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Avatar for drtechno
drtechno 1st December 2016
Avatar for bradwell

Just want to spread the good news that Spotify really supports independent labels & artists... Spotify has decided to put my...

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Avatar for bradwell
bradwell 27th November 2016
Avatar for kev.r

It took me to the next level. Oh my fricking god, what a pair! Because of that one recording session, I bought a Focusrite 8preX...

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Avatar for ollieneedham
ollieneedham 20th November 2016
Avatar for dwdummer0

Im just blown away... Was considering buying a pair of Slate VMS's but after testing this mic out in my studio, I dunno... My...

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Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 7th November 2016
Avatar for sman61088

So I was listening to some music one day and discovered something really interesting. I have really bad hearing loss above my...

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Avatar for jonnyjonjon
jonnyjonjon 5th November 2016
Avatar for adrianex

I found out a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to share it. Got a Nomination for this year Latin Grammy with the album...

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Avatar for JTC111
JTC111 3rd November 2016
Avatar for metrognome

I thought I'd post a little blurb here about my latest endeavor, Ancient Owl Audio. I've run my tracking/mixing/mastering studio...

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Avatar for metrognome
metrognome 19th October 2016
Avatar for Mikeitloud

I'll try to make this short.... My daughters boyfriend was moving in to my basement suite, last month, so i had to move my...

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Avatar for Mikeitloud
Mikeitloud 15th October 2016
Avatar for Jantex

Here's the story. 3 days ago I borrowed Focal CMS 65 that I heard in a friend's shop and really really liked them. Took them...

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Avatar for Dutchy15
Dutchy15 28th September 2016
Avatar for dangerouslylazy

Hi Gearslutz! Here's the link to what I've created: Longtime lurker here. I wanted to ask for your...

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Avatar for dangerouslylazy
dangerouslylazy 16th September 2016
Avatar for omnialinx

My HD192 began blowing fuses roughly every three weeks about 6 months ago and required hours of unhooking it from the patchbays...

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Avatar for Synth Guru
Synth Guru 1st September 2016
Avatar for Smoking_Gnu

Had discomfort/feeling of fluid/buzzing in my right ear that wasn't going away with decongestants so I went to an ENT. No signs...

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Avatar for Sniperschool
Sniperschool 23rd August 2016
Avatar for hblu2002

Just picked up a bunch of gear from Adam at including a mixmaster 20. Cannot emphasize enough how helpful he and...

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 22nd August 2016
Avatar for LAstudio

If any of you ever need a repair tech in the Los Angeles area, I just have to say what pleasure it is to do business with David...

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Avatar for ponzi
ponzi 17th August 2016
Avatar for DavidPhillips

As part of our commitment to improving the student learning environment and providing opportunities for graduate employability,...

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Avatar for DavidPhillips
DavidPhillips 15th August 2016
Avatar for Dave Martin

I realize that this isn't a big thing, but I have always had problems finding a good pencil for writing charts. Most of the time,...

Dave Martin
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Avatar for elegentdrum
elegentdrum 13th August 2016
Avatar for Silver Sonya

Waves is ceasing iLok. Brainworx has their new plug-in alliance thing. This is the year everyone begins to shed the...

Silver Sonya
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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 10th August 2016
Avatar for bombilo

Well... it's something anyway :) U.S. authorities seize Kickass Torrents domains - CNET

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Avatar for bombilo
bombilo 5th August 2016
Avatar for frans

For those who feel increasingly alienated by the phone company "apple" who did build computers way back. It's a while...

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Avatar for AudioWonderland
AudioWonderland 2nd August 2016
Avatar for Brody Sheale

If you have 11.99 to spare, 21 lady artists got together for this digital CD for charity (breast cancer research) 21 great...

Brody Sheale
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Avatar for Brody Sheale
Brody Sheale 17th July 2016
Avatar for atticus

I have to give major praise to Christian at DDMF. I purchased two of their plug-ins last week and while I loved them very much I...

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Avatar for tacertotambem
tacertotambem 14th July 2016
Avatar for Cody109

Hi, I launched a website that offers guitar pick and drumstick subscriptions on a monthly basis. It's called Gear Ally...

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Avatar for Cody109
Cody109 7th July 2016
Avatar for SilenceSeeker

I hope we are going to hear incredible things! rockout It would be great!!

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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 1st July 2016
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

Had this amp for a couple of weeks now which replaced my Twin Reverb with the red knobs. The reissue is a huge improvement in...

Glenn Bucci
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Avatar for Jason rocks
Jason rocks 29th June 2016
Avatar for Fishmed

I had an issue with a shock mount for my Mouse and contacted Blue Microphone for assistance. I would like to shout out great...

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Avatar for Synth Guru
Synth Guru 26th June 2016
Avatar for kcmoonshine

Hey Ya'll. I'm pretty stoked that this movie I did the music for, A Solitary Mann, is now online. A Solitary Mann - a film...

