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The Studio Electronics 3003 filter is a voltage controlled, discrete analog 18 db/oct ladder low-pass filter, employing hand-matched transistors. Drop the FREQUENCY knob to 0 and things get pretty dull; swing it back up and those "Transistor Bass” highs come crashing through the gate. The 3003's RESONANCE circuit at max will sing out more than the TB’s signature chirping in a fun, bubbly, if washy, poorer relation, Mini “clone-ish" way; use it tastefully, or throw moderation to the wind for overwhelming chirp force. The 3003 filter has the most gentle sonic touch of its partners in the Boomstar fold, but nevertheless is quite capable of shaping precise, very dynamic tone. Whether or not this STUDIO ELECTRONICS filter is filling its traditional baseline boxing niche, driving a harsh, liquid, acid-like tone, a softer more rubber-bandy SH-101-ish voice, or out of the bass range altogether, leading the way, all is within easy reach of this surprisingly warm and versatile VCF. The Modstar 3003 can be distinctly vocal at times, especially when one is willing to put grittier, more distorted desires aside. POTENTIOMETER POTENTIAL Three attenuverter and four attenuation pots control the FREQUENCY, RESONANCE, FREQ CV 1, RESO CV, FREQ CV 2, INPUT and OUTPUT, delivering smooth, detailed, and complex expression. SWITCH IT UP Classic Minimoog FULL and HALF strength filter frequency keyboard/voltage tracking for rounder low end with brilliant highs. PATCH IT UP Seven patch points: 1 V/O, FREQ CV 1, FREQ CV 2, RESO CV, INPUT and 2x OUTPUT direct the deepest manipulation. ALL CONTROLS AND PATCH POINTS FREQUENCY – Adjusts the frequency, or cut-off of the filter. RESONANCE – Adjusts the resonance of the filter. * FULL HALF TRACK – Switch between full and half keyboard/voltage tracking. FREQ CV 1 – Frequency control voltage 1 input attenuverter. RESO CV – Resonance control voltage input attenuverter. FREQ CV 2 – Frequency control voltage 2 input attenuverter. INPUT – Adjusts the audio input. OUTPUT – Adjusts the audio output. 1 V/O – One volt per octave control voltage input. FREQ CV 1 – Frequency control voltage 1 input. FREQ CV 2 – Frequency control voltage 2 input. RESO CV – Resonance control voltage input. INPUT – Audio input. OUTPUT x2 – Audio outputs. Power Usage - 37mA, 25mA (+12 / -12) -From 7:00 (0) to 9:00 our “Negative Resonance Saturation” adds beefiness, boosting the waveform amplitude and taming waveform transients; set to 9:00 to achieve the cleanest tone possible.


Studio Electronics Boomstar

Updated link to the video (knobs turned during a stereo bass overdub pass into Digital Performer, Boomstars are panned hard left and right)

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Studio Electronics Boomstars - mk2!

...plastic toys" everyone is selling, this is what it costs to have the instrument builders paid a livable wage. My Boomstar 3003 is on the level of a vintage Roland System 100 in terms of tone, its that good.

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Which 303 Clone Does It Best?

Boomstar 3003, sequenced by analog four. It's sick rockout

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