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POLL : Heavy metalcore best mix Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 29th May 2006
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Thumbs up POLL : Heavy metalcore best mix

As there are only 10 options available in a poll, it would be difficult to create a poll with all the involved mixslutz.

Here's what this thread is dedicated to :

1) Every mixsultz who posted a mix describes himself and his everyday job, with an eventual link to his studio or myspace, gear he used to achieve the Stillrise mix he posted.

2) Everyone post his opinion about the mixes : who've done the best mix to his ears and why ?

Come on
Old 29th May 2006
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I'm also of the thought & mind that all final mixes with the mix AE's notes & blah blah blee blee get posted this thread.

It was started here, it should finish here & not have a burden put on a third party to be resonsible for detailed descrptions & keeping track of who & what & why & how...

Old 29th May 2006
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I'll kick off I guess.

Our mix:
Ogg Vorbis:
Mp3 (for those that don't know what Vorbis is):

About Me/Us:

This wasn't a solo effort. Work was done between myself (Phil Roberts) and my studio partner Ian Boult. I did a lot of the preliminary work, including selection of track processing and basic mixing. He completed the final mix. We also did a fair amount of re-amping and sample recording/collating.

In the real world he is an audio engineering student and I work two part time jobs doing menial labour to pay the bills. We were both the founding members of a metal band which existed for about 5-6 years until we dissolved it last year. As we had been accumulating recording gear for a while anyway we decided to start doing recording work properly. Our website can be found in my sig.

What we used/why we used it.

Our main DAW is Cubase SX3 with a MOTU 2408/Fostex VC8. We do all our mixing on a Soundtracs PC MIDI 24 channel desk (killer EQ's on this desk, better than any plugin we have) and listen via Adam P11 monitors.

For the drum tracks I used a sample of a Vinnie Paul (Pantera/Damageplan) bass drum in Drumagog as it pretty much is the metal kick sound. I sampled my own snare drum (Tama Artwood 14x6 Maple) and mixed it with the existing snare bottom. Other than this processing was kept to a bare minimum. With no gating on any of the other drums.

All the guitars were re-amped using a Marshall JMP-1 preamp, a Valvestate 8080 power amp and a 4x12 Marshall cab. This was miked with a Royer R121 ribbon mic, a Sennheiser 421 and an Audix i5. Bass was re-amped through an Ashdown MAG 250 4x10" combo miked with an Audix i5, Senn 421 and an Audix D6. A Sansamp Bass Driver was used in the FX loop.

During the mix we used our re-amped guitars and the 5150 and Engl tracks from the original takes. We tried to keep some "roominess" in the mix and used an Impulse Responce reverb of a Cello Studios room for the drums and vocals. Compression was used only on the snare, bass and kick drum. With the vocals routed through PSP's Vintage Warmer plugin.

The overall mix was done with reference to a song by Caliban. And the frequency content is roughly the same.

Fave mix from the other entries

Probably Jay Kahrs. His is a well-balanced mix without any of the obnoxious frequencies or obvious pumpiness I heard in quite a few of the others. I haven't listened to all of them though.
Old 29th May 2006
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Matt Smith's Avatar

Here's my mix.

Not much of a story. I'm the frontman for a Power Metal band called Theocracy (, and we're working on our second album at the moment. Started recording in high school just as a way to get my songs down on a Tascam 4-track cassette portastudio. Moved up to 8-track cassette, 16-track digital workstation, and finally a DAW. So music and recording have always gone hand-in-hand for me. My band's music is far and away my passion, but I do enjoy the production side of it as well. Being a Metal guy, that's what I specialize in, so I thought it would be fun to try to mix another band's stuff.
I do have a few nice outboard pieces, but this mix was done completely ITB on my Nuendo workstation.
As far as what other mixes I think are best, I don't know because I'm on dialup.

