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Share your tales of "beyond expectations" of customer service Control Surfaces
Old 18th May 2011
Gear nut
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Thread Starter
Share your tales of "beyond expectations" of customer service

I had a problem with a prototype of the Phoenix Nicerizer 16 and after an email exchange with Shaun Leveque, he encouraged me to send it to him in the UK.

I got it back last week, and not only did he do the repair to the panning on one of the channels, but replaced the output transfomers to the latest version, replaced the output control to version that tracked better and calibrated all the channels. For this service on a 4 year old unit that I paid about half of what the current versions go for, he charged me ZERO. Just the return shipping costs.

I've had similar service from David Hill at Cranesong in the past and I just love to let people know that when they invest in high quality gear from boutique manufacturers, they not only get reliable, great sounding gear, but usually also get fantastic service.

If you've got similar stories, post them here and let's salute the little guys that stand behind their products.

Neale Eckstein
Old 18th May 2011
Lives for gear
steveschizoid's Avatar
Similar experience here with Geoff Tanner at Aurora Audio - EQ went bad on an out of warranty GTQ2 and Geoff fixed it, upgraded it to current production specs and shipped it back within a no charge.heh
Old 18th May 2011
Lives for gear
RCM - Ronan's Avatar
I have got to add Empirical Labs to the list. Simply amazing customer service.
Old 18th May 2011
Lives for gear
This is from the archive, but still a story I remember fondly. When Mackie first came on the scene, I bought the first 1202 that arrived at Thoroughbred Music in Tampa. All the salespeople were ogling it and crowding around the check it out. On the comment suggestion part of the warranty registration, I asked if rack mounts were available for it. About two weeks later, out of the blue, the rack mounts arrived in the mail. I can't imagine that this would happen today, but it was such a great feeling that I still remember it 20 years later.
Old 18th May 2011
I bought a great used Broadcast mixer (Semrau EB 068) from ebay, based on the fact that the company that built it was located in my home city of Hamburg.

I took it in to them to get it serviced, and the tech pulled out the tools from some dusty shelf, replaced all the missing fader/knob caps, recalibrated it, and fixed some L/R inbalanced with some on the spot soldering. Then he gave me about 10 replacement original 1 and 2 way knobs. THEN he gave me the entire original technical documentation, signal flow charts, electrical design charts etc, with hand drawn remarks and edits, and you guessed it... wanted 0 money for all this. (After thanking him of course I gave him some dosh for the coffee jar as they say in Germany.)

Apparently the company now builds anything but audio gear, and he saw no use for it anymore I guess... If anyone has one of these mixers and needs tech specs hit me up

I also always had a lot of luck with the guys from digitalaudioservice in Hamburg, (they built a custom power supply for this mixer, the original was missing) Really knowledgeable and very fair rates.

I actually left my MS 20 as a long time loaner with the main tech there (as he had fixed so many things for me on the cheap) when I moved countries and couldn't bring my whole studio... it felt like the right thing to do for his many years of helpful support. One day ill pick it up, but until then it should be used, and is in good hands
Old 18th May 2011
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A number of years ago I bought some used API 500 series eqs... read somewhere that a certain "pin" needed to be deactivated otherwise the whole unit could short out and be damaged.

I forget why I called Mercenary, but Fletcher walked me through the process... couldn't have been kinder to a newbie.

I'll never forget that.
Old 18th May 2011
Gear maniac
woodnote's Avatar

Rode has stellar customer service. I bought a used K2 from Sweetwater, had it for about 3 years, then it started to sound weird. I sent it off to Rode's repair shop in CA. The tech called me and said he couldn't find anything wrong with it, but since I think there is something wrong, he'll send me a brand new one! It turned out that the variable polar pattern on the power supply was stuck in omni, so I offered to return the brand new mic. They were more than happy to let me keep the brand new one. Can't speak any higher of a company!
Old 18th May 2011
Lives for gear
AndyFromDenver's Avatar
I mentioned it elsewhere, but Dave Smith Instruments sent me a free power supply for an out of warranty mopho. They were super friendly and quick to return my message. I've also received very friendly and prompt technical assistance from Tristan at Rupert Neve Designs. Two super popular companies taking time for the little guys
Old 19th May 2011
Lives for gear
Aaron Miller's Avatar
I had an Apogee Ensemble go bad a year ago or so. They sent me a new one plus a T-Shirt, some cable ties, and a carry case!
Old 19th May 2011
Lives for gear

My best "beyond expectations" customer service experience was with Ben Sneesby and Beesneez mics.
Old 19th May 2011
Lives for gear
ionian's Avatar
I have one of the first Elektron Sidstations. Back when they didn't even supply a power adapter and I had to buy one at Radio Shack which I still use! Anyway, right after they released it, they released a firmware upgrade to fix some midi problems that was supposed to be flashed over a midi cable.

