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AKG c1000 Hate thread.
Old 1st July 2020
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Adding my 2c

I used one back in the early 90s and yeah found it kinda harsh, definitely not warm like a U87 or even a Rode NT2 that I had at the time.

But after watching various shootouts and comparison videos, I’d been thinking about buying a new MKIV version to try for myself, and so just today opened it up and used it.

I think it sounds pretty good. Nowhere near as harsh as I remember. Nowhere near as tinny as detractors like to say. Much warmer and smoother than I expected actually.

I A/B’d it with a Rode NT3, which was hotter, has crisper more detailed top end. But the c1000s was better than I thought based on all the hate it gets.

I like the widgets, they do change the sound - a hypercardioid condenser is a pretty cool feature for live mics.

So anyway I’m digging it. Was 40% off for a sale, so for the price I’m very happy with it.
Old 1st July 2020
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This thread started in 2009. I hadn’t noticed it before today. But I have hated the c1000 Since at least 2009. Hate ages like a fine wine!
Old 28th July 2020
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Are you guys all talking about the chinese (black) version, or the Austrian (grey) version? Don't think these two mics have much in common besides the name.

I have the Austrian version and use them for overheads. They sound pretty nice compared to my Audix ADX51.
Old 31st July 2020
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It's one of the best all around microphones for the price. I had 2 OF THEM A LONG TIME AGO...... BUT....A long time ago , I was still using analog tape and with modern digital recording they are much less forgiving. I think anyone with enough effort/time and skill in placement can make these sound great .
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