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Why the hell am I saving all these magazines?
Old 20th March 2003
Gear Addict

I have most of the 90's in Guitar Player. I have almost every Tape Op since 12. The worst thing for me is the ones I've had that are lost/borrowed/god-knows-where because when I get the bug to look up something I remembered, I can't. Happened earlier this week, I was looking up an old GP Pawnshop Prizes column on older (even then) digital processors (hell-oh ebay!). But that issue has disappeared. And I'm still ticked off about it.

I justify it as room treatment.

Old 19th May 2004
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dave-G's Avatar
I'm reviving this thread one last time to give any Florida slutz a shot at nabbing my painfully heavy boxes of old magazines before they go to the recycling bin.

Without checking to be precise, I have mostly old Mix magazines back to at least the early 90s, some old REPs, some EQ and PAR, and some Studio Sound including a few gems from the 1970s.

It's all or nothing, and free to a good home... or a bad one... hell, it's one of you or the recycling bin so they can be reincarnated as toilet paper (which would complete the natural cycle of their bathroom lives, but I digress)

Act fast!
Old 20th May 2004
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Phil Cibley's Avatar

I've been much happier since I started scanning the 1 or 2
articles a month I'm interested in and saving them to a CD.
Of course, interests/needs change over time, but it gives me
some room.
Old 21st May 2004
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dave-G's Avatar
It was cathartic. I tossed literally hundreds of pounds of magazines into the magazine-recycling dumpster. As I was finishing up, the rastafarian-looking attendant came by, peered in to the heap and said "wowwww, man... damn... so, you into music or something?"

heh dave
Old 21st May 2004
There is only one
alphajerk's Avatar

lol, mine went there as well.
Old 21st October 2004
Gear Nut
gregrw's Avatar

Hey, so here I am visiting an old thread. I was bored at work...

A few years ago, I threw out (meaning into the recycle bin) most of my old Pro Sound News, EQ, Mix and Keyboard 'zines. I kept a few for the helluvit, which I've since tossed. Now, I just get EQ and PSN, 'cause they're free, and I toss them after a few months, when I'm pretty sure I've read everything of interest.

If only I could do that with Discover and Scientific American! (I like National Geographic, though. They stack up nicely and look kinda cool.) Looking at sites such as eBay, et al, and doing searches, it looks like Disc. and SciAm won't even be worth anything 50 years from now. (Nobody wants old Discovers, and someone maybe gets a buck now and then for a 50+ year old SciAms. I think my present space and sanity are worth more than a few bucks will be long after I'm gone.) Thus, out they will soon go, except for a few that have something interesting...and really, even then, is there something there I can't get from the Web?

Now, Analog and Asimov's are different stories. Those are both sci-fi 'zines. (Ironic: I prefer analog recording, and I subscribe to a monthly called "Analog" which has nothing whatsoever to do with audio. I wonder how many other sound people have heard of the 'zine, and I wonder if the publishers of the 'zine know of the significance of their title in the audio world?) They're small, and I seem to go back and read a story again for the first time every now and then. So, they stay.

Funny I saw this thread right around the time I'm doing a major cleanout... I suppose if someone wants old SciAms and Discovers, they can come and get 'em!

Old 23rd October 2004
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GP_Hawk's Avatar
Originally posted by Phil Cibley
I've been much happier since I started scanning the 1 or 2
articles a month I'm interested in and saving them to a CD.
Of course, interests/needs change over time, but it gives me
some room.
Yeh, now what to do with the stacks of cd's I got going. At least they make great frisbies for tossing out the window, or when I go skeet shooting with the boys...........
Old 23rd October 2004
Gear Addict
LTA's Avatar

Originally posted by GPl
Yeh, now what to do with the stacks of cd's I got going. At least they make great frisbies for tossing out the window, or when I go skeet shooting with the boys...........
Well, spend a bit more and put them on dvd-r.

I scanned the tabs from my stack of guitar for the practicing musician (before they sold out and became guitar), along with a few articles and lessons. Kept a few special ones in the end, but i threw out 3 milk crates worth of that one magazine. Wish i'd done them to pdf, but at about 1-2 MB a page you can fit alot on just one cd.

