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The TC Electronic M5000 Digital Audio Mainframe is unlike any other effects processor you have ever seen. By combining TC DARC technology with the skills of the best signal processing software engineers around the world, we have created the perfect mix of effects you have access to in the TC Electronic M5000 today. What you see is not what you get – you get more! The unique design of the TC Electronic M5000 hardware platform allows for future upgrading of both the software and hardware aspects. It will far outlast any other signal processor you own or can buy today. Operating the TC Electronic M5000 is a breeze and upgrading it couldn’t be simpler. All TC Electronic M5000 owners receive regular, easy to install, software upgrades – featuring the very latest state-of-the-art effects. Add to this hardware upgrades like the impressive ATAC Remote Controller and you have a package that is unbeatable. To some it may look like any other effects processor – but you know better! The purpose of the TC Electronic M5000 mainframe concept is the flexibility to keep up with the ever evolving state of technology. New inventions developed because of the advancing needs of professional engineers can be implemented in the mainframe without he need to scrap a valued piece of equipment. Furthermore, only one user interface is needed to control several modules, i.e. the front panel of the ATAC is controlling one module at the time, although all modules installed are active. As the TC Electronic M5000 is totally software controlled it is essential that also the software is easily exchanged. New algorithms and programs will be available to you in different categories. Some of the programs will be created by other M5000 users and will be available as public domain software, i.e. users can share programs/sounds for free. Other programs and algorithms will be created by well known engineers and musicians. Specifications Released: 1995 Quantization: 18 bit Sampling Frequency: 48kHz Frequency Response: 10Hz-22kHz Dynamic Range: >100dB THD: Below 0.01%


What is the best deal you ever got on a piece of slutty gear? cash and really really wanted one. I reluctantly swapped them my $1200.00 total cost pro tools setup for their TC M5000 and their amek 9098 eq/pre strip! heheheheh!!! then, it arrived, and no digital io on the M5000 as I had been led to expect, so they apolgetically sent me a TLA...

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The Weeknd Earned It

...between the marcato, pizzicato, and tremolo strings took some experimenting. I used a combination of the Bricasti M7, DSP 4000, TC M5000, and AMS reverbs. For EQ's, it was MAAG EQ4's and Izotope Ozone 6 plugs. Plus some SSL 9K console EQ. The whole time I was mixing the song, my mantra was "This...

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Do you still consider that using OTB outweighs the costs of it?

Thank you, I genuinely didn't know where to look for digital hardware so had no way of visualising your setup. It's not something I have ever looked into. Haha, talking of visualising someone else's set up I'm going to guess from this that you assume I am an ITB kind of guy. Most likely 2" PEM...

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