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Hi, I have been thinking... Is it a good idea to float the speakers? I know people say you should use rigid stands, but how...

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avare 2nd April 2008
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I had a gig out of the country for a month. When I got back, I found that my studio (a converted garage) had suffered some minor...

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Peter MacColeman 2nd April 2008
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Hi Guys - I have been convinced to use all my floor space of my Squash Centre and make this a 'real' studio. I have...

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RyanC 1st April 2008
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I am buliding in my basement. I will build room w/in room. If the room is surrounded by two wall 12" block walls, which are...

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larrykane 1st April 2008
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I'm going to liven up my place by putting wallpaper on the wall behind our...

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esaias 31st March 2008
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I'm finishing my basement and have it all framed out. I'm to the point of consider what to put on the walls. 3 of the walls are...

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bpape 31st March 2008
Avatar for jackrabbit

This is room is to be used for recording and mixing. Hardwood floors, and 7' 3" ceilings. Drum set, percussion, guitar amps,...

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Glenn Kuras 31st March 2008
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Hi guys, I've just moved into a new house with a nice big 25' x 12' room for my studio. I'm set up facing one of the 12' walls...

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Glenn Kuras 31st March 2008
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Hello there. I feel kind of stupid but you've got to start somewhere so I fire straight away. I plan to build a house within the...

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DSD_Mastering 31st March 2008
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I am thinking of getting a summer house as the baby will be taking my studio. My girlfriends dad seems to think if I shoved...

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bigos 30th March 2008
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Hi everyone, Im in the process of designing my new studio. I have uploaded a sketch I made today and would like to get some...

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Ethan Winer 30th March 2008
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My current studio is set up in my bedroom. I know, not ideal. My monitors are Mackies 824. I know not ideal either. I had a...

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jeffatbkk 30th March 2008
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Hi, I'm not sure how much room I'll need for a control room and studio. Would 10x12 ft be enough for a control room and vocal...

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r2danov 29th March 2008
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Hello guys, i hope you could give me some tips on my room. Basically i ask myself if i should treat my room a little bit or...

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Ethan Winer 29th March 2008
Avatar for TML

So would I be making a grave mistake using the new pergo flooring on the market? Anyone had luck? Are their static problems? Does...

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sethmeister 29th March 2008
Avatar for DanGo

Hey Gang, Got a question here about lighting for a small studio space. My garage studio is going to be about 10' x 16' and it...

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DanGo 28th March 2008
Avatar for DevonB

Ok, so I'm about to rip my studio apart to recable everything and move things around in the rack. I have learned from past...

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DevonB 28th March 2008
Avatar for Cold Jazz

Hi everyone, I have a problem, which might have been covered in different threads, but I’ve done a fair amount of...

Cold Jazz
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gullfo 28th March 2008
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I found this article the other day & thought it was pretty interesting. I figured this was the most appropriate forum in...

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Sandersonic 28th March 2008
Avatar for mountainstorm

Im looking for some advice, and this appears to be a good place to come for it :) I've got a small room which I have managed...

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Avatar for gullfo
gullfo 28th March 2008
Avatar for Rossome

I'm in Canada and trying to figure out where I should order my xlr face plates and wiring from. This would be for a home studio.

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Rossome 28th March 2008
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Hey there Few weeks ago I bought myself some basotects (100x10x50 cm and basstraps 100x50x50) and mounted them with wood frames....

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Glenn Kuras 27th March 2008
Avatar for thedankben

im in san diego and wanted to know if anyone knew of a company that could come build a studio at my home any info would be...

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Avatar for gullfo
gullfo 27th March 2008
Avatar for Caldo71

Hey All, I recently purchased my first home in the north SF Bay Area (Santa Rosa) and it has a pretty enormous Garage that I...

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gullfo 27th March 2008
Avatar for DanGo

Ok, before the flaming starts, please let me try to explain... I'm halfway through building my garage studio conversion and it...

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DanGo 25th March 2008
Avatar for Z-Lister Adam

Hi Guys, I'm UK Based, & have just discovered due to the building being sold, I'll need to move next year from my current...

