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the new gold standard drum machine. never before has a drum machine that sounds this good with literally endless sound capabilities been set at a price this low. meet PO-32 tonic, the new gold standard drum machine. and yes, it comes in a gold plated cardboard box. PO-32 tonic drum synthesizer and sequencer with para-meter locks, punch-in effects and unlimited sounds with microtonic vst (sold separately) through data transfer. real synthesizer engines sequencer parameter locks step multiplier unlimited sounds with micro tonic (sold separately) NEW! built-in speaker microphone for data transfer NEW! 3.5mm audio I/O jam sync animated LCD display folding stand break away lock tab NEW! clock + alarm clock battery powered (2XAAA) 1 month battery life 2 year standby time


Teenage Engineering PO-32 drum synthesizer

Yes! (update: gZoBT5d8OUk Been hoping they'd release another drum PO since I got the 12, and here it is. :)

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August 2018 New Gear Thread

New stuff: E-mu Proteus 2000 E-mu X-treme Lead 1 Teenage Engineering PO-33 Protective case for my Teenage Engineering PO-32 Zoom Sampletrak Yamaha RS7000 (my second one) Yamaha rm1x (used to have this years ago) Roland Fantom Xr (came with two SRX cards) Roland SP-555 Roland Aira System 1 Alesis i/o-dock for iPad Isla Instruments Kordbot

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Tell me about modern programmable drum machines

the guy is shopping SUVs and you tell him to buy a Go Kart?

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