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Shouldn't the flattest mic be the best?
Old 6th April 2018
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Originally Posted by nightchef View Post
What's the difference between "flat" and "uncolored"? I would certainly think of them as synonymous. Doesn't "color", as an attribute of any signal chain component, imply something that alters the spectral content of a signal? And isn't that the opposite of what we mean by "flat"?
yes as Frank Case mentioned - there are a lot of other parameters involved - most of which i would think being 'harmonics', 'phase' or what i might generally call 'smear' - things which in the end can also affect frequency response - you can also have a fairly 'flat' looking frequency response overall that is the result of many cumulative errors and problems. Let's look for example at a system where you have a tin can transducer in place of speakers - and you manage to somehow EQ that via room mods and placement (and eq of course) so you get something relatively 'flat' ... would THAT sound 'uncoloured'? I think no.
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