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Coveted by an extensive list of professional recording engineers, the TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik C-12 historic reissue is an exceptional microphone that will be a treasured addition to your microphone collection for many decades to come.


Mic Shootout - Original 251, New 251, U47, C12, and More

We compared the following mics on acoustic guitar and vocal: (In order of most expensive to least expensive) Original Telefunken 251 New Telefunken 251 Telefunken U47 Telefunken C12 Korby KAT u67 Korby KAT u47 ADK CS-47YJ Telefunken AR-51 Audio Clips and Photos are here: Tube Microphone Comparison - Telefunken 251, U47, C12, and More

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The mic everyone loves

The big 5 - c12, 251, 49, 47, 67. The mics that come closest today IME are: Flea 12, Telefunken C12, Telefunken 251, Flea 49, Flea 47, Neuman TLM67/u87ai with ioaudio u67 mod kit.

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Best 251 clone?

...for a mic for my daughter for 3 years before I found the right one. She currently uses a new Telefunken c12. Extremely powerful Alto voice . The difference between the clones and the AKG c12,s and Tele mics and all the others becomes extremely noticeable when you push the mics with very dynamic...

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