Never quite figured out why i kept so many old magazines around. Kept saying I might pull them out again sometime, or they might be worth somthing. My dad managed to hold onto his baseball cards from childhood, but in truth he only got about 400 dollars out of them after extensive wheeling and dealinng (although people would think they'd be worth 10's of thousands). Most magazines are hopelessly dated within a few months, and just seem silly after a few years. National geographic are timeless though. Its always fun to see an issue you have in news pictures from halfway around the world.
Old 24th October 2004
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max cooper's Avatar

I used to buy Analog when I was a kid. Read it for years. I remember I used to buy it at the Piggly Wiggly.

My dad was a magazine "archivist" and as a result, I cant bear the thought of keeping a magazine longer than two months or a stack higher than eight or nine inches.
Old 25th October 2004
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EngineEars's Avatar

Originally posted by LTA
Well, spend a bit more and put them on dvd-r.
How long did it take you? I've got about 15 years of Mix, Keyboard, EM, EQ & SOS mags I can't bring myself to toss.
Old 25th October 2004
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JonCraig's Avatar

just a thought... i'm a mtsu student, and professors put their old mags out in the hall, and all of us dumb kids snatch them up in no time. if you're close to a school w/ a recording program, you might consider dropping your old mags off there. it's like recycling, only you're giving a college kid something to learn from. just a thought...
Old 25th October 2004
REP & Tape Op's are hard to chuck out...

Old 28th October 2004
Here for the gear
abooganza's Avatar


Good one.I know what you mean.Ive got every guitar player mag I,ve bought since 1979(plus I bought a guys collection going back to issue1 thru to 1976.Ive been carting these and an equal amount of EQ,Mix and Tape Op around for years,much to the annoyance of my wife)

Its the chimpanzee part of the brain working.Ive read them all a million times so I'm going to make a resolution to give the lot to the next aspiring young muso I find(that I like...........)tutt
Old 31st October 2004
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Alécio Costa's Avatar


Hi Dave-g
I wasi n the same boat until recently
I decided to remove the pages or make xerox copies of the relevant parts and make a kind of organized book, gathering similar topics like: microphones, eq/comp tips and so.
Instead of keeping over 300 magazines, now I have just what is worth to me in two or three volumes of the thickness of a Pro tools manual.
Old 1st November 2004
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Exmun's Avatar

I just moved recently. After looking at hundreds of pounds of mags that I haven't looked at in years, I figured "you gotta call it." So I did. Haven't looked back since. I highly recommend it to those considering it. Since moving I've also adopted the "use it or lose it" policy. If I'm not using it, then I don't really need it. I realize that I lost some quality interviews from years of Mix, EQ and keyboard, but I also realize that I haven't found it important enough to reread all that quality so... it really must not be that important to me. Keepin' it real is the most important thing to properly detox.
Old 14th July 2016
Lives for gear

Put "old magazines" in the search and found this thread, bumping just to see how people are doing 13 years later.

It's almost annoying that old garbage become "collectible", turns a semi normal person into a hoarder.
Old 14th July 2016
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doom64's Avatar
I got rid of mine. Sold some, tossed others. New magazines get recycled. Any tips that I learn I transcribe to a Microsoft Word document and save it there.
Old 14th July 2016
When I was starting out, I got a subscription to Guitar Player. I used to pour through those pages every month, religiously.

In school, Mix, Remix, EQ, and a couple other magazines were delivered by the metric ton, so I read every issue. I even had this notion that I'd subscribe after school, didn't happen.

I've been back home to clean stuff out of my dad's garage as I couldn't take everything with me to texas when I moved down here in the back of a car in 2007, so the magazines stayed behind in order to make room for guitars/amps/racks/mics. My car was literally gear+clothes+Nintendo(and games). I then flew back and repeated the process.

So, now when I go back, I rummage through all of my old stuff, awash in nostalgia. When I saw that stack of guitar player magazines, it was hard to let go over the stack hovering over the trash can, but I did it. Getting rid of the Mix/EQ/etc mags were easy as they were so advertising-oriented, I could never actually trust those reviews.

