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Studiomaster desks

Hey Gang! I just picked up an old 1987 Studiomaster Series 2 mixer. I'm attempting to recap the thing, but I've got lots of conflicting info. Since this is my first time, I'm just working on 1 input channel. (playing it safe) Anyway, the consensus is to replace all the electrolytics, (not sure about the others)? Here's the actual...

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Can anyone give me info on Studiomaster Series II

I own the studiomaster series 2. I don't want to be rude but in my opinion you have to own it or at least have used it to make a comment on it.. the guy was asking for opinion whether it's a good buy or not. in my studio I have the studiomaster...

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Studiomaster Series 2 how to pan each channel?? Pls help

...would I "enable" the pan rotary knob to affect the signal in a stereo image at mixdown using the studiomaster series 2? Thanks again David

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