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Musicians Friend Sucks! Single-Channel Preamps
Old 23rd September 2007
Gear interested

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Musicians Friend Sucks!

Have you guys had any problems with musicians friend lately? I ordered a couple of small things on Tuesday (a snake, a couple of cables, and a power conditioner) and they still haven't them shipped three days later. They were all in stock when I ordered. When I call to check on my order I either get hung up on or no one can explain why my order hasn't been shipped. Does anyone happen to know anyone who works for these guys or how to get their asses in gear? I never would have ordered if I knew it was going to take a week to ship items that were supposedly in stock. Buyers beware!

On a positive note, I just ordered a RNC and a RNLA from Mercenary and Austin and the gang we're outstanding! Great job guys!

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Old 23rd September 2007
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Joe Porto's Avatar

From what I understand, they recently moved their main warehouse, so I suppose they are still working out inventory and such.

MF is cool for small stuff, but it's not a place I order from when I need something quick. I'll call Sweetwater directly if I need something shipped the same day. For the big toys, I call Vintage King.
Old 23rd September 2007
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Cellotron's Avatar
I've received good service from Musician's Friend in the past - but as soon as I saw their notices that they were moving their entire main warehouse in August, having dealt with facilities relocations first hand before, I knew it was a better idea to not order from them for a few months while they get their act back together.

In the meantime besides Sweetwater, Bayview Pro Audio Bayview Pro Audio - Home on the West coast & Zzounds in New Jersey - - Musical Instruments Music Store. Shop for Guitars, Drums, Amplifiers and Equipment. both have similar lines and pricing as Musicians Friend - and I've gotten excellent service from both.

Best regards,
Steve Berson
Old 23rd September 2007


i've only purchased one item from MF, which I had to return.

EXCELLENT experience with same day shipping.

i have many friends with great experience using them, as well.

given all the sh*tty service in the world, i'd order from them again in a heartbeat.

as always, YMMV.

Old 23rd September 2007
Gear maniac
CommunityMart's Avatar

Guess I have to share...

since you asked. Yes.

I ordered a Fender Blues Junior. About two-three days later (August 9th), they sent me a CASIO keyboard!!!!! I used UPS to send/return it back to them. Technical Support guy said I should have returned it through Musician's friend, not UPS.

3 weeks later, which is how long they told me to wait, a girl finally put my amp on order. It arrived about 5-7 days later.
Old 23rd September 2007
Gear Maniac

I've order a few things over the past couple of years but a recent order did take awhile.

I called to find out what was up and they did confirm that things have been delayed due to the warehouse change.
Old 23rd September 2007
Lives for gear

i used to use them for years...

it's not so much that they always **** **** up....but when they do...they can't come close to being bothered to help you...

i ordered a pair of monitors from them (my last order, as it were) and i only recieved one...

took a month and a half to get the other out of them...jerks...

this certainly isn't the first thread about thsi subject (i think i have one) and it certainly wont be the last
Old 23rd September 2007
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barryjohns's Avatar

I've always had good experiences with them.
Old 23rd September 2007
Gear Maniac

Had good experiences with them in the past, but since the warehouse move, they're worthless.

I ordered a power supply for my effects pedals two weeks before a series of shows, but they arrived one week AFTER the shows were over. So basically, it took them six weeks to get to my house.

Old 23rd September 2007
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Watersound's Avatar

I don't know about their customer service but they sure are a ripoff.
Old 23rd September 2007
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DontLetMeDrown's Avatar

I've ordered a lot of stuff from them. They are usually good, but yeah, I'd, wait until after the move is done if you need something quick. I remember one time I ordered a bunch of cheap percussion instruments and a Neumann TLM103. I opened the [very small] box when it arrived and sure enough they forgot the mic, but it was one the invoice. Was no big deal though. I just called and they resolved it fast.
Old 23rd September 2007
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AlexLakis's Avatar

McDonald's sucks!
Old 23rd September 2007
Lives for gear

i've ordered lots of things from MF over the years.

but like others above, when i saw they were moving their warehouse, i've decided to wait a few months before i order from them again.

in fact, IIRC, their shipping page during the checkout process says to expect delays due to this move. if it doesn't say so now, it did a couple weeks ago.