Z-Lister Adam
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stuntbutt 25th March 2008
Avatar for Doser

Does anyone know where I can get atleast 5 of them?

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Doser 24th March 2008
Avatar for heisleyamor

I mix in a finished attic. I need to take some more pics to give you a better idea. There are things all over the room now so...

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Ethan Winer 24th March 2008
Avatar for hisbluness

Hey folks, Next to my room is a room that used to be guestroom. However, I rarely have guests so this is kind of unused and I...

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hisbluness 24th March 2008
Avatar for lembeaux

I recently moved into my own recording space, and the other day I had the first session with a band. Even though the studio is...

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balanceman 24th March 2008
Avatar for Aleksaudio

Hello guys. I built 10 bass traps and 7 absorption panels for my small home studio using ultratouch...

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Aleksaudio 23rd March 2008
Avatar for Mystic

I'm cross posting this because after reading around, I think it might fit better here for the moment than in the photo...

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Old Goat 23rd March 2008
Avatar for rockypoppy2

hello all - my first post on this forum ive been looking around a bit into room acoustics and soundproofing as im an...

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rockypoppy2 23rd March 2008
Avatar for Vatraxos

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone who has built a studio from the ground up lately has calculated a cost per square...

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Eganmedia 23rd March 2008
Avatar for rattledaddy

Does anyone have experience with Supress® Sound-Engineered Drywall™ . I am building a project studio and wonder if this...

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nosebleedaudio 23rd March 2008
Avatar for justinmichael

Fellow Gearslutz, I need your help! I just purchased a live/work loft and I plan on having my studio inside the unit. I ran...

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avare 23rd March 2008
Avatar for andreadrum

Hi!!!!! I'm new at this forum... I would like to know how can I link an home theater (if is possible) with the optical S/pdif , ...

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gullfo 22nd March 2008
Avatar for acdctom92

In the new studio room I'm building, I tilted two perpendicular walls back a bit, so to break from being parallel to the others,...

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Avatar for acdctom92
acdctom92 22nd March 2008
Avatar for soundrick

I'm remodeling a walk-in closet into a vocal booth and I'm thinking about using R-30 in the studded walls of the vocal booth....

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Avatar for soundrick
soundrick 21st March 2008
Avatar for disuye

Bit of an odd one ... just moved into the top floor of an industrial / warehouse building and during the daytime some machinery /...

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disuye 19th March 2008
Avatar for Tony76

Good day! I'm building rehearsal base, and i need your opinion and advice about equipment placement and totally about the...

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Avatar for johndykstra
johndykstra 18th March 2008
Avatar for burke111

This is from . They are consultants in Vancouver. Home and Project Studio...

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burke111 18th March 2008
Avatar for fooman

Hiya! I have a steel pole behind me on my left where I mix in a 21x30 room. It's a basement room, and the pole has to stay (I...

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Avatar for Disjointed
Disjointed 17th March 2008
Avatar for DJ Redrum

I've had my monitors for just over 6 months now which are my first pair being the (M-Audio BX8a), when i recieved them they came...

DJ Redrum
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Avatar for DJ Redrum
DJ Redrum 16th March 2008
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Avatar for bassistmarty
bassistmarty 15th March 2008
Avatar for Implicit

Are there any good solutions (commercial or DIY) for abating the noise from an existing HVAC vent?

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Avatar for andrebrito
andrebrito 15th March 2008
Avatar for jeronimo

I´m about to sell the house where my studio is located. I´m thinking about going remote to track everything (or just rent...

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Avatar for jeronimo
jeronimo 14th March 2008
Avatar for acdctom92

I'm making a totally new room from scratch. The space I have is 10X11X8, 3 walls are already forming it, leaving me with one more...

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Avatar for acdctom92
acdctom92 14th March 2008
Avatar for Enzo Polotso

I have a few bass traps and a small squarish room (roughly 10'x12') and am looking for some advice on how to place the traps and...

Enzo Polotso
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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 14th March 2008
Avatar for fresh_oil

I'm building a basement project studio. I've researched and diligently and have come up with two...

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fresh_oil 13th March 2008


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