Old 29th May 2006
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keiffer's Avatar

Here's my mix:

Sonixx Mix

A total ITB using Samplitude. No samples other than the click from Andys kick was mixed with the originals. Some Voxengo and PSP plugins were used..
Old 29th May 2006
Here for the gear

My mix : Bij_MixContestStillrise_Final.mp3

All is ITB. My monitors are Dynaudio BM6A's.
Cubase SX + Creamware, PSP Vintage Warmer and Waves plugins.
No re-amping. I've used the samples from the original drumkit on kick, top snare and toms.

About me : I play drums in a metal band, too.
I'm not sound engineer. Maybe a day, i hope...
Actually i have a not really interesting work 5 days/week to pay the bills.

My favourite mix is actually Jay Kahrs's one, but most of the last mixs posted are greats.
This contest was really interesting, and a really good training !
Old 29th May 2006
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I-Quality's Avatar
My mix :

My infos :
I've been into recording for a few years starting with a SB Audigy where i could plug my synth and bass, since then i've gotten my hands on a Tascam FW 1884 and I've been recording a few other projects than mine...
everything's itb using cubase, a sample which was a mix of the riginal snare and some others was added but slightly (20%) otherwise it's all original, parallel compression on the drums, otherwise it's all compressed to taste (not the guitars..), vocals have 2 main reverb/delay mixes depending on parts, and some automation's going on
plugs used rencomp, sonalksis comp, jms eq, urs s serie eq, and SIR

The Mixes :
I like Matt Smith's mix, but the vocals are not to my taste nor the bd and sd to some extend
Vo's mix on Ultimate Metal was nice in the agressive style, a bit pumpy maybe...though drums are very special
Old 29th May 2006
Here's mine:
bleen's final

This was done in Logic Pro 7 using Digi PT|HD hardware, but running native only, no TDM. UAD-1, DUY, EAS and Waves plug-ins figured heavily along with stock Logic stuff. Monitored on Genelec 8040's via Benchmark DAC-1.

Kick was mostly my own samples of my old Tama Starclassic kick with a touch of Andy Sneap's. Snare was a blend of the live track with a sample of my Keplinger stainless steel snare.

I tried to leave a decent amount of headroom on the 2-bus for mastering.
Old 29th May 2006
So far, I'm really digging Jay Kahr's and Matt's mixes. Something odd about this genre that I just can't get past is the apparent need to cut all the low end out of everything and make stuff thin and buzzy sounding. What happened to bottom end in a kick drum or bass guitar?
Old 29th May 2006
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Here's mine.

Mixed in Nuendo.

Outboard: 1176 on bass. Stereo 1176 on Drum Buss.

Plugs: UAD plugs + Sonalksis comps on a few things...

Attached Files

Stillrise - norman_nomad.mp3 (4.91 MB, 11075 views)

Old 30th May 2006
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Originally Posted by SLy_drums
As there are only 10 options available in a poll, it would be difficult to create a poll with all the involved mixslutz.
Sly, I'm sure some of the moderators can jump in and make the poll bigger like it's done in this thread if you ask them nice:
Old 30th May 2006
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Too busy to finish everything that had to be done(and download vox )but I think you'll hear a unique take.

Also if your looking for opinions on mixes..this is the last place to look...Post a list of all mixes on an "In Flames" message board or something. People who listen to this type of music will recognize the correct voicings right away
Old 30th May 2006
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Okay, I'm trying to upload my mix to this thread, but it won't let me because I already uploaded it to the heavy metalcore mix contest thread. So, my submission is in there, in the middle of page 14:

Tomorrow I should hopefully get a chance to download all the tracks on this thread and listen and compare. I'm not expecting mine to win by any stretch.