Old 23rd September 2007
Gear Guru
Glenn Kuras's Avatar
Power of gearslutz, I just emailed them about this thread.

You guys do know that there are supporters of Gearslutz that you can buy from. Nothing against MF, but I like to keep it in the family. thumbsup

Warren from Front End Audio comes to mind.

Old 26th September 2007
Gear nut

I ordered a "blemished" item from them last week and my item status still reads "being packed." When I called they explained their warehouse relocated in July and they were behind. This is my first experience with them. It's really pathetic.
Old 26th September 2007
Originally Posted by AlexLakis View Post
McDonald's sucks!
my illusions have been shattered!
Old 26th September 2007
Gear maniac
ScottyD's Avatar

Man I'm so made for this thread.

Well, here's my Musicians Friend saga:

Aug 15th, order a Mapex Birch M 5 Piece Standard Drumkit and a 12 pack of drumsticks. It said on the website backorder 2 days. Ok cool. I get an email a few days later saying something shipped and it weighed 1 pound. It shows up a few days later. 1 DRUMSTICK. Ok, I call... no problem we'll ship you a new 12 pack and your drums are being packed...

2 weeks later... no package. I call... oh we forgot to send you the tracking number. I track the package... hmm, it only weighs 44 pounds. Surely a drumkit weighs more than that. About 5 days later it shows up... well... some of it. The kickdrum and 2 toms were missing. I begin the whole process of tracking the drums with MF through UPS. Note: they didn't give me all the tracking numbers, just 1. The missing tracking number is also the missing box. Long story short... UPS lost it. Okay, not much I can about UPS losing the package. BTW, you still get charged on your credit card even if UPS loses it and you don't have it. Trust me, I tried to get them to hold the charge until the product actually shipped. No dice... I get the equivilent of "sorry bub, not our problem UPS lost it."

MF says ok, we'll make good on it. They say they are packing me up the remaining items, they are in stock and will ship the next day. I call about 4 or 5 days later to check on the status. The guy tells me, "What shipment, these things are backordered for like a month." I'm irrate... but they tell me they are all over it and they have assigned a person to my case, and that person will call me directly when there has been movement on the order.

Today I decide I've had it with them. I call zZounds. I order the same thing. They tell me it's in stock and shipping tomorrow. I call MF to cancel my order. GUESS WHAT. They shipped it last week!!! It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I ask the girl why no one called me... her answer "I don't see that in the notes." SO irritated.

So assuming the drums show tomorrow that will be my last dealings with Musicians Friend. I've been buying their stuff for years, but not anymore. I called zZounds again and cancelled the order. I told them I may be back in a few days depending on the outcome of this order with MF to order the kit again.

SOOOO.... I must say that I agree with a previous post about them being totally useless on the phone, like they are doing you a favor. I even had my own "contact" who's extension I had. Yah, he never returned a single one of my phone calls for the last 4 or 5 weeks. Yes Tony, at x8117. That would be you. I only ever got ONE person on the phone who was very nice and understanding of maybe 30 phone calls to them. Sorry MF. My buying power is going to someone else from here on in, and I recommend all you fellow slutz do the same.


Sorry for the huge rant...
Old 27th September 2007
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uncle duncan's Avatar

+1 for Front End Audio. They actually know what they're selling you, unlike MF, where some minimum wage employee is sitting in front of a computer with a catalog in their lap.
Old 27th September 2007
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peeder's Avatar

You all know that MF is just Guitar Center's online division, where they can send stuff out without sales tax but otoh they don't haggle (though they will price-match).

