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Hey Guys I hope someone here would be able to explain to me the difference between random and non-random diffusion. my live...

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konradfounded 19th March 2019
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I am getting a small amateur music room/studio built in my garden. I am primarily a guitar and bass player. I want to achieve...

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Soundman2020 19th March 2019
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Wondering if anyone has a source for Porous Expanded Polypropylene panels such as the link below. FYI interested in using these...

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skylabfilmpop 19th March 2019
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I haven't had much luck getting to the bottom of this in other threads (which were started for different reasons) or older...

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thechrisl 18th March 2019
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Does anyone have any experience with LED DMX systems in a studio as far as buzz goes? I found some pretty great RGBW lights...

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Starlight 18th March 2019
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Hello everyone! I have just built my new studio and just did a rew-measurement and to be honest - i'm not sure. (see the...

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oscardvine 18th March 2019
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Hej, my room is 12 m2, 2,5meters wide and 5meters long. my studio is standing against the 2,5m wall. I don't have any sub, so...

Mik Gamba
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Jason Foi 18th March 2019
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I've got an offer on this new room. It's a lovely loft with windows. I've spent 2 days playing music and doing some tests. This...

Pelle G
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Pelle G 17th March 2019
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Hi All, Here is a tool I thought many of us, as well as futurer visitors will find very useful. -...

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twiy 17th March 2019
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I think this will contribute the forum because I will post a whole lot of details and explanations and questions as well and all...

Deleted 451f99d
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Deleted 451f99d 17th March 2019
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Hi i have bought 2 yamaha hs7 and when i try to plug them both into my focusrite at the same time its makes a loud buzzing noise...

Tazz gunna
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Bushman 17th March 2019
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I made a pair of gobos on casters; 4' x 6', with four inches of 703 inside and one side faced with a thin plywood...

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rmedek 17th March 2019
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Hi all, Have a small home studio in my back garden, 390(L)X280(W), the ceiling is 230 on the front wall and 240 on the back -...

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Soundman2020 17th March 2019
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Many years ago, I saw in a magazine a company that was selling very high end beautiful mastering and editing production desks and...

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HelenaBzg 16th March 2019
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Howdy Forum! I thought I’d share a recent build with you. I pulled lots of background knowledge and research from this forum,...

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Sterling Hill 16th March 2019
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Hey together, Which effect has speaker "toe-in"? Turning the speakers toward the listener. If you look through...

coffee boy
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coffee boy 16th March 2019
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what is this white stuff inside my amps of my...

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Raaphorst 16th March 2019
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I had built a bunch of traps and panels and had them up. Room was sounding pretty good but then, I decided I wanted new preamps....

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JayPee 16th March 2019
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I remember reading an article that talked about RT60 in very large rooms (auditoriums, large sound stages) compared to small...

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avare 16th March 2019
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I'm toying with the idea of constructing a Bass trap to cover the entire rear wall of my room. The room's primary purpose is for...

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Jason Foi 15th March 2019
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I hadn't seen this before, maybe some you have. Mathematically perfect rings could soundproof the world Could make for some...

John Moran
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John Moran 15th March 2019
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I am in the process of treating my room. I need some inspiration and new idea's .. Thanks...

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bainmack 15th March 2019
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After five years, our established studio will be moving due to building sale to new landlord... so now we get to build out a...

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tronnyjenkins 14th March 2019
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Hey all, I'm trying to run a test on my room using my MacBook Pro, the Behringer ECM8000 mic, and my RME Babyface. Every time...

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akebrake 14th March 2019
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I bought a bunch of moving blankets (20x 5.5 lb/ea) moving blankets to use for reducing reflections in a home studio. Does anyone...

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Soundman2020 14th March 2019
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94% within a specific range of frequencies, I assume... but they don't elaborate. Slashdot

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monomer 14th March 2019
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Hi everyone Do you have any experience with closet recording with some acoustic panels/foam vs. sound screen recording? I would...

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sage691 14th March 2019
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Ok gents, I have looked all over the internet and also rods book, but cant find a deffinate answer on how to handle...

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noobnoise 14th March 2019
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I'm looking for an online RT60 calculator. Something that will allow me to input my room dimensions and materials, and then also...

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logjamparty 13th March 2019
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Hello all :) Just wanted to ask for some advice with regards to positioning my desk/monitor space. As you can see from the...

peaceful warrior
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peaceful warrior 13th March 2019
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Hey, I have a basement studio that I record my drums in. It's not ideal... it's carpeted with low ceilings. I make it work...

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Temple of Light 13th March 2019
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Hello, I have two issues I was hoping your experience could help me figure out. I have a 4.2m x 3.7m room that has...

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JayPee 13th March 2019
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What power supply with at least 6 sockets would you recommend for powering the items in my rack. I want to eliminate as best as...

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Barra79 13th March 2019
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Hey slutz, i'm getting ready to move (again) and i have a lot of foam acoustic treatment/bass traps. i'm assuming that since it...

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dethbyoogabooga 13th March 2019
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I have a home studio and am looking to seal the air gap under my door. I'm looking on Amazon and there are a ton of...

Lazer Toms
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Lazer Toms 12th March 2019
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Hi , i m tweaking my new room acoustic , it s pretty great from up down to 100 hz. Under 100 hz , the decay isn t as good with...

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Jeezo 12th March 2019
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Im planning on getting a new subwoofer. Right now i got a Dynaudio BM9. Its a great little subwoofer, but it seems thats might...

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deedeeyeah 12th March 2019
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Possibly a silly question, but was hoping for some input from those more educated than myself. It seems really basic, so I'm...

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Soundman2020 12th March 2019
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what are the minimum inside dimensions of a vocal booth to still get a good sound in that room while singing and to still be able...

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Temple of Light 12th March 2019
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Got a whisper room for a great price from a dude who was moving and included it in his auction. It's 7 x 8.5 ft, so on the larger...

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KingOmni 11th March 2019
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Purchased a 10x12 Tough Shed and built-out the interior. There's a lot of freeway noise in our area and the build was...

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EvilRoy 11th March 2019
Avatar for PatchworkStudios

Hello Slutz! I'm almost certain this has already been answered (more than once at least!) but unfortunately we're in a real...

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PatchworkStudios 11th March 2019
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Hi all. The drummer in my band was talking to me about my studio build and was wanting to do something similar. He had some...

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Jon Best 11th March 2019
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I'm planning on building several different bass trap prototypes and would like to test them in my room to see how well they work....

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JayPee 11th March 2019
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My buddy who runs a small production company asked me to help him get his photography/video studio sounding better. The...

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avare 11th March 2019
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The entire space is 33' x 35' x 16' which I intend to divide into 5 rooms. Most importantly, the live room will be 20' x 25.6' x...

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steveschizoid 11th March 2019
Avatar for ChiLLoUt

Hello. I need calibration profile to speaker Focal Alpha 50. Somebody have this file with calibration to this speakers (done in...

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citrusonic 10th March 2019
Avatar for Pchicago

Wondering if anything's gained by using Resilient channel over existing drywall if it is not a three leaf situation? i've been...

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Avatar for Pchicago
Pchicago 10th March 2019
Avatar for HelenaBzg

Genelec made the Genelec S30D’s (and C’s) I’m horizontal and vertical cabinets. Do they sound the same from one...

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HelenaBzg 9th March 2019
Avatar for JacobWhite

Hello all, I've been getting ready for this garage studio build for almost 2 years and hope to start construction late...

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JacobWhite 9th March 2019


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