ITB using pro tools le. Most processing done with Waves SSL bundle. No samples on the drums because I didn't have time. I reeeeaaaallllly would like to have replaced the kick drum. It was too much click and not enough slap. Only used four guitar tracks - royer 5150's and the jcm 800's. Bass mostly amp track. Vocals I thought were tough to mix. Did it seem to anyone else like they were almost randomly placed into the song? I mean, they come in right away without letting the band rock out together, then cut out for like four measures. No hook or flow to song vocally. I ended up using a lot of spacey effects on the vocals, which is weird for metal, but I thought necessary on this tune since they always seemed to just cut out so abruptly.

Overall I think I had good ideas for the vocals, but I'm guessing the overall balance of elements isn't perfect. Right now I'm stuck in a tiny room (treated w/ fiberglass panels but still) and I always need to check for translation elsewhere. Didn't have time on this one (still haven't).


I'm 26, civil engineer is my real job, and I have two kids. Got into recording when I had my first kid and needed to quit my band. Now moonlighting as an audio guy and getting pretty busy. Right now I'm in pre-pro with a metal/hardcore band to produce/record/mix a full length, recording vocals and mixing for another metal record, and I just finished writing and recording my first advertisement music spot.

I don't sleep much.

This was fun, and I can't wait to hear what you guys did!
Old 30th May 2006
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here's mine:

about me, im 34 and play drums in a metal band as well. i own my own project studio and work in a couple other local studios. ive been engineering seriously for about 4-5years and loving every minute of it.

i mixed totally itb for this tune using dp4.61, metric halo channel strip, waves ssl, waves ren., waves native power pack, drumagog(kick sample mixed with real kick beta52, snare sample 50/50 with real snare top, and about 40% sample for the toms). i didnt have time to reamp, but i would have loved to. i also added 808long kicks to the breakdowns because it sounded like that was what the bass was tryin to do anyway and i thought it blended well and sounded good.

i think the best mixes ive heard are matt smiths and cjwalls. to me they just sound like a song of this genre should sound. most of the mixes didnt. this was super fun and hopefully more of this stuff happens around here. thanx for doing this sly and good luck with your music.
Old 30th May 2006
Here for the gear

Final mix & info

This is mine:

I worked with Adobe Audition 2.0.
Replaced drums with Drumagog 3, except Tom 10.
Snare Top with Waves RComp and Timeworks ReverbX.
Snare Bottom with RComp and Timeworks Reverb 4080L.
BT Compressor CP2s for the 3 bass tracks.
Waves C4 for 5150's.
A little Waves RVerb fot JCM's with 57.
Voxengo Voxformer, some reverbs and delays for voices.

Wish I had more time to do this. Couldn´t even listen to your mixes.
Downloaded most of them, so I'll do it later.

About me:

I'm an audio engineer located in Judibana, Edo. Falcon, Venezuela.
I mostly do mixing and mastering.
I also work part time at a radio station.
Have a website (en español):
Old 30th May 2006
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About me?
Profeskinal producer & oddio engineer. This IS my day gig! More of a lifestyle then a 'job' really but that's why I dig it so much...

Started doing this about 10-odd years ago as an assistent at Showplace Studios which had a SLEW of kick-ass producer/engineer types passing through the doors & making records...I could name drop but it's easier to look at their site. Gleaned a WHOLE lotta 'tricks' and real knowledge from my years there...

I've also mixed FOH; monitors; broadcast & other forms of 'live' audio for a bunch of people both well known & unknown...North Miss. All-Stars, Derek Trucks, New Monsoon, Living Colour, Leftover Salmon, John Hammond, Bernie Worell, blah blah blee blee...

But really this ****s all on my website...check it out if 'ya want to.

'Bout the mix
This is NOT an easy style of music to's WAY easier to make just about any other kind of 'rock' stuff sound "right" without too much work...but for metal/hardcore/punk/etc getting all the instruments & tones to work with each is NOT an easy task since EVERYTHING wants to be the loudest thing in the mix and it's ALL gotta sound bigger then life & be 'in-yo-face' the whole time.

