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Hi I'm based in Epsom, my current studio is in my garage, but we've got too much business so I'm looking to move out. I've...

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ing23 7th July 2008
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All, I am very close to closing a deal on my new place (aiming for 8th August) and have been trying to get together a basic...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 7th July 2008
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Hi- I am building a window in between a SOUNDPROOFED live room and a control room. Needless to say, isolation is important. ...

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avare 6th July 2008
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Hi! We're building/renovating a room next to our rehearsal space to be used as a control room. Basically, it's a concrete box,...

Jussi Kulomaa
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Jussi Kulomaa 4th July 2008
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I know I have been asking for this 10 times before boing but here is a more detailed picture of where to put my basstraps, does...

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Ethan Winer 3rd July 2008
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So, I am in the process of building out my studio and I need some help. The room is 9' wide x 28' long. One wall is brick and...

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jnobucks 3rd July 2008
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After almost 6 successful years, I'm moving my studio into the woods in Pennsylvania. My wife and I purchased some property and I...

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themaidsroom 3rd July 2008
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I'm looking for a new apartment to live and I found this nice one that has a small loft that seems perfect to setup my little...

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bluemoon 3rd July 2008
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Ant tips or methods for this kinda stuff would be much appreciated. So far my plan is to make the holes for the wiring as small...

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tsvisser 3rd July 2008
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How's it going everybody? We're building an isolation booth (we had originally budgeting some to let a professional do it - but...

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JWL 3rd July 2008
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Do you guys buy into the idea of "house curves" - that a flat frequency response is not pleasing to the ear and that a...

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JWL 3rd July 2008
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Hi- I have been researching for months on how to build a soundproof rehearsal room, and I think I finally have a plan. Will this...

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woliver 3rd July 2008
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Hey, this is my first post on this forum and from all the advice I've read from other threads, it seems like a great place to...

yeluhz strongs
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Weasel9992 2nd July 2008
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Here are some pictures of my studio...The goal for this room is for it to be the best vocal booth it can be. I don't do final...

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Johnkenn 2nd July 2008
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So the deal fell through with the house I bought a few weeks ago (long story, ugh) but I found another place this week that I put...

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JWL 1st July 2008
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Hello, all— The independent school where I work (my day job) is remodeling an existing one-floor building into a...

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Ethan Winer 29th June 2008
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I really want to get someone in to check out my room and tell me what I need to do to it. I guess I'm talking about an...

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Johnkenn 28th June 2008
Avatar for Lunatique

What's the proper way to deal with these protruding soffits/supports? They kind of form these mini corners everywhere, don't...

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Lunatique 27th June 2008
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Hi guys, My current listening room is a 12 x 11 room with 7 foot ceilings and no back wall. So basically I have three walls....

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Glenn Kuras 27th June 2008
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Hello all, This is my first post here, but I've been poking around reading alot of stuff. I've decided to get some O/C 703 from a...

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JJones74 26th June 2008
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How do you think about filling _every_ wall and ceiling of a room with traps made of irregular pieces of wood? And.. do the...

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1954U1 26th June 2008
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I have Mackie VLZ Pro preamps which i'd like to use with my Behringer ECM8000 mic to acoustically tune my room using the ETF...

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avare 26th June 2008
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Hi, I'm looking to find someone who can come to my home and measure/test my room acoustics to see if a) my roon treatments are...

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MontyW 25th June 2008
Avatar for sheltersoton

my building is cleared out, the builders have been down to cost up now im making final decisions about lay out ive just done a...

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Ethan Winer 25th June 2008
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Hello there, before asking you guys here and taking your time i tried my best to study as far as i could understand but it is...

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Weasel9992 25th June 2008
Avatar for CJ1973

Could you please give me the layers (top to bottom) of what is recommended, (if possible for the US , California standards) for a...

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Eganmedia 25th June 2008
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Ok so with bass traps in the corners of the room....should they not touch the the corner (leave an air gap), or can you just run...