Generally the stuff I've gotten from them (I will sometimes buy ordinary cwap from them like strings or pedals or the like) has worked out OK but the blem items often need major repairs. They don't actually test stuff they just send it back out to see if someone'll fix it.
Old 27th September 2007
Gear Head

They used to be great - I live in KC and often I'd get my orders delivered the next day. The mic I ordered from them six days ago hasn't even been packed yet.

I also keep finding misleading copy on their site - the 003 I ordered in July was "backordered" for weeks even though the site claimed "in stock and ready to ship" the whole time. I called them three times and got a different bull**** explanation every time. Cancelled and got it somewhere else. It's a shame - I've gotten some good deals from them in the past.
Old 27th September 2007
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peeder's Avatar

Guitar Center was just sold in a huge deal and the execs may have all taken payday and flown. So things might be headed South...
Old 27th September 2007
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bitman's Avatar
I used to buy from them when I had to go retail. They did that "now ya see it now ya don't and we don't know when it's gonna ship" thing to me. I canceled the order, bought it from american musical and won't go back until these type of threads die down.

Old 27th September 2007
Gear interested

Musician's friend will give you free stuff if they're late and you ask nicely

I recently ordered some stuff from Musician's Friend and it took a MONTH to get to me (they were moving the warehouse.....)

After two weeks, I called and POLITELY (NOT angrily) asked to speak to a manager and politely told him I order a lot of stuff from them and I feel they should do something to make it up to me. They gave me a $40 credit. ten days later my stuff still hadn't arrived and I did the same thing and they gave me another $40 credit, and a crappy microphone and a pop filter.

Try that.

Also, remember, THEY ARE OWNED BY GUITAR CENTER. That somehow explains a lot.

-- Michael W. Dean
"Clone The Homeless"
Michael W. Dean's podcast that remembers when sex was safe and music was dangerous. (Free, and no iPod is needed to listen.)
I hope to win the Nobel Prize in podcasting one day.
Old 2nd October 2007
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dan p's Avatar

Seems to me that consumers are getting screwed by corporate culture.I recently went to gc to buy some cables and a new i/o box of which they had neither. So i opted to buy different cables that were more expensive at no discount at all.I am done with gc.
Old 18th October 2007
Gear interested

Musicians friend

I had a similar problem. I canceld the order and ordered from World Music Supply and had the order in 2 days. You might try them, great service.
Old 19th October 2007
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Coyoteous's Avatar

My story is similar. I ordered a refurb. ART Tube MP Studio and a refurb. PreSonus EQ3B using PayPal - had to add a cable to get free shipping. No problem - all items show "in stock" - PayPal transaction goes through by the next day.

So, a week goes by and nothing shows up. I call to find out both items are not "in stock" and that my order was cancelled! "Well, how come there's no refund to my PP account?"

Them: "it takes X days for that." Me: "okay, may I speak to your manager?" I get a manager-dude - things get heated from there, to the point that he threatens not to help me. He finds out that my order was not cancelled, but back-ordered (BTW, I have received no e-mail about any of this, and the tracking shows "being packed").

Manager-dude: "I can sell you new ones." Me: "I think you need to give me the refurbished price or I'll just cancel and buy from someone else." We go round and round; he goes away and comes back with an okay (the warehouse thing was mentioned several times - not my problem!).

"Okay, we're done you're going send me new ones." MFMD: "I'll need a CC#." "But you've already got my money!" MFMD: "We can't take PP for a phone order." By this time, I just want to cut my time and frustration losses and make it end, so he cancels the old order and takes my CC, with an assurance my PP account will be refunded.

- days go by and I get the PP refund, and then a big box shows up on my doorstep, I open the box to find mostly a void with 2 small boxes and 2 wads of butcher paper. Okay - new Tube MP Studio package and a beat-up PreSonus box with a cymbal extension hootus sticking out of it!

Inside that box was the EQ3B - like a used, demo, return refurb. It works, though and I have a cymbal stand extension that I have no need for! I didn't really even need this stuff; I was just bargain shopping and I ended up with some cheap junk and a bunch of grief.

I'll probably never buy from them again...
Old 19th March 2008
Gear interested

musicians friends SUCKS BIGTIME!!!!!