Lots of carving & processing going on. I mix out of a DAW running SX3 with 32 channels of Motu DA heading to a modified Trident 65. Almost all the DAW faders are set to '0' or in the case of overheads, hats & ride, some vocals etc. submixed in the DAW to a single or stereo pair.

No guitars were reamped & I used the drum sounds that were tracked & supplied. No beat detective, Otto Tune or any of that jazz was used in the mixes. I always make a real effort to try & use whatever was tracked and supplied on tape before replacing or 'fixing' stuff...I always figure if the artist wants it like that they'll probably have done it WAY before it hits the mixers hands.

Overall...I'd say the hardest thing I had to stuggle with was ALL of it!

Nah really...the tracking was pretty good with a couple three odd points.

It seemed like the vocals weren't sorted out all that well but after listening to 'em for a while there was some inkling of an 'order' to the parts that made sense in my mind.

The guitars were kinda' wonky. Sly...what the hell happened? Did you record one pass through one amp & then reamp the rest of tracks without offsetting the samples to account for the roundtrip? ALL of the various amps were real phasey against each other.

After getting the drums & bass roughed in & going through all the tones it seemed like the 5150/SM57 tracks were the most 'usable' without going to extreme EQ so they made up the 'core' tones and were filled in with a bit of whatever else complimented those tracks. I think one of the Engl tracks for each guy but I'd have to double check. Those JCM800 tracks are pretty wonky...either you set it for low-gain on purpose or the amp has a REAL problem...I found 'em too clean to be useful. Too bad...I liked the midrange 'tude of 'em but I could hear clean guitar 'chunks' popping through and THAT sucked.

Really, I tossed out at least 4 or 5 of the guitar tracks before I got too far into it. I'd rather have 2-3 tracks that are KICKASS then 6 or 7 that aren't really what anyone wants to hear & need all kinds of massaging...

I didn't use all of the tracks bass was made of the 421 & POD, each going through EQ's and healthy amounts of compression. The core of the kick drum sound was the Beta 91...the other track seemed unnessacary...didn't really add a lot. I wished there was a seperate 'trigger' track's always HELL getting stuff in this sort of genre to be clean & exactly what the drummer played without missing hits or having false triggers from toms or snare. The ambiance track didn't make it either. The room sounded a little boxy, really dry & there wasn't anything all that cool about it IMO.

I also couldn't get the ride to have the tone or 'presence' I wanted...seemed like there wasn't much 'ride' in the 'ride track' as compared to what happens when I hang a mic...usually jamming a cardiod or hyper cardiod mic "under" the cymbal & close to the middle of it (I usually aim for the bell, about 2-3" down & 6" away)with the rear aimed at the floor/kick/loudest object to be rejected works pretty well. This sounded like the mic was a few inches over the top of the cymbal...lots of wash from the kit.

All in all...

32 of 44 inputs filled on the Trident
12 buss outs feeding multiple mults & FX including a RAT pedal.
4 Aux sends feeding two verbs, flangers & some crusty old 12-bit delays
15 analog compressors
31 channels of analog EQ
About 8-10 plug-ins...mostly dynamics like gates on the toms

I layed down one version to tape; Studer A80MkII 1/4" at 15ips & didn't like it at all. The bottom end filled & rounded out but the transient smear was too great & overall impact was lost so I went with the Mytek at 44.1/24.

I'm submitting TWO mixes as 'final' for a couple three reasons...

a) I think Sly's main 'beef' with Mix #1 was that the guitars didn't have enough low mids to them...a GOOD mastering engineer can dig in with mid/side processing and add that without touching the center elements like the kick & bass.

b) It's nice to have at least one or two other versions around to pick from.

c) I REALLY dig the first mix I did & I'm not sure the revision is "better"

d) To get back to what I said before about everything wanting to be louder then everything else...when I got here & made the last couple three small changes that Sly requested, simple stuff like pushing the overheads up a couple dB...that over the course of making revisions the channel faders were creeping up & the master fader kept coming down to compensate so I didn't clip the hell out of the Mytek. Must've come down by a GOOD 4-5dB over the course of the revisions between mix "01" and the last one I ran a little while ago.

