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Sledge Synthesizer For many synthesizer enthusiasts, it is the particular interaction of the sound engine and user interface that makes a great instrument. A quick look at Sledge shows you the generous set of controls available to interact directly with the sound engine. When you touch the knobs and switches of the front panel, you will instantly be aware of the meticulous attention to detail our engineers have refined, during many decades building the best electronic keyboards. You will experience the logical set-up of the synthesizer modules, mirroring the signal flow of a classic analogue synthesizer. But what really distinguishes any synthesizer is its sound. Fortunately, our friends at Waldorf Music have happily shared their experience and know-how on this crucial part of the Sledge Synthesizer. So we implanted the DSP heart of the latest Waldorf modelling technology into Sledge. The result: enough power to put the foundations of your studio seriously at risk! And plenty of detail, to create the richest analogue pads you could ever want. Besides the classic analogue synthesizer waveforms, you will find a complete set of Wavetables, derived directly from the mother of all digital synthesizers, the PPG Wave. The sum of three fat oscillators, plus a Noise generator, are fed into Sledge's powerful multimode filter with selectable 24 / 12 dB slope. The highly recognizable Waldorf filter algorithms enable a wide variety of sounds, from smooth to harsh, from fat to distinct, from pure HiFi to badass brutal. Ultra-fast, accurate envelope generators deliver ballsy punch. Two LFOs plus 1 extra Wheel-LFO are on board to offer huge, yet easy to understand, modulation capabilities. And two built-in Effect units deliver sophisticated synthesizer effects, such as Chorus, Phaser and Flanger, as well as a rich Reverb or an analogue style Delay. And the best part – if you are familiar with the operation of a classic analogue synthesizer, you won’t have to spend any of your precious time reading the manual. There are no double or multiple functions on any of the knobs or pushbuttons. All synthesizer parameters are clearly and ergonomically arranged in front of your eyes and directly accessible under your fingertips. This makes sound design a blast, and takes you back to the pure user experience which you’ll soon realise you’ve been missing.


Korg KingKorg? Best hardware VA?

I'm gassing for the Nord A1. I think it sound better than the Lead 4. I also liked the sound of the KingKorg, and surprisingly Studiologic Sledge.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...(Good Enough to route some stuff) Fender Amp Korg MS20 Mini White Doepfer Dark Energy 2 Doepfer Darktime Moog Sub 37 Nord Lead 2X Studiologic Sledge About 5 different guitars !! (No I can't even play but love the look of guitars) Acoustics by Hofa and the room is actually very good sounding with about Max 3.5 DB deviation over the...

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Kurzweil PC4

...organs or whatever other Kurz sounds you'd like to control from it. So maybe a Deepmind 12 or a Studiologic Sledge would make a nice moderately priced pairing for a PC4.

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