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Avatar for kcmoonshine
kcmoonshine 20th June 2016
Avatar for HappyMrTom

I really wanted to buy the Arturia MicroBrute after looking around at other analogue synths. I have to admit money has been tight...

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Avatar for HappyMrTom
HappyMrTom 8th June 2016
Avatar for pete

hey guys first of all I love my barefoot micromain 27 speakers - working on them brought in me into a whole new level of...

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Avatar for bzone
bzone 7th June 2016
Avatar for barefoot

Our friend Steven Tyler did Barefoot a huge favor shooting this promo clip! kfhkh v9rdwam8M5o

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Avatar for barefoot
barefoot 24th May 2016
Avatar for CEG85

I just picked up an Avedis MA5 from The Sound Union. Spoke with the owner Vahe for about an hour few days ago about gear and...

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Avatar for Nu-tra
Nu-tra 22nd May 2016
Avatar for foamboy

Okay, we all have our thing and mine is that I like to get a nice bottle of wine and troll through YouTube. It's kind of my way...

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Avatar for foamboy
foamboy 17th May 2016
Avatar for noeqplease

Well this is cool. A song from an album I mixed last year got a cool award. Nice to see the artists getting recognition...

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Avatar for noeqplease
noeqplease 17th May 2016
Avatar for smoothjazz

Luckily at a fairly young age, I just realized an eq is an eq, a comp is a comp, a synth is a synth etc. No more chasing gear,...

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Avatar for Synth Guru
Synth Guru 15th May 2016
Avatar for Dude111

I have been trying to get an analogue copy of MOVING PICTURES by Rush (1981) for awhile now but only found SRM-1-4013 which was...

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Avatar for Synth Guru
Synth Guru 10th May 2016
Avatar for Hol

Had a breakthough! Was getting a bit narked with Battery 4, hundreds of different velocity samples in the library, absolute...

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Avatar for Hol
Hol 22nd April 2016
Avatar for NathanEldred

I'm very happy to announce our new website with a great new look with a lot of new search features and full SSL encryption and...

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Avatar for NathanEldred
NathanEldred 16th April 2016
Avatar for Ben01930

It is very often that when someone has a gripe with a company, they are very quick to voice their frustrations (sometimes...

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Avatar for Ben01930
Ben01930 12th April 2016
Avatar for Derp

On a lark, I sent a hero of mine in a genre that I love a track I'd slapped together in said genre asking for brutal criticism. ...

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Avatar for Sniperschool
Sniperschool 10th April 2016
Avatar for Lenzo

I just wanted to note the great service from Boris at Sonic Farms. Had a little issue with my Silkworm and he took care of it...

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Avatar for Lenzo
Lenzo 8th April 2016
Avatar for feck

Our song "Taste The Feeling" was released globally yesterday by Coca-Cola - Avicii and Conrad Sewell did a version, and...

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Avatar for feck
feck 5th April 2016
Avatar for bgood

Probably the wrong place for this thread... But, where you buy your gear matters. I recently had a piece of outboard that I...

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Avatar for warlordpriest
warlordpriest 28th March 2016
Avatar for LizzieRadar

July 2016 at YouTube London. Call for entries open NOW! Radar Music Videos, leaders in online music video commissioning, have...

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Avatar for LizzieRadar
LizzieRadar 7th March 2016
Avatar for foamboy

I should probably post this in the Forum space, but I have just set an Ignore User setting towards someone and boy, it sure has...

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Avatar for Nystagmus
Nystagmus 19th February 2016
Avatar for drpeacock

Looking forward to getting it in! Any other Mo73 users out there with comments, best uses, etc.?

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Avatar for WilfredoFernando
WilfredoFernando 15th February 2016
Avatar for Doc Mixwell

Good news! The Soundelux U-195 is back in production!

Doc Mixwell
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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 9th February 2016
Avatar for zephonic

I just got this in the mail! I was one of the lucky winners of last month's giveaway. I was actually just looking for an...

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Avatar for Whitecat
Whitecat 8th February 2016
Avatar for 2N1305

I searched here on GS to see if someone had posted this already. While looking for boobs on youtube (shouldn't be hard to do) I...

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Avatar for coffeecup77
coffeecup77 29th January 2016
Avatar for Alex Banks

Had a session with two rappers who were freestyling 8 bars at a time in quick succession. One was alto and projected well, ...

Alex Banks
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Avatar for Alex Banks
Alex Banks 28th January 2016
Avatar for rafferty

wow i have to thank zen pro audio because i ordered a microphone and the service was GREAT!!!! THE BEST!!!! just letting you know...

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Avatar for drastic
drastic 22nd January 2016
Avatar for Jesse Cannon has launched a podcast that is interview many of the top producers in Punk/Metal/Hardcore/Indie/Emo. So far...

Jesse Cannon
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Avatar for Jesse Cannon
Jesse Cannon 20th January 2016


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