I mean...I kinda knew what was going on because I had tweaked the 2-buss comp a few times when it was grabbing harder then I had intended...heh

So anywhooo...

For whatever reasons I can't link to anything I put on our server so I've gotta go with the 160k MP3's hosted here on GS...gotta call Mr. Jeff at MMedia about that when I awake...

Sly ~ Check your PM's! Normally Mr Jeff sets up a folder & password & all that for everyone...I don't have that power. Both 24/44 files are on the server and I'm sending (sent?!) MY user name & password along so you can grab them.

Without further ado...

Fadeout_Mix_01_Moose - The original mix

And #2 is attached here;
Attached Files

Fadeout_RevisionB_160_Moose.mp3 (4.97 MB, 3261 views)

Old 30th May 2006
Here you'll find my mix:

ABOUT ME: I play guitar in two bands (FISHTAIL rock / IN EARTH IA alternative metal) and I make demo records for other bands.

ABOUT THE MIX: It was done ITB with a PowerMac G5 and Pro Tools LE/Mbox.

The only thing that was sampled in the drums was the kick, the rest is the original recording. I think I didn't use the bottom snare and the ambience tracks. I used digidesign comp and EQ, Waves L1 and RVerb.

On guitars, I didn't use the engl tracks and did no reamping, again the original recording. I used the 5150 tracks all the time, and added the Marshall tracks in a few parts. I think I EQ'ed the guitars to cut a little bit the low end and added a little bit mid-highs. Finally a little bit of the drums reverb was added.

I think I mixed the bass using the POD & DI tracks and just a little bit of the mic track.

The vocals have L1 in their own tracks and where routed to an aux fader with a little bit of Rverb and Stereo Delay.
Old 30th May 2006
Here for the gear

Hi there!
About Me:
30 yr old Guitarist, trying and failing to make a living of audio engineering. (I record demos for local bands most of the time and do a bit of FOH)
My mix:
ITB with Nuendo 3, waves and voxengo plugs.
I replaced the drums using DFHS for convenience obviously.
Didn't quantize. Just nudged some KD hits for a better symetry but some part are still messy.
I kept the drummer perspective for air drumming.
I edited guitars a lot. Nudged for better timing (to my ears), corrected as much as possible the horrible out of tune guitars at 0:30 & at 2:17 with cut & paste.
I used 5150 tracks only.
I used a blend of the three bass tracks (nice rec btw)
Tried (and failed of course ) to get something close to KSE/AILD...
TBH, I don't know if my mix is any good (I always loose the focus after a while) but it's different from the others obviously.
Monitored through my poor M-audio's BX8 without acoustic treatment. (It's like painting with sunglasses if you ask me ).
My main concern was:
Should I keep the balance according to my taste or make it "squashing proof" (with drums up front). I still don't know. You can hear the "squashing proof" and a squashed version @Andy Sneap forum. It sounds funny and wierd.
So here is my last "more regular" version:
Some vocal parts aren't mono compatible, does it matter? Whatever.
My favourite mix:
Mmmm... None. I think they all sound terrible (including mine) but that's just me.
TBH, I expected much better... If I were to choose one, maybe I'd choose Jay's mix... Or mine because it sounds blanced in my crappy acoustic environnement and because I corrected the out of tune chords... I don't know.
That was great lesson of humility and a lot of fun too.
Old 30th May 2006
Gear Head

About me
I'm 21 years old and have been into recording for little under a year. I also play guitar (been playing over 10 years) in a local tech/death metal type band, so this kind of music is what I really have a passion for recording and playing.. I am currently a 9-5'er but plan on attending a local studio/school here very soon. I am just now starting to get interest from local bands and am starting to do little bits of work here and there...

