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Kyma Kyma is easy to get started with and impossible to outgrow. You can create rich and unique sounds straight out of the box. Then, over time, you can begin to take control over more and more of the details until Kyma becomes your own customized sound design environment. Who could benefit from using Kyma? If sound is an important part of your life — whether as a part of your profession or as your intense avocation — then Kyma is the ideal environment for developing and leveraging your sonic imagination. With over a thousand library sounds and over 360 modules to choose from, you can start making incredible sounds in your very first session. But even more important is the way Kyma invites you to combine, to cross-synthesize, to modify, to modulate sounds with each other. You can get amazing results by simply dragging sounds from the browser into the timeline and by dragging effects from the Prototypes palette and dropping them onto individual sounds or track submixes. (Warning: this kind of combinatoriality is so much fun, it has been known to become addictive!) Sound is generated in real time and is time-accurate down to the individual sample. Not only does this translate into highly responsive parameter tweaking, it means that you can bring Kyma on stage with you to process your instrument or voice, play the synthesis algorithms on a keyboard, and use the timeline to schedule different synthesis and effects processes at different times. And you can save everything you create in the extensible sound library — not just samples, but the whole process by which you arrived at the result. So you can apply that same process to new material on your next project. Meaning that the environment grows with you, that the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes and the more it customized it becomes... until it becomes your own personal sound design playground.


Kyma X development - is it still out there?

Kyma X - is it still out there? It looks like nothing changed during the last 5 years. Kyma's Vimeo video channel is down....Can today's PC handle it without dedicated gear (Pacarana)?

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Coolest (to me) things at NAMM

...going too far off the VA road, which keeps it out of Quantum territory. Between the two you're covered. Symbolic Kyma is a bit of a tragic tale. World-beating functionality, 10-15 years ahead of anything else, but hampered by outdated / discontinued DSP chips / architecture, and obtuse UI. My glutton-for-punishment buddy...

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working with 96khz sounds in 48khz session

Kyma - yes, that's it, thanks ! I forgot their prices were that hefty though too ;)

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