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It is with a heavy heart that I received the news this morning that Francis Manzella of FM Designs passed away...

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Wes Lachot 21st September 2020
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Measuring Room Acoustics Intro Acoustic Measuring Software of decent quality has become very affordable. This has led to many...

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pencilextremist 16th September 2020
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In the last few months I have received a number of requests from forum users regarding the creation of a sticky post listing...

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Northward 29th December 2019
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If you're looking for the quickest way to get started, I suggest checking out 1c, 2b, and 2a. These briefly and simply cover the...

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HSLand 22nd October 2019
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Hi everyone. This is my first thread in this forum … :lol: Since we on a nearly daily basis see posts featuring graphs from...

Jens Eklund
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Jens Eklund 26th April 2019
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I've been working on a design for my studio, and I've come to this point. The original thread was called "How Much Space...

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Temple of Light 22nd February 2017
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Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and even more so for anyone who shares advice or who can point my attention in...

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theodd 5 minutes ago
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Hi! I plan on covering the rest of my small studio room with GIK panels. I have everything measured out but I am not sure...

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Berndalen 6 minutes ago
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My windows are thin, so I'm making insulation blocks to fit over them to help block out road noise. What I'd like to know is:...

B. Toast
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Starlight 1 hour ago
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Hello, I was looking at the GIK Acoustics website for their 5.25" thick 244 panel absorbers. I attached the sabins chart...

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gearstudent 1 hour ago
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Hi guys We have a door which we do not use anymore (leads to another office) which we would like to sound proof as much as...

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Hastarot 1 hour ago
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I have a window on my rear wall that I've been advised to place freestanding bass traps in front of. However, I don't want to...

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Kyle P. Gushue 2 hours ago
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Wanting to build some early reflection acoustic panels using Knauf rigid insulation. The guy at the store ask if I wanted foil...

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OLDNOOB 3 hours ago
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I may be crazy but thinking of trying this. The desks I see for sale are IMO ridiculously overpriced for what you get and most...

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bill5 3 hours ago
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Hi everyone, we are planning to build a room to be able to mix our livestream/broadcast mix in there. We have some open...

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coreyspencer 3 hours ago
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Hello My room is 330x240x205cm after acoustic treatment, 450x300x235 before. I have two K+H O 300 speakers (the previous...

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julien79 6 hours ago
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Would foam, rubber/neoprene or tape work instead of acoustic caulk/sealant? I need something that’s later easy to remove. I’m...

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siniarch 6 hours ago
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Hello everyone - new account here, I'm looking through previous posts but I'm not seeing a specific question that I have, maybe...

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Sharp11 19 hours ago
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This is probably a dumb question but I’d appreciate guidance on this: I intend on making and recording music in my 20’x20’...

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coreyspencer 21 hours ago
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Hi all, Recently posted a thread about how to go about designing/building new studio. I only got 1 response, perhaps the post...

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Kyle P. Gushue 21 hours ago
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Hello Everyone! I'm having a house and a home studio built, and the construction is supposed to start in about 1.5 - 2 months....

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Kyle P. Gushue 22 hours ago
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Im in the process of finishing my basement and will be making my home studio down there. In my current room I have had an...

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Kyle P. Gushue 23 hours ago
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I am currently building a small studio: there will be 2 separate rooms, a control and a recording room. I am a guitarist, so I...

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avare 1 day ago
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Hey there howdy First of all, I want yall to know ive spent countless hours this week browsing and reading about this topic on...

Butat Lulu
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Butat Lulu 1 day ago
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Greetings! After many hours of online research for the best acoustical position for my home studio, i finally decided to face...

Buk Laruo
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Kyle P. Gushue 1 day ago
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I put my Adam S3A's in a cavity in the wall that has heavily 703 insulation. should I set it deep, should I square it up front? ...

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Sircalhobz 1 day ago
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Hi, I'm living in a new and very quiet building. I do some music production on my computer but I'm also a guitarist and...

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Bushman 1 day ago
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I plan on constructing a room inside a room in the future and would like to dampen low frequencies as much as possible that might...

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yodriges123 1 day ago
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Howdy. Any thoughts on how successful building a cardboard room would be? In theory you could still get pleasant reflections...

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trybiculuskarton 1 day ago
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Hello there, I recently bought a Krk Ergo for my studio. Installed it, and felt it really did a good job. The low end sounded...

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Panelhead 1 day ago
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Hi, I've just bought a use KRK Ergo as a way of trying Room Perfect in my poor-sounding room which has significant bass issues...