And 'ze mix!
I'm mixing mostly ITB with Cubase SX. I was borrowing a few pieces of awesome outboard from a buddy of mine at the time as well which I used all around on this stuff.. (1176, LA4 and a 1073 clone w/EQ)
Kick is a mix of the Beta91 track and a kick drum sample I've had quite a while, not quite sure where it's from. About 25% original and 75% trigger.
The snareI had quite some trouble with and I ended up using some crazy blend of the original (top mic only) for it's ping, a sample for punch and another sample for some depth and bottom. The combination of all these tracks was put through the 1176, after a while of messing around I was very pleased with the overall result.. I've got some parallel compression happening as well...
I squashed the room mic and used it very slightly with a high and low pass. this yielded a cooler sound to the cymbals, so I kept it. Toms are all natural with just EQ and compression ITB.
Guitars were a mix between the ENGL and 5150 which are both fairly equal in level. I tucked a bit of the 800 underneath both those for some mids and clarity. The resulting combination of these tracks I put through the 1073 for EQ and then did some final tweaking when the 1073 was gone with the URS API EQ plug-in.
I only used one of the bass tracks. It's got some compression to keep the notes consistent and quite a bit of "drive" from VintageWarmer.
Vocals were put on group tracks relating each group to each respective voice.. 3 or 4 groups in total I believe. All were sent to the 1073 for EQ and then the 1176. I then sent ONLY Roms to the LA4, this kind of gave his voice a cool character... After coming back in to the DAW, I added a bit of distortion to Roms' voice and also giave him a slight telephone EQ treatment, this made his voice compliment the mix nicely..
All vocals were sent to an Aux with a medium room reverb at varying levels relating to what each voice needed..

On 2buss I have the Sonalksis compressor and a touch of a MB limiter to control the lows a bit more and kind of tailor the mids/highs.

Can we say long winded?

As far as the other mixes, I like trym's and Matt's the best. On the other hand, I didn't care for the way the vocals were treated on the majority of the mixes. Not dirty enough and too wet most of the time for my taste, just IMHO

Anyways, thanks for giving us this opportunity to play with your song a bit Sly!

and, my mix:
Attached Files

5-29-06 Stillrise_Polis.mp3 (4.01 MB, 6170 views)

Old 30th May 2006
Gear Maniac

My thoughts

Finally got a chance to listen to the mixes posted here.

First off, I was surprised to hear how much mastering went on here, both limiting and I think also major eq boosts.

Second, my mix sucks balls and I now know it. So please keep in mind that my comments below are not being made from the standpoint of "Your mix should sound more like mine". I'm now going through as a listener on my trusty headphones at work where I spend the most time listening to music. I am very familiar with what music should sound like here (much more so than in my home studio room). Also the IMHO disclaimer.

None of the mixes have gotten it "right", as if Andy Sneap mixed it. I think there's only two that come close. In almost every mix the vocals are not loud enough. They're usually buried in guitar fizz. And my god, the fizz. Guitars on some mixes were super fizzy and hollow sounding. Sounded processed and fake.

I think Matt Smith's mix is the only one where the vocals are loud enough. On some other mixes the vocals pop into place during certain sections where they doubled themselves, but were buried during the verses. In Matt's mix they were generally loud enough the whole time. Overall a good mix and well balanced.

I think Burny's mix is the most exciting, most creative, and most metal. I love all the effects he used except for vocoding that spoken line. If he supplied a vocal up mix, I think it would be great. Drums sound awesome, and the guitar edits he did are very machine-like-metal sounding.

My vote so far goes to Burny.
Old 30th May 2006
Here's mine

actual wave file is here

Mixed ITB nuendo 2.2
no samples, judicious use of eq, nothing on the 2 buss
I used mostly freeware plugins (fishphones and SIR)

I A/B'd the song against as I lay dying and killswitch engage and tried to approximate them as best I could.

