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The studio is not going to be used for recording instruments, only for computer-based music (FM, sampling etc). I need to know...

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Glenn Kuras 8th July 2011
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I am about to begin adding various forms of acoustic treatment to what will be my 'live' room. It is approx 4.8m x 7m. It will...

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Glenn Kuras 8th July 2011
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Hi guys, I'm in the pre-starting phase of my studio and it will be a professional level studio, I will get high end gear (neve,...

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ericsmusic 8th July 2011
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So I tried out Fuzzmeasure tonight....thanks there anything anyone can tell me if I post some results and how does...

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takman 8th July 2011
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Please check my math on this. I know it is simple arithmatic, but since math has never been my strong suit, I just want to make...

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jhbrandt 8th July 2011
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Anyone ever have trouble with Fuzzmeasure. What I mean is that I am having trouble downloading the app and the customer support...

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liscio 7th July 2011
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Not trying to be funny here... Under the assumption that everything in a room affects the acoustics, what about the person's...

Jeff Hayat
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oldeanalogueguy 7th July 2011
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I've searched this site inside out but haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I'm looking to build a small SEMI-CIRCULAR booth...

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chainsawdjent 7th July 2011
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I'm a bit confused about crossover time alignment between the satellites and the sub in a bass managed monitor system. When...

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boggy 6th July 2011
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Hey guys I'm about to make a decision on my new acoustic panels and have a few questions. I hear the Ottawa Fibre OFI 48 is...

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Phrygian 6th July 2011
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Hello experts, I've been doing a lot of reading here on the forum and in various books, some recommended by you all. I'm still...

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Tom Higgins 6th July 2011
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If I'm making triangular superchunk bass traps should I take the paper backing off or does it hurt to leave it on? ...

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Quint 6th July 2011
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Hello, I made an account because I am not entirely sure I Have accomplished a sufficient recording space for vocals/acoustic...

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qawaearata 6th July 2011
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I was looking at my setup tonight, then I got an idea for an acoustic panel. First, the...

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hsal 6th July 2011
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Hey so I've decided with my room being 9'x12'x8 that I want to put 8" 703 traps in the corners because I've heard time and...

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Glenn Kuras 6th July 2011
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I want to buy monitors once more and be done with it. My room is 13x11. I don't usually monitor that loud but still my gut...

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audiothings 6th July 2011
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Just a really quick question. I've two large rectangular bass traps to mount on a rear wall. There is a cupboard on the right...

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jhbrandt 6th July 2011
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Hello Everyone, First, I hope I have posted this in the correct section - if not, I am terribly sorry! I have long been...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 5th July 2011
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Hey guys whats going on. I was just curious if anyone had any advice on treating my new room. I was planning on building a...

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BlendedFusion 5th July 2011
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Hey guys! I´m decided to add some sort of bass trapping to my little room (4x3x2.4mts). I read a lot of threads here and at...

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JulianFernandez 5th July 2011
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Hi all, I have posted a few times for advice in building a studio, I am in the early stages, but hurrah, we have secured a...

Xen Ochren
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Xen Ochren 5th July 2011
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I constantly read warnings about inaccurate calculators for membrane and Helmholtz bass traps and ones that rely on an incorrect...

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Jens Eklund 4th July 2011
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I'm doing a couple of measurments to read the ETC. Which frequency interval should i use to view the ETC chart? Because i cannot...

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Raptor25 4th July 2011
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hello people at gearslutz, after visiting this board as a guest for years now i decided to take the opportunity and post my...

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rez 4th July 2011
Avatar for Julian Croft

Morning all I have been wondering how speaker resistance affects propagation. How does having a higher resistance in the...

Julian Croft
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Julian Croft 4th July 2011
Avatar for Durk

Hey Guys, I have a weird shaped room. (See picture). The speakers are put in a U shaped corner of the room. Now the sweet spot...

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boggy 4th July 2011
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Hi, i'm putting up a modest home studio for both recording and monitoring (computer) in the same room, the room is a 3.5x3 meters...

