudio and I'd have to switch it separately using their app, unlike every other interface I've ever used. They also claim that audio over FW doesn't work with wireless networking switched on. Huh?

Having said that, their new preamps do sound very pleasant for the money, so I bought a Digimax FS (same preamps) which is as good as TapeOp and Craig Anderton say it is. DA is not up to Fireface standard, but the difference isn't radical. Mic preamps are also 8-10dB noisier than the Fireface, according to the TotalMix meters.

Firestudio - a product ahead of its' time (should have waited for bug & production QA fixes before release)
Old 26th March 2007
Gear Addict

ORANGE COUNTY DRUM AND PERCUSSION 7.5x14 vented 10 ply + reinf. rings







Old 20th April 2007
Lives for gear

I started with a Tascam 244, a few mics, a guitar effects board, a drum machine, guitar, bass and hifi loudspeakers and headphones.

I used to churn stuff out like there was no tomorrow and it sounded ok at the time. The best thing was the fact that songs were written / recorded in hours. Great creative workflow to a good demo standard.

Then I bought a Korg X3 workstation ...

Slowed down the workflow to nothing ...

Then I got a mac with a midi only version of Cubase version 2 in fact.

It all seemed to take forever ...

Then I bought an ADAT - kept getting the nofo message cos it couldn't read the tape properly

Then I got an EMU ESI32 sampler - by this time I was reading manuals rather than playing my guitar and writing songs

Then I got an outboard FX - Alesis Quadraverb Q2, more manuals and even less song writing and playing of guitar

Then I bought a PC soundcard etc etc etc crashes, disk de-fragmentation yadah yadah yadah ...

And this continued for years ...

I have now sold all that digital outboard crap and have returned to a very simple analog set-up that allows me to switch on, plug-in and track in seconds. Ideas come once again thick and fast and it sounds great.

So my **** gear list includes all the stuff I bought since 1994 because it ruined my workflow and was too complex and involved me having to read manuals left right and centre ...

ADAT, Korg X3, Korg Wavestation, Korg X5D, Alesis DR5, Alesis Q2, Emu ES32, Yamaha AN1X, Roland MC505, PODXT, Behringer compressor, TC Electronic finalizer ... and there's more ...
Old 20th April 2007
Gear Head

behringer eurorack mixer... i believe none of the faders currently work.

presonus firepod- got me started, now i have a lynx... firepod's value has gone way down... not good, i've had to send the thing in like 5 times for repair, and due to lots of recording sessions STUPID me bought another one. was so glitchy when running both together that i got rid of the one while it was worth something.

anything hosa.. neutrik and mogami all the way!

marshall tsl100... i was happy to get rid of it but unhappy when i lost 7 hundo when i traded it in for my dual rec

now that i have this place, hopefully i wont make any more mistakes
Old 20th April 2007
Lives for gear
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Originally Posted by nadsatrebel View Post
Not mixed on a Mackie board. I think this was mixed on a Euphonics(sp?) console with automation.
Exactly. Chris Fogel did the mixing I believe on a Eurphonix. I've recorded some stuff that Chris and Brian Carrigan mixed and it turned out great! Chris can do some pretty damn good stuff to any recording. His newest studio is even better.

If I had recorded something well with ADATs I'd feel confident that Chris would make it sound great!

Also people don't pay attention to the fact that Ballard had a really nice chain going to those ADATs. A C12 still sounds like a C12 even through ADATs.

And moreso, I hate to point this out... but it really wouldn't have mattered IMHO if Jagged Little Pill was recording with 10 answering machines ganged together. The songs are great, the production is great, and the performance is great. Screw having a C12... if you'd have given her an SM57 she'd have still had the same CD sales.
Old 21st April 2007
Gear Maniac
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If I knew then..

1) Presonus MP20 Stereo Preamplifier
2) Pacific Pro Audio LD 2ube; good mic for the money my ass, I wasted $300.00
3) Pandora PXR4; this one I’m really embarrassed about
4) Four Unit SKB Portable Rackcase; plastic piece of crap I gave away a week later
Old 21st April 2007
Gear Addict
dsstudio's Avatar

Mine would be...[don't hit me] DW Fearn VT4
Bought it new at already a great price $3500 [discount price from friend who is a dealer] and used for 5-6 month.
Tried to sell on Ebay 5 times, price drop from 3400 to 2800 and finally sold.
I lost like 800$ [including Ebay and Paypal fee] for just few months.
Normally, highend gear don't lost too much money but that VT4 really gave me a sad feeling.
It's not a bad unit, in fact it's a great EQ, The reason I don't want it anymore because I was hoping that VT4 will have the sound of Pultec but it's not.
Old 21st April 2007
Lives for gear
bobwarren's Avatar

A Kawai Q80EX sequencer. The year was 1995 and it sucked! I thought it would be better than the Alesis MMT-8 I had at the time (I was wrong!!). I bought a computer and Cubase and the rest was history.
Old 21st April 2007
Lives for gear
bobwarren's Avatar

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my Roland passive monitors (RSM?) and ART Multi FX(? can't remember the model. Lights were on but no one home after a couple days use).
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