I play and sing in a hard rock/sometimes metal-ish band called everybody's x and derive about half of my income recording bands in my home studio, I have also engineered many projects at studiowest (
Old 30th May 2006
Gear Head

here's mine

i'll post up some specifics in a bit!
Old 31st May 2006
Lives for gear
heathen's Avatar

I own a small record company mainly recording hip hop though can, do and will work on any type of music, except country, well I if I got paid enough I would. Am releaseing a few hip hop albums this year, with my mate PL.

My final final mix, a difficult track to get right, a few issues I had trouble with were the overheads and the drums were difficult to get right. Anyway after only mixing rap and hip hop for the last 1.5 years was a pretty cool challenge, especially as I'm mixing a rock band in a few weeks time, was good practice.
I used loads of plugins (sonalksis comp and eq, psp eq's , voxengo comp and tape, waves gates), was a good test for my new pc (amd 4400 dual core) as well. I used to hate plugs but there are plenty of good ones these days. I mixed from pc running nuendo3 into my o2r console via an rme hdsp 9652 card.
I did no re-amping or anything like that as I thought the guitar tracks were ok to work with. I used drumagog as the kick and snare were lacking thump so I added a kick and snare from the DRE-MENDOUS drums collection.
Stereo buss from o2r outs I used an Al smart c2 comp (about 1 db gr) into an Avalon ad2055(slight high end boost) eq then into a Pendulum es8 limiter(about 1/4 db gr) then to Apogee rosetta 200 converter running firwire into 2nd pc, no soft lim.
I used the c2 to add to the meat of the drums with a 10ms attack, fast release and the pendulum with a slow attack and longer release.
Also a bit of automation as well on the panning of vox and levels of vox and fx also about 1:30 into the song where the Iron Maiden gallop builds up I automated the blending of the bass tracks so the clangy one comes right up so it sounds like Steve Harris bangin away, well almost. Don't forget to use your volume knob and crank it up.

Brutality was my main objective with this track. It's meant to hurt!
Attached Files

Fadeout final by Heathen.mp3 (3.94 MB, 4617 views)

Old 31st May 2006
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mr jkn's Avatar
I´m a student, 28 years of age, soon to be a teacher. Recording and mixing + plus playing in band is my hobby. I have no idea how "modern" metal should sound like but I had to try! Mixing took place in my living room in front of my ADAM anf10 speakers, audio passing through an M-audio 24/96 interface. No outboard. Low budget... Seq of choice ended up being Reaper with all free plugins.

I´m usually more into productions like this (my band):

and (my brothers´band)

I think Matt Smith should win this: His mix is very balanced and the levels between the instruments is superb. The whole "picture" is also very nicely glued together: great use of eq and compression. Sounds very professional.

And here comes my final:
Attached Files

fade out mr jkn.m4a (5.04 MB, 258 views)

Old 31st May 2006
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I got into recording on an old fostex 4 track like 10 yrs ago but didn't get serius about it untill about 2 yrs ago when my band decided to record some songs. We where using a Tascam 8 track r-r up untill then and the bass player had most of the recording knowledge. Of course when he moved the tape took a dump and they left it to me to figure out where to go from there. Decidede to go the DAW route .......Oh well Gearslutz has been my HolyGrail so to speak.
I mixed this at home (wife thinks I spend to much time as it is at the practice studio) using Sonar 4 and 1 Event TR-8 studio monitor. I used the creatives for a stereo image and the TR-8 for the tones. Couple free plugs and the Sonitus Fx suit. Paraelled the kick and snare. As for sample I thru a little of Sneaps kick for some click (just enough to barly hear it not a big fan of clicky bass drums).
I tried to use Triviums Ascendancy album for a referance ( I think Andy could have done a better job trowing up faders for 5 Min. over my 2 weeks using plugins )
It was nice to mix something that was Tracked decently. Some people where dogg'n on the phase and stuff but for me (Still working on tracking ) this was a lot of fun to mess with. So one more time Thanks SLy!!!!
Mixes that where cool......... I like Jays and Matts I think. This song has been playing in my house forever so after a while I started loosing my objective ............ and my Wife is starting to hate Heavy stuff.
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Fade Out.mp3 (4.91 MB, 1475 views)

