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If I were to hang Harbor Freight moving blankets a few inches from the wall, how many decibels lower could I expect to be picked...

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Soundman2020 9th March 2019
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Hi all, I have removed most treatment from our live room in order to have more reflections for recording drums. This led to a...

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Soundman2020 9th March 2019
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Hi, Sorry for the newb question. My juniors in college recently got some rockwool from a guy in wholesale to treat the...

Ishaan Kunwar
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Ishaan Kunwar 9th March 2019
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Room in general: basement of a small house . No direct neighbours, no car traffic, rarely airplanes, so pretty quiet Room Size:...

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JayPee 9th March 2019
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Hello, I have a temporary music space that I am using while I look for a house and I am interested in acoustically treating it...

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dhad 8th March 2019
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Something to keep your eye on for future recording studio lighting designs, POE (power over ethernet) LED lighting which...

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Seattle 8th March 2019
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So I know this questions has been asked earlier but not directly and not as clearly and often not requiring concrete answer, plus...

Deleted 451f99d
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Adhoc 8th March 2019
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I'm building a 500mm (~19") deep bass trap across the back wall of my studio. I have the fabric to cover it, but I'd like to...

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Jason Foi 8th March 2019
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Hello, I'm in over my head here, and I appreciate any insight you can offer. I believe the room is: 4207.125 ft3 I'm not...

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Soundman2020 8th March 2019
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Has anyone done any DIY LED backlit panels or diffusors they can share? How did you place the LED strips?

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Seattle 8th March 2019
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I'm in the process of trying to soundproof a wood shed. We are not looking to soundproof but simply control the sound so that we...

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estevanovich 7th March 2019
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My question is about which frequencies to aim at for bass trap design for a room used for vocals only, more particularly male...

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Berndalen 7th March 2019
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Hey guys. I'm looking to finally make my live room a real live room. Realising I can post on here for some great advice, I'd...

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PaulMac 7th March 2019
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Hey there, I hope this is the right subforum for this. I have these Foam Pads. The monitors sit on stands. I am reading Mike...

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twiy 7th March 2019
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Walking around Menards the other day looking to find the 12 foot 2x4's in the new layout of the local store I cam across this...

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RedTone 6th March 2019
Avatar for Pchicago

I see a bunch of sound dampening/decoupling products out there that use Neoprene..folks using Neoprene machine dampening 'feet'...

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Adhoc 6th March 2019
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Hi all... Never posted in the acoustics section before so go easy :p. I have a fairly heavily treated home studio. I'm...

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zedsdeadbaby 6th March 2019
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Hey everyone :) Recently I moved, so my recording space has changed. My old room was much smaller - about 10'x20' with an 8'...

Shannon Adkins
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dinococcus 6th March 2019
Avatar for Saladface

Here are pictures of the work I've done so far, with a diagram to scale (or as close as I could make it with my limited Photoshop...

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avare 6th March 2019
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hello to everyone, I created a wall of rock wool 20 cm deep, I filled it with a mix of low density (25 kg) and medium density (50...

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grignacarbo 5th March 2019
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Hello. I m building my studio in the attic. There is a slanted roof on one side. Dimensions are 600 cm (19ft 8) x 372cm (12ft...

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milosjanic 5th March 2019
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Hi, I am building an isolated drum room under my house using a typical room-within-a-room design (as per Rod Gervais's book)....

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beeboss 4th March 2019
Avatar for Anghello

Hi friends, anyone who understand the graphs in REW please help. Just finished my room treatments and now its time to ad gentle...

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Anghello 4th March 2019
Avatar for LudicrouSpeed

Hi there, I'm doing a bit of sound insulation / soundproofing in my bedroom studio in my apartment which is situated on a busy...

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joe sixpak 4th March 2019
Avatar for Gorgutz

Hi all I recently moved house... The house needs a lot of work, including some to the electrics. There is an attached cow shed...

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Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 4th March 2019
Avatar for rystaman

Hi all, I'm based in the UK have a setup in a room located in the garden (which is pretty much a big shed). It currently has no...

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rystaman 4th March 2019
Avatar for JamesBlan

Hello there, I'm in the process of designing/building a studio and I was hoping to get some advice :) I've been taking my...