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takman 4th July 2011
Avatar for raticusfortuna

greets, this acoustics stuff is eating away my life like some run away toe fungus. i've got REW all calibrated and i'm...

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DanDan 3rd July 2011
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What are some of the common materials used to fill these products? Methods & advise?

Rev. Robb
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NLP 3rd July 2011
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I'm looking into using these bamboo panels in a room that is completely carpeted on the walls. It is also doubling as a rehearsal...

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beau_mckee 3rd July 2011
Avatar for Starlight

If I explain my thought process hopefully someone will spot the flaw(s) in my thinking. 1. Using Ethan Winer's Rigid...

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DanDan 3rd July 2011
Avatar for hedgerocks

a few months ago i was on a website where they showed the best new studios of that year. I thought it was mix mag or sound on...

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Matti 3rd July 2011
Avatar for lucasmusic

I've purchased Auralex foam from a Auralex dealers suggestion and Im still getting a boxy sound especially seems the lower the...

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Tom Higgins 3rd July 2011
Avatar for BuildaFriend

My control room has lots of angles and is not square at all. I need to find the Ideal spot in my room. When I bring my mixes...

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gullfo 2nd July 2011
Avatar for ritelec

Hi, playing a back yard party. Town says 65 db at neighbors property, till 10pm.......10pm to 7am 50db. We've been comfortably...

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ritelec 2nd July 2011
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so i was originally gonna build 2 gobos to go around my drums, but now thinking that i might want to do tube traps. I figure i...

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boggy 2nd July 2011
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Pensado's Place #21 - Bob Hodas Interview - The secrets behind tuning your room! Enjoy! AUTe7F0Qlp0

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boggy 2nd July 2011
Avatar for Balz

Bug With "Singing Penis" Is World's Loudest - Slashdot mezed

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jonnycat 2nd July 2011
Avatar for jkung

I just moved into my new studio. I also treated it with many bass traps- 21 to be exact. I have super chunks in the front two...

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jkung 2nd July 2011
Avatar for tj7

i've gone for the stepdown transformer option for a pair of dynaudio BM12A monitors i bought from the US for use in Australia...

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tj7 2nd July 2011
Avatar for brandoncross

Hi all, I just installed omni mounts and surround speakers in my studio. They have to be attached to a ceiling joist. So, the...

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brandoncross 2nd July 2011
Avatar for ggegan

If one wants to use soffit mounted speakers in order to avoid SBIR issues, what type of construction is required? I have seen...

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ggegan 2nd July 2011
Avatar for andymac24

Hey guys! This is only my second post, this place is fantastic. So anyway I just moved back home after uni and my bedroom is...

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andymac24 2nd July 2011
Avatar for noah440

Hi all, The room that I have my control room in has a cheap door with glass that goes outside, which I don't need. I want to...

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Avatar for John White
John White 1st July 2011
Avatar for JSt0rm

So these are the dimensions of my new space. 1 wall has double sided studio glass in it but it is not angled at all. I am not...

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Avatar for JSt0rm
JSt0rm 1st July 2011
Avatar for Zac Zikis

Hello there, I have come to the point of putting a cloud in my studio. It is currently a live room and control room in same...

Zac Zikis
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DanDan 1st July 2011
Avatar for raticusfortuna

greets, i have 8' ceilings and was thinking of making superchunks 4 feet in height and stacking them. easier to move around...

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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 1st July 2011
Avatar for Edward Shnapper

Anyone know of a good; preferably easy, website which allows you to construct a graphical view of a room? I don't really know...

Edward Shnapper
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Avatar for Edward Shnapper
Edward Shnapper 1st July 2011
Avatar for RobYung

I was invited to Bruce Swediens studio yesterday and it was incredible. His studio is filled with tube traps. He places them...

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Avatar for Torea
Torea 30th June 2011
Avatar for Gardenshed

Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice, apologies if I'm sounding a bit naive. I'm a keen amateur who has only ever...

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Gardenshed 30th June 2011


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