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Avatar for DanDan

Measuring Room Acoustics Intro Acoustic Measuring Software of decent quality has become very affordable. This has led to many...

replies: 218 views: 272,852
Avatar for neopl
neopl 27th September 2018
Avatar for Jens Eklund

Hi everyone. This is my first thread in this forum … :lol: Since we on a nearly daily basis see posts featuring graphs from...

Jens Eklund
replies: 204 views: 99,507
Avatar for JRivs
JRivs 8th September 2018
Avatar for Torea

If you're looking for the quickest way to get started, I suggest checking out 1c, 2b, and 2a. These briefly and simply cover the...

replies: 79 views: 264,263
Avatar for DanDan
DanDan 3rd April 2018
Avatar for naethoven

I've been working on a design for my studio, and I've come to this point. The original thread was called "How Much Space...

replies: 208 views: 212,906
Avatar for Temple of Light
Temple of Light 22nd February 2017
Avatar for Mr. Maki

Hey guys, so I am about to treat my room, but before that I went and used my XREF-20 to measure the rooms response in order to...

Mr. Maki
replies: 18 views: 338
Avatar for Mr. Maki
Mr. Maki 1 hour ago
Avatar for audioforce

Hi, Where is there a good chart / list of "desirable" room dimensions? I'm still thinking of having a shed built...

replies: 32 views: 691
Avatar for akebrake
akebrake 1 hour ago
Avatar for naspi

Hi all, I'm new in this forum but I've been reading posts here since a long time. I live in Italy. I'm going to move to a new...

replies: 1 views: 134
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 2 hours ago
Avatar for Doclad

Goodnight everyone! I have a massive 40hz axial mode that I want to domesticate with Rockwool Roxul 208 (8,600rayls/m3). I will...

replies: 41 views: 518
Avatar for Doclad
Doclad 3 hours ago
Avatar for thechrisl

I haven't had much luck getting to the bottom of this in other threads (which were started for different reasons) or older...

replies: 12 views: 412
Avatar for thechrisl
thechrisl 4 hours ago
Avatar for neoncluster

Hi everyone, Just moved into a new house, and I'm looking for advice on treating my new studio space. I've been searching...

replies: 2 views: 261
Avatar for Soundman2020
Soundman2020 6 hours ago
Avatar for neopl

Hello, A while ago I created a thread in which I described my issues with loss of LOW frequencies in the listening position....

replies: 15 views: 505
Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 12 hours ago
Avatar for BrainCheck123

I boosted the noise band in RX to be louder than what it is normally, but it definitely becomes louder if I reprint things...

replies: 1 views: 147
Avatar for Poinzy
Poinzy 14 hours ago
Avatar for grignacarbo

hello I ordered a study furniture from the website, after the delay of one month and after several request...

replies: 20 views: 782
Avatar for alex69
alex69 18 hours ago
Avatar for Paratriplel

Hello. I'm not entirely sure what I'm wondering about, but I guess it could be summarized to that I want to ask if anyone has...

replies: 23 views: 332
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 19 hours ago
Avatar for Deckdaddy

Hi! I am planning the treatment in my new room. I thought of making the rear wall traps 60cm deep covered with slats except the...

replies: 18 views: 922
Avatar for Deckdaddy
Deckdaddy 19 hours ago
Avatar for Aka_bob

Hi, new here and couldn’t find any topic about my question....when a manufacturer recommends a distance to place your speakers...

replies: 3 views: 219
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 19 hours ago
Avatar for Pilkiwilky

Hi guys... first time posting I am building a video production studio in my back yard. I live in a rural area and my neighbors...

replies: 0 views: 105
Avatar for Pilkiwilky
Pilkiwilky 21 hours ago
Avatar for pfg

Hello! After many inspirational threads here I decided to go public too. The more thoughts the merrier. ;) Long story short:...

replies: 261 views: 21,250
Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 22 hours ago
Avatar for slutter

What effect will a flimsy room with studded sheetrock walls have on loud rock drum acoustics in a 500 sq ft room? How much...

replies: 1 views: 114
Avatar for OpusOfTrolls
OpusOfTrolls 1 day ago
Avatar for krtosi1

Hi, As of now, I only have 3 acoustic panels (26x50x2") Our editing bay has a nice uneven layout and is quiet, so wanted...

replies: 3 views: 239
Avatar for johannburkard
johannburkard 1 day ago
Avatar for audiothings

I built this a few weeks ago, but at the time, the guy I built it for didn't want me to share the the details... Finally managed...

replies: 1,445 views: 268,375
Avatar for Vank
Vank 1 day ago
Avatar for JayPee

Hey Slutz, I'm playing with Soundflow right now. But need experts to check if I'm on the right way with Soundflow. If I'm...

replies: 3 views: 176
Avatar for JayPee
JayPee 1 day ago
Avatar for pipelineaudio

What would you think of a for hire acoustician who would make hard and fast recommendations based on just drawings of a room and...

replies: 5 views: 292
Avatar for Poinzy
Poinzy 1 day ago
Avatar for Sonic_X

Hey there, Facebook flooding with some adverts of Acoustic Panels Store. Friendly prices and nice pics, but no measurement...

replies: 36 views: 7,899
Avatar for Cedouille
Cedouille 1 day ago
Avatar for Doclad

Good morning. There is something I do not quite understand about the angle of incidence. From what I see, when the angle of...

replies: 10 views: 219
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 2 days ago
Avatar for colinyc

My basement room is pretty decent at keeping the sound in, but if you walk around the house, it seems like it still escapes...

replies: 8 views: 201
Avatar for colinyc
colinyc 2 days ago
Avatar for audioforce

Hi, I have heard varying opinions and advice in the past about what direction to fire the speakers with a ceiling that is not...

replies: 53 views: 688
Avatar for audioforce
audioforce 3 days ago
Avatar for LSct

I have a small bedroom that I am currently using as an "office" (desk/computer). My goal is to reduce/remove to reverb...

replies: 13 views: 783
Avatar for nick.
nick. 3 days ago
Avatar for Kwarkgebak

I will have a new gear hole soon. There are 2 bedrooms to choose from to do this in. Bedroom (slaapkamer) 1 is bigger with 13m2...

replies: 2 views: 174
Avatar for Corum
Corum 3 days ago
Avatar for nick.