Old 31st May 2006
Here for the gear
trym^^'s Avatar

sup peeps,
thats what i throw in.

honestly all i really cared for was the drumsound and i didnt have
the patience to do ESSENTIAL things like tightening and editing the
tracks. didnt care for experiments ... so little time.
and my vox suck ...

my fave: BURNY - coz in his mix everything is neatly worked out,
theres these ideas and tricks, fekkin lovely ! all cleaned up, the
phasing within guitar/snare tracks removed .. its all there 11!!!1

runner up: cjwall, awesome grind and bottom end plus coolest
breathe-in fx done on vox! my kinda kickdrum and snare i tell ya ... heh

been into recording since about a year since i got my lil mbox, as far as metal
goes i try to do it sneapish ... my kinda kickdrum and snare i tell ya ... fekkin hell ...
ah and i'm 21, studying history and politics lol .... nah the GIT is too expensive.
Old 1st June 2006
Lives for gear
heathen's Avatar

Bleens mix is pretty damn good if you turn it up I like the way the impact builds the louder you turn it up. Though the vox get a bit lost.

Jays mix sounds chunky, nice guitars and overall balance.

Bij's mix pretty cool, though the vox lose impact after about 2 mins into the song.

Matulas mix is good, nice bass and crunchy guitars. Though drums lacking definition

Norman Nomad, not bad though I did notice a strange noise about 1:32 into the song

I quality, good mix but too loud, way tooooo loud to send for mastering, this is a mix comp not mix and master comp, that clipping may cause problems down the line, if it were to be attempted at mastering later, its not too bad though there are some flat tops. Great mix though I'd like to hear it without being maxed out.

Mat Smith, good mix but same as above though there was no clipping I noticed. Also noticed right side guitars overly dominant

These are just my personal fav's in no particular order, picking just 1 would be difficult, I'm going to listen a few more times then decide with my death metal guitarist mate who's is the best. There are some great mixes. Ok so who's gonna critique mine?
Old 1st June 2006
Gear Maniac

Ok, here's my final mix :

This is already going into the direction I'm happy with. Pretty different compared to most mixes though. The bassdrum is a bit tricky, but it works/blasts. Still not happy with the snare in the slow parts. The guitarsound is almost there (well not in a Sneap kinda way , but who's is heh ). Did a little bit more panning to hihats/ride and mixed these things too. My Mix hass the balls all others lack , perhaps too much balls heh

Trym's mix is probably the only mix I could live with.

Burny, nice editing etc. but this band isn't Fear Factory. It sounds too tight! Your Bd even sound hollow to me, the drums just don't do it for me at all. The same with the vocal effects, they could work when they made the song stronger but they make the song wurbbly. But from a production point you have some nice ideas (only the wrong outcome)

Heathen, your mix sound like a poppy electro metal mix. Funkin Brilliant heh , in a gay disco heh

Still waiting for Bang and André Tchmill's mixes. C'mon guys !
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Stillrise_Fart Out_by666.mp3 (3.02 MB, 1269 views)

Old 1st June 2006
Lives for gear
heathen's Avatar

Quote: "Heathen, your mix sound like a poppy electro metal mix. Funkin Brilliant , in a gay disco ".
Haha fuuck , thats funny.
Hey I reckon you'd know, hahaha, is that a subtle hint the closet door is opening.heh. F#@%ing cool mix Tony yours rips. The bottom end is massive, maybe tooooo big, the cicadas are out early too.
I love constructive criticism.
Old 1st June 2006
Here for the gear

Haha!heh Fair enough Tony.
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