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JamesBlan 3rd March 2019
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I recently installed some new lighting in my studio. The fixture is sort of a throwback design. A track style tree with 4 metal...

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noisebleed 2nd March 2019
Avatar for estevanovich

Hi guys and thanks for your attention!! I am starting a new episode of my life, and I need your help!!! The thing is, I bought...

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estevanovich 2nd March 2019
Avatar for JayPee

I feel very stupid, but gotta ask before gooof this is my impulse response (see attached, named ETC R). I can see a big peak...

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akebrake 2nd March 2019
Avatar for thesecession

Setting up new monitors and I was curious as to how much vibration is normal to feel on your desk, resting your hands at the...

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thesecession 2nd March 2019
Avatar for blinkSaunders

I have been loving the way my mixes have been sounding since I've started using the Sonarworks speaker calibration. However, I've...

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JblKid95 1st March 2019
Avatar for Adam Levitt

I'm just about done with my room in a room soundproof workshop and need to construct the dead vents. One for supply and one for...

Adam Levitt
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dimora 1st March 2019
Avatar for absentmusic

Hallo, i will build a new studio mixing room in the future and maybe can get some advise for the room construction here. I...

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absentmusic 1st March 2019
Avatar for synthesia1073

Okay... first some personal background. I am audio engineer(2nd best music school in my country), an electrical engineer, an...

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Soundman2020 28th February 2019
Avatar for Raymondbl

My new bedroom is fairly small, ~9x12 feet, but also a bit abnormally shaped. There is a long, narrow door corridor going off...

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Raymondbl 28th February 2019
Avatar for teomi

I posted this on a different thread too but it seems abandoned... Is it an issue if I double wrap - Muslin and then GOM over...

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Avatar for teomi
teomi 28th February 2019
Avatar for swarbs316

Hi, I am new here but I am wondering if there is anyone who can offer me some advice on room dimensions and design for a new...

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akebrake 28th February 2019
Avatar for VoLuminous

Hello fellow gearheads! I just moved into a new apartment down the street in Queens, NY, still only 6 mins walk to Brooklyn...

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VoLuminous 28th February 2019
Avatar for lynngraber

Just finished some gobos for my studio. Thought I would share some pics.

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Avatar for HighAndDry
HighAndDry 27th February 2019
Avatar for aetherial

Hey all, I've just done my first measurement with REW using the MiniDSP Umik-1 mic. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me...

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Avatar for aetherial
aetherial 27th February 2019
Avatar for NiJoL

Hi all I am about to start work on a new studio. It will be 13m x 6m with 70cm thick stone and earth walls. It will also be...

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Avatar for avare
avare 27th February 2019
Avatar for ESCA

Finally getting around to treating my small studio space and came across a lot of conflicting articles and opinions regarding...

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avare 27th February 2019
Avatar for Stéphane

Hello, We are building a DIY Sterling modular plan D One dimension is missing Any nice guy who can mesure the steel feet (L l...

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Avatar for Stéphane
Stéphane 27th February 2019
Avatar for cesarortiz24

so the picture below is a rough idea how my room is set up is more of a square room so i know that is my first main problem but...

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Avatar for sunship
sunship 27th February 2019
Avatar for Mooser

Hello everyone! I’m thinking about getting a new desk for my studio space. To give you an idea what I'm kinda looking for, the...

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Mooser 26th February 2019
Avatar for FoS Productions

Hi, I'm moving to a place that is susceptible to mold, so I want to plastic wrap/vac seal all my fibreglass panels/traps/clouds. ...

FoS Productions
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Avatar for Adhoc
Adhoc 26th February 2019
Avatar for Stevism

Hello, I want to build a eurorack case. However, I am currently in an apartment with no access to wood working tools. Is there...

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Avatar for Stevism
Stevism 26th February 2019
Avatar for camomiletea

I have read and read and read and I think I get it but want to ask the forum and get a solid yes or no before actually starting...

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Avatar for bert stoltenborg
bert stoltenborg 26th February 2019
Avatar for Deleted 9e683d8

Hey everyone, So I've just used EQ wizard for the first time out of sheer curiosity and I wanted your guys' Input. I'm not...

Deleted 9e683d8
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Deleted 9e683d8 26th February 2019


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