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I just got Rod Gervais's book, though it seems very technical and well documented in terms of acoustics and building techniques,...

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jayfrigo 17th May 2008
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Ok Im Completely New To This So I Need All The Help I Can Get! Im Renting So I Cant Do Anything That Cannot Be Removed Later As...

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TaeG 17th May 2008
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My setup is: Rode K2 > RNP (preamp) > RNC (compressor) > Tascam US-144 (interface) > Laptop I have ?2...

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LGKMusic 17th May 2008
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Finished my attic studio this year and i'm having one issue. I killed all the first reflections and did extensive bass...

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bwack 17th May 2008
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I apologize, this is probably a very dumb question, but I've learned in the past that when it comes to pro acoustics, NEVER...

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666666 16th May 2008
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In my room I have two large bottom to almost ceiling windows, one which also acts as a door to a balcony. I was wondering about...

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datune 16th May 2008
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Hi all, I already posted about this on another forum. Ethan replied but that was before I posted a pic and some more info so I...

Hippocratic Mastering
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Hippocratic Mastering 15th May 2008
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Hello people, My name is Giorgio and I am from Athens, Greece. I am currently constructing a home studio for my production...

giorgio loco
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Weasel9992 15th May 2008
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I´m about to start looking for a new appartment for my family, and I´m considering investing in an extra room where I can set...

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JWL 15th May 2008
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I have some incandescent lightbulbs in my "home theater" that make a very annoying very high-pitched noise. I've...

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Ethan Winer 14th May 2008
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Ok so I have this room I'm re aranging ( I posted the question somewhere else on the forum about placing my mixer/speakers) My...

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mdjice 14th May 2008
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We're starting a small Church that will be doing around a 6 piece rock band and we have a bit of a limited area :). The room will...

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Almy 14th May 2008
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Hey All- I've been shopping for a building and I looked at a bunch now. . . I'm wondering if anyone here has a studio that...

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Zabak 13th May 2008
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Hiya! I have a bunch of treatment in my studio space, and I think it sounds fairly good. My band also rehearses in my...

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Ethan Winer 13th May 2008
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All, My "studio to be" has concrete walls on 3 sides (basement) and a concrete floor. The floor above will be self...

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avare 13th May 2008
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Lets say your studio isnt built or designed yet and you are buying a console with a patchbay. Would you put the patchbay on the...

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maestro 13th May 2008
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I have a 2 room studio, and in the mix room I have a small refrigerator for drinks and snacks for clients. The problem is the...

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666666 13th May 2008
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is it possible to soundproof a small room without losing a lot of space? i have a spare room and i m thinking to use it to...

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tonyton 12th May 2008
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Dear friends, Please help me to understand which is the best approach to my situation: 1st Option: No angle construction for...

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nharmonic 12th May 2008
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Im going to set a mixing room up in this room... Has ceiling tiles and hollow drywall. How should I treat the ceiling and what...

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Barznbeats1 11th May 2008
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I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment - nice place, great neighborhood, reasonable price - on the second floor of a...

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DanDan 11th May 2008
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Can I make two rooms within that space without compromising the acoustics too much? 20' long, 15' large and 10' high. I'll be...

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djanogil 10th May 2008
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Hello Folks I need some advices here. The situation is the following I rented an existint control room + vocal booth to...

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Ethan Winer 10th May 2008
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If i wanted to do some weird shape bass traps I would need to use metal frames of some type, something I could bend. Would it...

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Ethan Winer 10th May 2008
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Hi all, I just moved to a new apartment and have terrible acoustic problems so, it's been almost two weeks of reading great...

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DanDan 10th May 2008
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I'm building a room within room structure on a slab (basement), the current plan is to have the inner walls be two layers of...

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Chris Kress 9th May 2008
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LOG CABIN/OFFICE WITH T+G ROOF, FLOOR AND FELT SHINGLES on eBay, also Log Cabins, Garden Structures Fencing, Garden Plants, Home...

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soundseeker 9th May 2008
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At this moment we're working at the heating systems which will be finished in a few hrs. The question that we still cnnot answer...

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Disjointed 9th May 2008
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Parellel walls, is this a good thing to have or bad?

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Glenn Kuras 9th May 2008
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I'll be moving my studio into a converted garage that has an additional space attached to it which will be the control room. In...

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Eganmedia 9th May 2008
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I have attached two images that show the basic layout of the room I can use for mixing. In the area designated for my mixing...

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intellijel 9th May 2008
Avatar for tonyton

hello, my ceiling in my live room is painted concrete, and i want to acousticaly treat it as i dont like the sound of the room as...

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Ethan Winer 8th May 2008
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Starting from scratch with 3 bare Squash courts as follows: * Plans are drawn facing North. * 3 squash courts - Double...

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jinksdingo 8th May 2008
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I'll be tracking drums for a jazz/latin influenced hiphop group next weekend and finally will have a space bigger than my 12x16x8...

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Glenn Kuras 8th May 2008
Avatar for Addact4G

My drum room/live room is 14x22. The ceilings are about 9 feet high. Would room treatment such as 705 or 703 hanging directly...

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Addact4G 8th May 2008
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iight..soo im in the process of building a booth...recently ive been seeing many different plans and most of them include som...

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mdjice 8th May 2008
Avatar for chamfer

Hello all. I'm looking for any suggestions for my small project studio and problems with my ideas. I would like to turn a...

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chamfer 7th May 2008
Avatar for acdctom92

My Overheads are picking up way too much reflection of the drum kit off of my 8ft ceiling. What would be a quick way to solve...

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bpape 7th May 2008
Avatar for synthdogg

Hey all, So, I've been finishing my basement and I'm getting ready to move into a studio down there. The room isn't great...

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bpape 7th May 2008
Avatar for doolang

Hey guys! I was wondering if you guys could throw your 2 cents in. This is going to be my control room for my new studio. As...

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Glenn Kuras 7th May 2008
Avatar for woliver

Hi- I am building a new studio and have decided on the basic construction layout, but I have a question about soundproofing. I...

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DSD_Mastering 6th May 2008
Avatar for tonyton

just wondering... how much reverb should a small live room have? i know the room i ve got will never be perfect because its not...

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Ethan Winer 5th May 2008
Avatar for Nostalgic

I had some comments about improving my room another thread...I have posted pictures but I wanted to take it here... Anybody have...

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acdctom92 4th May 2008
Avatar for DreamSound

I'm saving to buy my own studio space but its going to take a couple more years so I need to rent an office or industrial space....

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DreamSound 4th May 2008
Avatar for Blake Eiseman

Hi all... I've been a long-time lurker, but this is my first post. I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. It's not...

Blake Eiseman
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Spookym15 4th May 2008
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Hi all, Going to build my studio finally. I’ve been reading and collecting valuable information on this forum and now it’s...

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vonphilip 4th May 2008
Avatar for billye

For a mixing and production studio (vox recording also) Is it better to have a walled off smaller studio space with a vocal booth...

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Avatar for Ethan Winer
Ethan Winer 3rd May 2008
Avatar for LockStock

I am looking to turn a 13X15' slightly irregularly shaped basement room into a room for tracking electric and jamming. No mixing....

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Avatar for timmcallister
timmcallister 2nd May 2008
Avatar for Arnold Rimmer

I have recently moved into a new house and have setup my music studio in my attic/top floor which is above our bedroom. However I...

Arnold Rimmer
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Avatar for Chris Williams
Chris Williams 2nd May 2008
Avatar for DarkPlasma

I have an issue with my studio. Im producing Progressive House, and Trance. Basically I have my Virus TI 'almost next' to my 2...

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JWL 2nd May 2008


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