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Bitfiend 24th June 2008
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im thinking of building my own desk just wanna know if any of u got some nice plans and ofcoarse pics would be nice also? some...

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jdg 24th June 2008
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Hi I hope someone can advise me. I know that apparently its important to have the control room symmetric. Basically the set...

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CJ1973 24th June 2008
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hi, as all of you, i want to treat my bedroom studio to get a little better acoustics, i'll install basstraps and absorbers and...

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Weasel9992 24th June 2008
Avatar for melonmachine

hi, I'm sure there's been a good thread on this if someone could direct me? I need to make a booth for recording vocals and...

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Weasel9992 23rd June 2008
Avatar for kalle1978

I'm thinking of building a floating room. I've heard of people who did it themself (using tires under the floor....). Is it...

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Full Clip Audio 22nd June 2008
Avatar for 2fly

I have just taken on some premises in which I want to build a second studio. It's essentially an oblong shape 10.8 x 7.5 x 3.2m...

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Anderson 22nd June 2008
Avatar for gst

Hello, Great site here. I was reading this forum around for a while and i decided to become a member. As far as i understant...

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gst 21st June 2008
Avatar for Old Goat

My rear-wall bass trap is going through the wall--8" trap, 4" wall. Would it be better to back it with wood or weed...

Old Goat
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Old Goat 20th June 2008
Avatar for The Dark Lord

I'm looking to build or purchase a drum iso booth for under 3 grand. I need reduce the sound from outside the booth as well as...

The Dark Lord
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Weasel9992 20th June 2008
Avatar for Fab4ever

Greetings all! I am a perpetual engineering/musical newbie buying a house that has some unfinished basement space that I intend...

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Fab4ever 19th June 2008
Avatar for goatsound

Hey Everyone, i got some room problems and would really love some help, i keep going back and forwards in my mind and have lost...

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Weasel9992 19th June 2008
Avatar for antony

Hi this is the third studio I've built, but this one has a funny shape. The room is long and thin. So I was wondering the best...

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Weasel9992 19th June 2008
Avatar for My Disgrace

Hey guys, I am new here so please excuse me for my ignorance..I have been reading these forumes for a while and I need help with...

My Disgrace
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My Disgrace 18th June 2008
Avatar for Mixbuster

Hello. When setting up monitors, due to my plans building them inside a basstrap. Is it so important that the distance between...

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Weasel9992 18th June 2008
Avatar for D.DiAnda

I'm in the process of building some bass traps (rock wool, super chunk) and absorber panels (Ultratouch) for my little studio...

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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 18th June 2008
Avatar for Shane Michael Rose

so what if..... i wanted to do something to the cheap for my live room floor. say, build an 8" subfloor, but i cant...

Shane Michael Rose
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avare 17th June 2008
Avatar for James Kalamasz

After 10 years working out of a rental space in Deerfield Beach Florida, we bought a building in Pompano Beach & started...

James Kalamasz
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James Kalamasz 17th June 2008
Avatar for Mixbuster

Hello again! cooge I'm making a control room out of this (See picture below). And I'm stuck, wondering if anyone of you may have...

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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 17th June 2008
Avatar for IxtabStudios

Hello all – I'm in the process of building quite a large studio and would like to soffit mount my mains. My question is...

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Avatar for IxtabStudios
IxtabStudios 17th June 2008
Avatar for Dave Tidmarsh

Hi there, I’m looking to treat my room, unfortunately it is my bedroom as I’ve moved back from university with the...

Dave Tidmarsh
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Avatar for Dave Tidmarsh
Dave Tidmarsh 17th June 2008
Avatar for antony

I found a building which is perfect to build my studio but there is a small electricity board power supply about 20 meters away....

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antony 17th June 2008
Avatar for Guy Gabriel

Hey guys, I just built my own vocal booth and I recorded a little something for you to give me your critiques about the sound. ...

Guy Gabriel
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antony 17th June 2008
Avatar for Old Goat

I've got a rough plan for my new room. This is in the basement. The walls top and left of the drawing are studded out from the...

Old Goat
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Old Goat 17th June 2008


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