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Panelhead 1 day ago
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Hi all, I've read through many of the threads and other web articles, but when applying best practice advice to my studio's...

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nomido 2 days ago
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So I'm finishing up my home studio, and all that's really left is the treatment of the walls. I have doors in awkward places...

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Bhobs 2 days ago
Avatar for CarlosMythos

Hi all, We're currently building a studio inside a barn, we've built the frame/drywall etc as a completely decoupled building....

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CarlosMythos 2 days ago
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Hello, Wood sizes are strange. The 1x5 is actually 4.5" wide, and the 1x4 is 3.5" wide. So if you want to build...

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zakofalltrades 2 days ago
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Hello, Next week I'm gonna finally move. I ve decided to build a studio on this room. I m planning to buy some microphone...

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kide 2 days ago
Avatar for aerodynamics

Some piece of gear in my home studio is causing a short but I don’t know which one. How would I go about diagnosing this? I...

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coreyspencer 2 days ago
Avatar for orbita

I'm looking into treatment for my room. I plan to put front corner traps, side and overhead first reflection panels. However,...

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Bushman 2 days ago
Avatar for tyerac

Hey gang, I need to make my own TRS balanced cables for my powered studio monitors (Yamaha HS8's) And need to confirm i've...

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tyerac 3 days ago
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hi slutz, There are a few tube trap threads, thought I'd see what everyone thinks bout some other methods of DIYing...

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Burgertime 3 days ago
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Hi All I have bought a mixing desk - Soundcraft B800 - and have to plan how to transport it from its current location. The...

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vintagelove 3 days ago
Avatar for couzin2000

So I found these wall plates made by Seismic Audio. They have 8 XLR/TRS female connectors. I am thinking of getting 2 for each...

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Kyle P. Gushue 3 days ago
Avatar for shvffle

I'm apartment shopping in Brooklyn and trying to get a good deal on a place with a basement. I'm mainly looking for a rectangular...

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Jason Foi 3 days ago
Avatar for AliceWinebagz

Hey all, I'm extremely new to audio engineering and acoustics. I've been a lifelong musician, and with this forced time off of...

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AliceWinebagz 3 days ago
Avatar for yodriges123

Hello! I’m planning on constructing a 3x3m room inside a 4x4 or 5x5 ish meter room in the future and I’m writing down a list...

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Avatar for Kyle P. Gushue
Kyle P. Gushue 3 days ago
Avatar for JayPee

Hello slutz, For my next room I have the space to build a "room within a room" (and the need...). I won't discuss...

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Avatar for JayPee
JayPee 3 days ago
Avatar for iamguitargeek

howdy hey guys! New here. So I know it's not this easy, but can someone help me out with where I should place some absorbers...

replies: 1 views: 189
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 3 days ago
Avatar for Thorbjoern

Hello fellow gearslutz. Long time reader first time poster. In a few months I will be moving, and in my new place I will have...

replies: 1 views: 185
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 3 days ago
Avatar for Diakonos1984

Good morning, folks! I am helping a friend design and construct a one-room recording studio in an existing shed. I would love...

replies: 5 views: 413
Avatar for Kyle P. Gushue
Kyle P. Gushue 4 days ago
Avatar for Sircalhobz

hello everyone. So, I have a low ceiling semi-finished attic space that is 2 similar rooms with a small hall/bathroom/staircase...

replies: 8 views: 278
Avatar for Kyle P. Gushue
Kyle P. Gushue 4 days ago
Avatar for Jag94

Hi all, I am converting my garage to a rehearsal/drum recording space (shocking, I know nobody here has every heard of this...

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Jag94 4 days ago
Avatar for cause

I have very little experience with acoustic treatment but I just got a new place that has a small spare bedroom I can use as a...

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stella645 4 days ago
Avatar for motomotomoto

Hey there, been really wanting a desk with built in keyboard tray for a long time. Started looking at the ones from...

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Avatar for motomotomoto
motomotomoto 4 days ago
Avatar for chrismilne

This will most likely have to be the wall behind where the desk would be (short wall, but the other short wall is next to the...

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chrismilne 4 days ago
Avatar for yodriges123

Hey, Let’s say there was a 5-20cm thick layer of gravel covering the floor or inside walls, would this do good in terms of...

replies: 11 views: 296
Avatar for Jason Foi
Jason Foi 4 days ago
Avatar for Phaedru5

As the title says, I'm trying to improve the soundproofing on a door between units in a duplex. The targeted sound is mostly loud...

replies: 10 views: 307
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Phaedru5 4 days ago


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