The flash went bad, and my Sidstation would just display jumbled letters when I turned it on.

I emailed Elektron, they asked if I could swap a chip, and within a week I had a brand new CPU chip that they even paid the shipping on - express mail from Sweden, already flashed with the new firmware which I swapped out with the old one. It's worked fine ever since. That was when it first came out - maybe what? '98 or something I guess - I can't remember. That was before the rise of the boutique keyboard companies so I was used to dealing with Korg and Roland which is sort of like trying to get a straight answer from the IRS. I was very impressed with Elektron and still am.

I have a Phoenix Nice DI, and one of the pots went bad. I emailed Shaun and he sent me a brand new pot in the mail within a week that I swapped out and it works fantastic. That was some great customer service.

I just bought a Clariphonic but it's exhibiting some strange behavior. I emailed UBK to ask about it and before we can even address the issue, I got an email back with his cell phone number and the best time to call him so we can walk through it on the phone. That's some amazing customer service right there.

Things break or sometimes arrive malfunctioning, but customer service like these examples instead don't make you regret your purchase when things do go wrong. If anything, they just make you want to buy more of the products from the company.

What a great thread!

Old 19th May 2011
Lives for gear
Brett 123's Avatar

Vintage king shipped to the U.K for free as their supplier didn't deliver on time . I've always got great customer service from them!

Conversely in the U.K , Funky Junk took three months to fix a mic then charged me twice as much as I thought it would cost ,,,,, again way above expectation ,,,, this is the reason I buy most on my gear in the U.S .
Old 19th May 2011
Lives for gear

Yep, Rode are great - had a problem with an NT2000 after several years; had lost the receipt and never sent in the warranty card; they didn't question it , fixed it and paid return freight for nix.
Cheers, Ross
Old 19th May 2011
Gear Maniac
manuke's Avatar

Originally Posted by reddirt View Post
had lost the receipt and never sent in the warranty card; they didn't question it , fixed it and paid return freight for nix.
Same thing with my NT2. Was most impressed.
Old 19th May 2011
Lives for gear

Pedoka Limited !

I busted 2 lightpipe connections on the back of a bit of kit...

Found the serial number with a magnifying glass and a torch.

Googled it.. found the Japanese manufacturer Solteamopto.

Found the UK distributor Pedoka Limited by furious googling.

Phoned them, they imported from Japan and sent me 4 components ..

(twice as many as I needed)


So in effect they were supporting the manufacturer of an item who just so happened to use a component whos maker they just so happened to distribute for.

For FREE !!!

Still makes me smile : )
Old 19th May 2011
Gear Addict
Denny McNerney's Avatar

Alto Music, in Middletown, NY
Old 19th May 2011
Lives for gear
jeremy.c.'s Avatar
Tim at Seventh Circle is really great for supporting what amounts to sourced parts.
I also sent an older Red Iron Amps Buffer (to be used with pedals) back to Paul at Red Iron Amps and he asked me what I wanted out of it (to use with Axe-FX) and he updated it to my specifications and turned it around extremely quickly.
Old 20th May 2011
Lives for gear
Oldone's Avatar
Keeley Compressors - I bought one of their guitar compressors from a mail order company and it was extremely noisy, I called Keeley to find out if they had a bad run of chips or something. Indeed they had and they sent me a new unit, overnight at no cost with a ship back box. That was more than I expected.

Lexicon - Bad power supply which they diagnosed over the phone and sent me a new one at no cost.

Frontier Designs - They shipped a bad driver file for the Tranzport wireless controller . I figured it out the error and told them the problem, they shipped me mic stand holder for my unit at no cost as a thank you.

I love responsible business owners.
Old 20th May 2011
Gear Head

Share your tales of "beyond expectations" of customer service

Add to the list Retro Instruments. Even though the job was certainly not terribly profitable, within two days of receipt Phil Moore matched and shipped my used 176 units. Thanks Phil!
Old 23rd May 2011
Gear Head

Grace Design ROCKS!!!!

I recently bought a Grace Designs 101 preamp used from a local music store (which shall remain nameless). I saw they had one used online at a reasonable price in a non-local store. I asked if still brought stuff in to stores, or if I had to can order from that store. They said they would bring it in for me (nice so far).

It comes in a few days later. No box or power supply. Ok...I am worried I can't test it and since it uses a odd 6V PS, they don't have one. They have a 60 day warranty. I call Grace and they have them, but I need it in a couple days for an event sooo....