I learned about Jerry Garcia, Surf Rock, Jazz, Country, and DADGAD tuning from those Guitar player magazines.

But, I too have hit critical mass in my house for stuff. I donated all of my star wars trade paperbacks to the salvation army, along with my box of 8-tracks (I didn't have anything interesting) and a bunch of other stuff, stuff my wife thought I was nuts for getting rid of.

I subscribe to Popular Mechanics on my iPad, but I haven't kept up with reading it, but that's a fine form-factor. If I really wanted to dig through old Nintendo Power, Guitar Player, Tape Op, I'd rather do it on my iPad than have to care for 100s of pounds of paper.

Books are a totally different story. I love paper books and have the hardest time getting rid of those.
Old 14th July 2016
Lives for gear
JoeyM's Avatar
I was subscribed to Guitar Player magazine as a kid, until the apocalyptic Lee Ritenour issue with a big honkin' zit on his face. As an impressionable teenager, it was This Could Be You Magazine and not the magazine you had at the top of the stack. It was a scene. Later on Guitar Player bragged they didn't sell ads to cigarette companies (good) and they were so focused on guitar playing that even a featured artist asking to have his acne photo taken another way (Lee Ritenour! I supposed) wasn't tolerated.

But then again Guitar Player also had regular columnists like Craig Anderton, who led a lot of people into home recording and PAiA Electronics (DIY synths and all kinds of home gear).

Today, Keyboard Magazine goes (after all I don't play keyboard ) but TapeOp stays
Old 15th July 2016
Originally Posted by dave-G View Post
For reason's I've lost touch with entirely, I have kept most, if not all of my Mix, RE/P. Studio Sound and probably even EQ magazines going back to the late 80's. They take up several very heavy boxes-full-o'space in my garage and studio closets which are already so full, that getting my motorcycle out of the garage requires a hand-truck and about 15 minutes to move stuff out of the way.

There's obviously gearslutty motives behind my original designs on keeping these things, but I can't remember them, nor can I remember the last time I even opened one of these boxes. Anyone else have the same problem? Is this a common disease?

Assuming I'm tossing them, is there anything more productive I could do with these besides recycling them? I dunno if any library would want them as a donation, especially since they're not in binders, and I doubt there's any ebay value to old magazines....

But anyone who has successfully detoxed from irrational magazine packrat syndrome (IMPS) is welcome to comment.

Been there - just purged all my old magazines - it's liberating!
Old 16th July 2016
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mikefellh's Avatar
For me it's old Commodore and Amiga magazines and books. It's not just the money that was spent that's making it difficult to throw away but also the great memories when computers used to be fun and not just boring appliances which they are today! I thought about trying to find someone who may be interested in the collection (we still have a local Commodore user group in Toronto), but it's just too much effort to have everything organized and inventoried for a single pickup, rather than throwing the mags and books into the recycling bin whenever I feel motivated.

The best thing to do is to keep your future vision in mind of a clean uncluttered space, ready for NEW projects...ya, right...I'll keep thinking of what I threw out for years!
Old 30th August 2016
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quiet_storm's Avatar
Before anyone else dumps out entire boxes of Mix, EQ, REP magazines, please PM me. I'd like to buy them from you. Thanks.
Old 30th August 2016
sell them to a library or college? that's possible right?
Old 30th August 2016

This thread just brought memories of the past! When I was younger, I became a serious Astronomy buff. I subscribed to Sky & Telescope magazine. I was so into it that I even purchased hardback binders for them. As my fascination for the sky waned, I cancelled my subscription.

I've moved many times during the years and every time I unpacked, there were volumes and volumes of archived magazines! I realized they were just taking space in the closet, yet I kept them for a few more years for the sentimental value.

Finally, I realized that I did not need them! To the dumpster they went with no regrets.

We are creatures of habit and love to collect anything that captures our fancy at the time.
Old 31st August 2016
Originally Posted by Godson View Post
donate them to a library or college? that's possible right?
Fixed it for you.
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