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After researching the forum I saw how important it was for acoustics to have as small a desk as possible, so at first I bought a...

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Obe1 29th July 2016
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Hello everybody, new user here! kfhkh I stepped in since I found that other posts dealing with a DIY build of a Sterling Modular...

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lynngraber 28th July 2016
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Hi guys, Long term lurker first time posting. Converting a garage into studio, produce house/techno. I'm wanting to set my...

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bountytracker 28th July 2016
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Is glass like drywall in that you can just add layer after layer to increase mass? The reason I ask is that it is way cheaper...

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DanDan 28th July 2016
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I have some pretty severe SBIR destructive interference off of my front wall. The calculate and measured correspond pretty...

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Glenn Kuras 28th July 2016
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Hi guys, My wife and I are about to build our first home and I am hoping to build my studio in our new place. I would love to...

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Phillip1 28th July 2016
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Hi Everyone, lurking for years but first time post! Unfortunately we are at the stage in life where we require more living...

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Kapo_Polenton 27th July 2016
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Hi all- I am getting an ikea Nornas sideboard for my studio, to put synths on and whatnot. It occurred to me that I could get...

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808KickDrum 27th July 2016
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Hi guys, I am renting a studio space in a warehouse, but the space needs soundproofing, as theres noise coming inside my unit...

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Tonato17 27th July 2016
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Hey. I've been planning making a drum booth to isolate the loudness of the drums. Now, my q. is? Is a booth which is 2,5 x 2m to...

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RominRonin 27th July 2016
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Hey everyone, I have a new house that I'm trying to build out a small personal studio in one of the bedrooms. It's 11x11x10...

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JBQIII 27th July 2016
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Hi! I've been looking into getting a desk for my studio, and so far I've landed on the Zaor Miza...

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LaRssA 27th July 2016
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I've got a 7.5' x 8.5' iso-booth that has tile floor. I can't replace it with anything right now unfortunately. What would you...

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carryonsteve 26th July 2016
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... Any thoughts? I am asthmatic and have noticed a worsening of my breathing over the past six years. About the length of time...

andrew montreal
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DanDan 26th July 2016
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Hey all, So we're rebuilding our house, and the basement will be my home studio space. The basement has its own mechanical...

Rader Ranch
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Starlight 26th July 2016
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Hello there everyone, I am currently trying to treat my room so I can make better music, I have attached all the pics from the...

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FabioFerreira 25th July 2016
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What is the difference? Thanks!

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DanDan 25th July 2016
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Hi guys. Building small 50m2 studio, 2 rooms. How to organize connection between control room and the booth? What is the best way...

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Deleted 3cb98a6 25th July 2016
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Hallo Fam, I just sketched out my producing home studio on sketchup. Now i m wondering if there is a specific program that...

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roy2016 25th July 2016
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Hey guys! I'm reaching out to the experts here on setting up my new workspace. The room is a great size and I've attached a...

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Glenn Kuras 24th July 2016
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I have just installed around 20inches of yellow fluffy insulation across the entire ceiling of my new recording / mixing room. It...

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DanDan 24th July 2016
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So I have this small cuboid room available to put my gear I used roomstyler to recreate it online and this is how it looks like,...

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Glenn Kuras 24th July 2016
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I have a room that is 8.1m long x 2.7m wide, and has a slanted ceiling that is 2.85m on the higher side and 1.8m on the lower...

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Glenn Kuras 24th July 2016
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Hi guys, I'm constructing two acoustic windows for my backyard home recording studio. Without Rod's book, I wouldn't even...

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bloeff 24th July 2016
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Hi, I'm planning to add some panel bass traps on ceiling 6'' deep. I already have a rockwool that is 75 kg/m3. I can also check...

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avare 22nd July 2016
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I need some help regarding my studio acoustic. I just finished a sketch of my home studio using sketchup and i m wondering if...

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roy2016 22nd July 2016
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I want to do my entire ceiling with a nice thick layer of insulation but not sure how much to use? Basically the height of the...

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Glenn Kuras 22nd July 2016
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Hey, I'm an amateur audio engineer who has a room available that is 130 square feet, rectangular shaped, and has some...

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sheggs 21st July 2016
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We are building a house and have plans to build a 24x24 room under the attached garage. The room will be unfinished (budget...

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adrumdrum 21st July 2016
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Hey Guys.. I have just joined so please excuse if this has been covered elsewhere.. I just need a bit of advice on the best...

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adrian39 21st July 2016
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Hi I'm renting a qubicle room For my mixing studio. Dimensions are 3.75m * 3.75m * 3.75m, I know it's problematic. I treated it...

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OL303 20th July 2016
Avatar for upper

I am trying to calculate the reverb time for this room and then decide what materials to use to treat it. My reverberation target...

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DPower 20th July 2016
Avatar for bossdockins

i recently purchased some foam wedges for my walls and some traps for my corners. i definitely notices the wedges help deaden the...

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Glenn Kuras 20th July 2016
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Had one of these machines and sold it on 8 years an old friend who I recorded with it and he wants the tapes run off...

steven ansell
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steven ansell 20th July 2016
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I have a two-channel/theater listening room that is ~13'9" by 20'8" by 9'9". On the front wall/ceiling interface,...

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shaynet98 20th July 2016
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Made 36 OWC 703 2x4' broadband traps. They're enclosed in standard Home Depot broken down corrugated cardboard boxes. I have a...

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Starlight 20th July 2016
Avatar for bermudaben

The front wall (behind the speakers) of my semi-pro control and recording room is fully covered with 30 cm (12") of...

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Glenn Kuras 20th July 2016
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My recording room is completely sealed, save for two small holes - one sealed around a snake+HDMI cable, and one bringing in the...

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OpusOfTrolls 20th July 2016
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Is it possible to hang heavy items such as guitars on walls that are two layers of sheetrock/green glue attached to genie clips...

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SteveGTR 20th July 2016
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I have 3 vocal booth questions , Gonna build a 4x6 or 4x8 vocal booth made of wood studs & sheet rock , in an already air...

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Philip Olsson 19th July 2016
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We're moving for a year or so, then will be coming back home. But while we're away this is the room I get to put my studio in....

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*$%($*(@!! 19th July 2016
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Hello everyone, I've been reading Michael Pollan's "A Place of My Own" and it's got me thinking about building a...

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robert82 18th July 2016
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I've just moved into a 4 bedroom home with a finished basement and am looking to use the basement as a recording studio if it's...

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RyanC 18th July 2016
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I'm moving into a new (bigger) studio space next week and am after some advice as to how best to arrange my monitoring...

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Avatar for 18th July 2016
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Hi everyone I've just moved to a different mixing/composing studio room, and build a set of wall panels and corner bass traps,...

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sheggs 18th July 2016
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Ok so I should ask a clear question because there are various different thicknesses. Here is a link to the page ISOVER...

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DPower 17th July 2016
Avatar for Oliver Sheen

I have a garage conversion studio and have two 4" centrifugal fans drawing air from outside into the control room. The fans...

Oliver Sheen
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Sailboarder 17th July 2016
Avatar for carryonsteve

Hi everybody! I've been trying over the last 6 months to acoustically treat a vocal booth but I'm still experiencing a slight...

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carryonsteve 16th July 2016
Avatar for lineofcontrol

Hi guys, We are thinking of having our basement finished and I have wrangled 1 approx 12x12 space for my home studio. I...

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Glamrock80 16th July 2016
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So, I have a 2 car garage with a cement floor and floor heat. It's extremely quiet, no air vents, and the floor heat circulator...

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nortonn 16th July 2016


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