DON'T SHOP MUSICIANS FRIEND!!! I bought an Ovation from them, received it and THEN 4 DAYS LATER, THEY CHARGE MY CARD AGAIN!!!!!! WTF!!! I call them and get nothing but SORRY EXCUSES. I shopped there for over 12 Years, and they are HORRIBLE, NO MORE MF, CG, or WAL-CRAP! I learned a valuable lesson. SHOP MA AND PA STORES!! They may cost a little more, BUT YOU WILL BE HELPING PEOPLE WHO GIVE A DAMN about SERVICE. Please don't shop big stores, THEY ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!!!
NO MF, OR WAL-MART FOR ME. Musicians friend is anything but, mistakes like this ARE INEXCUSABLE. If you can't operate will moving, THEN DON'T OPERATE, That in itself tells you who musicians friend really is, the almighty dollar. If you want Cheap prices and Disgusting Customer Service, by all means order from MF, Just don't be surprised if you have any problems. I've seen them go from a Caring Family Business to a Corporate *****, sucking dollars like phalaxes.
BEWARE OF MUSICIANS FRIEND!!!!! They are anything but a Musicians friend!
Old 19th March 2008
Gear addict
demonfuzz's Avatar

Not exactly a recent MF experience but ... A few years ago I ordered a `pricey` Y56K expansion card for a Yamaha AW4416.

I remember this vividly;

Package arrives, I thought box felt sort of light...
I open it, nothing inside but a T-Shirt !!!!!!!!

As you can imagine I freaked.

Called them, got run around for a bit, called again working my way up the chain.
Finally was able to explain & convince rep on phone what exactly happened.

Luckily they eventually DID send out the card I paid for.
But damn that was a fairly frustrating experience & it has made me apprehensive about buying from them again.

They do seem to have good prices & selection, but I dunno man.
I really hate it when my order gets screwed up.
Old 19th March 2008
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lowfreq33's Avatar

At one time Musician's Friend could be counted on to be what hey claim, the service was beyond reproach and they did seem to want to go above and beyond for every order, but those days are gone. At this point I think of them like Best Buy, sure they'll sell you what you need, but that's the extent of it. If I buy something by mail I won't deal with anyone but Sweetwater, B&H or Full Compass. Full Compass seems to have the best service of them all, and there have been a few items that they've beaten everyone's price by a few hundred dollars on. 9n times out of 10 though I go with my guy at GC, the best thing is to build a personal relationship with one salesman, if he's anywhere near decent your loyalty will be rewarded with good deals all the time. I'll say that my experience is not typical of most of the guys at Guitar Center.I got lucky and found a good guy, and I'll come right out and say that if you want to be well taken care of, go ahead and call Gene Jung at Guitar Center Nashville, I guarantee he'll do you right.
Old 23rd May 2008
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Exclamation Musician's Friend resolution team

Hi, Scotty. I'm Bob, at Musician's Friend.

I read about the hassles you had getting your drum order, and, yes, I agree the situation totally sucked.

I swear that the only reason we moved to our new state-of-the-art warehouse was to widen our gear selection and to offer faster delivery. We're actually pretty emotionally upset that customers had delays and mix-ups in their orders while we got the new systems tuned up and running right. The kind of experience you had is absolutely WAY below the standard we've set for ourselves.

Drum kits, I'll admit, were really problematic because they come in and ship out in multiple boxes; and this is why you had such a frustrating experience. I'm not making any excuses. We're just really sorry it happened.

If you have any remaining problems or issues, please send a message to forums ( at ) musiciansfriend ( dot ) com [note the anti-spam]. This experienced resolution team can fix anything, fast, now or in the future.

I'd hate to think that you'd spot a truly hot deal for something you really needed but wouldn't take advantage of it because you weren't confident we could deliver. Don't forget the resolution team. They'll give you personal service on any order or any problem. Use 'em!

Yours in gear,

Bob (at Musician's Friend)
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