I’ve started to record drums in my small 13x10 office. I have 12 customer 2’x4’ panels with rock wool scattered around on...

replies: 3 views: 187
Avatar for Corum
Corum 3 days ago
Avatar for iamkimosabi

So I got this old 1.5’ x 2’ subwoofer box out of my old car and instead of selling it, was thinking of using it as a bass...

replies: 7 views: 280
Avatar for bert stoltenborg
bert stoltenborg 3 days ago
Avatar for FourFour

I have a small home studio setup. Due to its size I bought Yamaha HS5's because they are a perfect fit... I would like to know if...

replies: 15 views: 598
Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 4 days ago
Avatar for quincyg

I was doing some green glue sheetrock installation this week and thought I would share a green glue application method that was...

replies: 8 views: 774
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 4 days ago
Avatar for auralart

I have acoustic treatment in my room (4" bass traps on corners, and one directly behind me centered on the wall. There are...

replies: 285 views: 26,869
Avatar for dinococcus
dinococcus 4 days ago
Avatar for rudyhooks

I ordered some monitor isolation pads but I'm curious why I can't just use thick ass towels to have under them

replies: 6 views: 336
Avatar for bert stoltenborg
bert stoltenborg 4 days ago
Avatar for ali1997

Hi Guys :) I want to use my garage for music produce and recording vocals. I dont know anything about recording and Im really not...

replies: 1 views: 273
Avatar for Subverter
Subverter 5 days ago
Avatar for Overdriver23

Hey all howdy So I have Adam A7x's on Iso Acoustic stands, on my desk. I need to raise the speakers by a few inches, but don't...

replies: 3 views: 248
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 5 days ago
Avatar for jpmch

Hi all John in the UK here. After a lot of research here and elsewhere, and after reading Rod Gervais's book, I have hired...

replies: 35 views: 1,184
Avatar for Dan Vernall
Dan Vernall 5 days ago
Avatar for Jpastor

Hello everyone, i've build a studio from scratch in my house, i've worked on it for about a year (including renovating the Studer...

replies: 56 views: 1,616
Avatar for Jpastor
Jpastor 5 days ago
Avatar for SoundSlinger

I know this is occasionally a contentious issue but... We just moved to a new house. Brand new, first occupants. My recording...

replies: 23 views: 640
Avatar for Speedskater
Speedskater 5 days ago
Avatar for HelenaBzg

I want to purchase 2 Genelec S30D’s. The cabinets have scratches, gouges, worn edges. Genelec has no more cabinets. Can...

replies: 1 views: 206
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 5 days ago
Avatar for emilabramyan

Hi everyone, first off thanks so much for all of your help already. There is so much good information on this forum! I'm...

replies: 6 views: 324
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 6 days ago
Avatar for spectrasound

I just bought a studio space and have relocated my business. It's a great space except for one thing. In the large recording...

replies: 11 views: 443
Avatar for Noisewagon
Noisewagon 6 days ago
Avatar for karlkaardal

I've been thinking about trying to start my own studio. My initial though was that the easiest (and cheapest) space would be a...

replies: 10 views: 2,768
Avatar for din
din 6 days ago
Avatar for MusicSimplified

Hi all, So out of plain laziness I set up my acoustic panels like this onto both sides of my studio desk. But then started...

replies: 0 views: 228
Avatar for MusicSimplified
MusicSimplified 6 days ago
Avatar for lonvoc

Hi everybody! First timer here - great forum! I am looking to build a (approximately 3m x 2.5) vocal booth/enclosure for then...

replies: 5 views: 310
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 6 days ago
Avatar for avare

Her is a paper about the subject matter who knows a thing or two about acoustics. Andre

replies: 61 views: 31,907
Avatar for DanielSu
DanielSu 1 week ago
Avatar for sp4rxx

Hello, im looking to purchase some high density eco friendly acoustic materials for building panels such as cotton or polyester...

replies: 1 views: 246
Avatar for mikesemecmusic
mikesemecmusic 1 week ago
Avatar for passionmax

I see tons of studios where they either have diffusors one the back wall or from wall of mix position. can some explain that...

replies: 1 views: 276
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 1 week ago
Avatar for rudyhooks

So, I got my Yamaha HS7's today and these are my first speakers and I'm new to setting these up and stuff. I attached a pic of...

replies: 1 views: 236
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 1 week ago
Avatar for JayPee

Ok here is... First, I wanted to thanks all the experts here (you know who you are) for being so nice sharing your experiences...

replies: 54 views: 2,352
Avatar for JayPee
JayPee 1 week ago
Avatar for The0

Hello guys, I made a vocal booth for recording voiceovers and I am new to RoomEQ Wizard. I have calibrated and just finished...

replies: 0 views: 223
Avatar for The0
The0 1 week ago
Avatar for Eatpeople420

Hello folks I own a half acre lot behind my house in the country, it is fairly level and has some beautiful views. I want to...

replies: 22 views: 2,347
Avatar for dwirth
dwirth 1 week ago
Avatar for andrebrito

Hello all I found this article about a new tuneable bass trap down to 40 Hz The TPDA or the Tuneable Pistonic Diaphragmatic...

replies: 15 views: 668
Avatar for melopie
melopie 1 week ago


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