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moving, need to simplify

...desk Motu Ultralite firewire 8 i/o Event 10" Monitors 2 DBX 128 compressors 3 Alesis 3630 compressors Art II tube preamp patchbay BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer TC Electronics M350 Reverb + Delay DP4 Effects processor Access Virus A Access Virus C Access Virus KC Access Virus Snow Dave Smith Mono Evolver Keyboard Dave Smith Mopho Keyboard Dave Smith Tetra Roland Juno 106 Roland MKS 70 Roland MKS 80 Roland JV 1080 MPC 1000 Elektron Octatrack Doepher...

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Your 2018 Gear Plans

...on improving my theory knowledge. Didn't do that yet, want to do it this year. Didn't do it but got the TC M350 which I regretted letting go of. 2018 plans: 1) If there is still one piece of software I'm going to buy it's Omnisphere 2. 2) Test drive the OB6 thoroughly 3) If 2 pans out, let the...

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Need help connecting external Hardware

...has the most I/O so it makes sense to connect it all there) Also i'm going to get the TC electronic M350. problem there is it doesn't have an XLR so am again wondering how to best connect that? Do I need a patchbay? If I do how would that for in to my set up? If anyone...

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