I buy the CORRECT one from Radio Shack and of doesn't power up. I go down to the local music store and basically ask them how they tested the unit for sale without a PS? They said they would fix it under warranty. Right, are you an authorized Grace facility? Do I know the shop you're sending this thing to? What if I don't like how it sounds? How long will it take? I take it home to think about it, pretty pissed the store would take in a preamp without a power supply to test it, let alone re-sell it without one.

I notice the Grace designs has a 5 year transferable warranty, and I send them an email to check to see if the preamp is still under warranty. Super fast response (couple hours I think?). Nope it's not, but they don't like guys messing with their stuff either so they say send it to them and they will take care of it.

I mail it off and about a week later (if it was even that long), it comes back all a Grace box....with a Grace power supply.... for 0$ charge and they paid for return shipping just as if it was under warranty. Turns out it was the PS voltage regulator IC chip. Bets as to who screwed that up? Foolish music store toadie....

Grace took care of me even out of warranty because they recognized my concerns and desire to keep their product. Could not be happier and looking forward to another Grace Design purchase in the future!

Thanks again for great customer service!!
Old 27th May 2011
Lives for gear
ionian's Avatar
Just wanted to bump this to add that I also got phenomenal customer service from both UBK/Kush Audio and Wave Distribution.

Old 27th May 2011
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Originally Posted by steveschizoid View Post
Similar experience here with Geoff Tanner at Aurora Audio - EQ went bad on an out of warranty GTQ2 and Geoff fixed it, upgraded it to current production specs and shipped it back within a no charge.heh
+1 for Geoff at Aurora Audio. He has answered countless technical questions, never asked for a dime, and even sent me a copy of the children's book he wrote when he found out I had 2 school age sons. Class Act all the way.
Old 27th May 2011
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steveschizoid's Avatar
I paid for mine! (through Amazon)

Did you read the unpublished sequel? It's pretty clever.
Old 29th May 2011
Lives for gear
evangelista's Avatar

Bump for fellow GSlut Proletarian. Great product (pads, impedance do-hickeys), with excellent customer service.
Old 31st May 2011
I know you're not supposed to accept candy from strangers, but I must say I liked getting candy from Sweetwater. It's a nice little touch that made me less stressed when I had to install my iLok-based software from them. And they didn't pressure me over the phone to buy something else. Thanks Sweetwater people.
Old 31st May 2011
Lives for gear
turtlejon's Avatar

I'd like thank metric halo for always being extra- responsive to every question I have ever asked, going way out of the way to make things work for me!!

Rock on!!!
Old 31st May 2011
Gear Maniac
avebr's Avatar

Cardas Audio

I must tell you my great experience with Cardas Audio.

I have their Cardas Headphone Cable for Sennheiser HD600 - which is an excellent upgrade. After 2-3 years of normal use, it got intermittent and died.

The company have a limited but lifetime warranty so I decided to contact them - they instructed me thru e-mail just to send the cable - and so I did.

Some days later a brand-new cable arrived thru Fed Ex - and it cost me nothing (and included a wall-light gift with Cardas' logo)! Please note that Cardas is in USA and I'm in Brazil, and just the shipping costs were almost another new cable!

Just great!

all the best,

PS: +1 too for Alto Music, in Middletown, NY.
Old 12th June 2011
Gear nut
Protooled's Avatar

I bought my iMac day before yesterday from the Apple store U.K and I've gotta say I've never had a more pleasant phone call from someone who is meant to be selling me something, not only did he give me a great deal on educational discount (Logic studio £104!!!) He was also a top bloke to talk to, he was Northern Irish (I could tell by his accent) and spoke to me in a soft casual manner and didn't talk to me like I was a money machine, all went extremely well and I felt good after all the details had gone through which is extremely rare, I usually feel ripped off to be honest,

On another good note, I went to Digital Village in Barnet the other day to pick up my Maschine, my Seinheisser HD 280's and Ilok 2 and what a nice guy, his name was Rob and he actually made me turn down a sale by explaining to me that the SSL Nucleus wasn't what I was after which goes to show they're not all out for money and then at the end when I went to purchase everything he gave me a really nice discount and his email address to discuss other options, once again top bloke, It might just be me and it might just be the U.K but things seem to be looking good again for customer service (Except Tescos, god I hate buying my shopping there, never a happy face at the Kiosk)

Old 12th June 2011
Gear Maniac
solveforq's Avatar

Thumbs up

I cannot speak highly enough of Joshua. During a glitch in communication he had extended himself out in an email and fixed the misunderstanding in a matter of minutes. In addition he gave me a deal on something that probably cost him in the end. I actually felt a little bad at the time accepting his offer.

Since then I've made another purchase from him and his responses are always lightning fast.

I'm totally a customer for life.

Thanks again!
Old 12th June 2011
Lives for gear

Apple (Very reasonable for large company.)
VK (Peter in NY is a super rep.)
Mytek (slow, though...)
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