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30th June 2020
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Measuring Room Acoustics Intro Acoustic Measuring Software of decent quality has become very affordable. This has led to many...

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AmrH 1 week ago
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In the last few months I have received a number of requests from forum users regarding the creation of a sticky post listing...

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Northward 29th December 2019
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If you're looking for the quickest way to get started, I suggest checking out 1c, 2b, and 2a. These briefly and simply cover the...

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HSLand 22nd October 2019
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Hi everyone. This is my first thread in this forum … :lol: Since we on a nearly daily basis see posts featuring graphs from...

Jens Eklund
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Jens Eklund 26th April 2019
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I've been working on a design for my studio, and I've come to this point. The original thread was called "How Much Space...

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Temple of Light 22nd February 2017
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Hi guys, Without getting into why rockwool/fibreglass may be completely safe or not, price not being the primary concern, what...

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dinococcus 1 hour ago
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How completely supress computer chassis noise? The venue is small room with little furniture. Hence it has a lot of reflections....

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dinococcus 1 hour ago
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Hello, guys. It's been a long time since I visited this forum! I still have an untreated, control room, but it's livable and...

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thethrillfactor 6 hours ago
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Hi all, as far as I know there should be no decay / resonance below the first axial mode. How is it possible (what are possible...

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thethrillfactor 11 hours ago
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Dear reader, Firstly I really appreciate your time! I found these old bed frames in the attic and as a non-expert in the field...

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andrebrito 14 hours ago
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I have a shallow wall situation under a little cubby / closet space in my little home project studio build. I've got one later...

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Grovestand 14 hours ago
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Hey guys, I'm new and desperately in need of some expert opinions. Having a lot of issues trying to track down an EMI or...

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Groundthumper 16 hours ago
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Hello everyone! hope you doing well at those corona times howdy I have just bought yamaha 80hs monitors (8") and i want to...

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syntheticrhyme 20 hours ago
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Hello, folks!  I have a question about the calibration process with the GLM 3 system. Look at the picture I have attached,...

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johannburkard 23 hours ago
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Hey guys I’m in the process of finding my speaker/ monitoring position and have found out the my bass traps are causing a dip...

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CrispyJones 1 day ago
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hi guys, so i'm trying to use the ARC 3 room treatment system from ik multimedia but its reading my room as having such a massive...

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deedeeyeah 1 day ago
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So I got my DAW desk really sound treated so that my speaker sound doesn't bounce around too much, now why can't I just use this...

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Bushman 1 day ago
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Halo all, I had my room build a long time ago with Rockwool 80kg/m3 for superchunk and panels. I have been reading and...

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tks0326 1 day ago
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Hi guys! I have the next problem, in my studio setup I need to have these three things in the room, the desk (with the monitor...

Victor Quezada
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Kyle P. Gushue 1 day ago
Avatar for Samion

Hi guys, I've asked a few Qs here and have been guided by your wonderful help (mainly DanDan and I can't thank him enough but...

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Phil Cibley 1 day ago
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Hi all, I thought it would be helpful to other people considering buying to show the construction of these Adictive Sound...

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MarcB 1 day ago
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I have a 12 x 16 music studio that I have treated acoustically to some extent and I’m still not getting the results I’m...

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ArmandoMulroney 1 day ago
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I'm in Australia and my local Bunnings has Knauf Earthwool insulation for a very affordable price that I think will suit my needs...

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Starlight 2 days ago
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Hey... Sorry for this silly question. What is the ideal angle for an ideal stereotriangle? Should the speakers be angled...

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Starlight 2 days ago
Avatar for jml designs

In adition to our HVAC baffle supply/return system which we've built by the book, we are looking to suppliment the rack room with...

jml designs
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Starlight 2 days ago
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I was leaving overseas and have ordered 4 years ago several 244, 242..... I was delighted. I moved here in USA 2 years ago. Still...

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Grovestand 2 days ago
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I'm looking to connect two buildings I have that are about 8 feet from each other. One will serve mainly as a control room, the...

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Grovestand 2 days ago
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I'm looking for speaker stands that can properly lock position (not one of those pin stands that freely rotate), and raise/lower...

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VenVile 2 days ago
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Hello so unfortunately I have a small vocal room that's just the bedroom that I can't really do much with. I do have Broadband...

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Adhoc 2 days ago
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Suggestion for those panels placement. Should I have the absorbers behind the speakers? Or ok to have the speakers against the...

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makasi 2 days ago
Avatar for Grovestand

Hello! I could use some advice on what to do next to treat my room. Thank you very much to anyone who is so inclined. If you...

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thethrillfactor 2 days ago
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Hi everyone, my house has a (currently damp) basement which I would like to use as a home studio. In 10 days I'll be...

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Grovestand 2 days ago
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Hey there, I'm looking to properly treat a closet for voice over recordings. I know, I know small closets aren't ideal, but it's...

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lapdog12 2 days ago
Avatar for CrispyJones

Hey guys, I’m setting up my room and I’m looking for some advise. Iv got a big dip at 100Hz I’m trying so clean...

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CrispyJones 2 days ago
Avatar for doubledre

So i just picked up a krk 10s subwoofer to match my krk VXT6 monitors. I'm having a bit of a trouble setting it all up. For...

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Nigel 3 days ago
Avatar for onshott1

Problem is it gets pretty hot in the summer time and my mic would be right beside the portable air conditioner. i use condenser...

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onshott1 3 days ago
Avatar for jimbo_baby84

Hey gang, I have just moved house, and am trying to figure out how to set up my home studio room. Where do you guys think would...

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Kyle P. Gushue 3 days ago
Avatar for Drakaland

My room is just under 11 feet by 21 feet with 8 feet ceilings. I just purchased the wood I need to build 16 panels in my...

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Drakaland 3 days ago
Avatar for bmaughan

Hi there, i'm working on my control room at the moment and after some research i'm thinking i may have a problem with a...

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bert stoltenborg 3 days ago
Avatar for Niber

So I'm adding some insulation in a wall, mainly to shield outside noise, but now rather than sealing the insulation/frame with...

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kludgeaudio 3 days ago
Avatar for Aaron Balakay

Hey guys, wanted to ask your opinion - Which is better? Hard fiberglass boards or rockwool boards? Which of the two provides the...

Aaron Balakay
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Aaron Balakay 4 days ago
Avatar for asymonds

Hi, Does anyone have recommendations for really thick curtains that look nice? They're going in front of double glass doors...

replies: 0 views: 140
Avatar for asymonds
asymonds 4 days ago
Avatar for yodriges123

I’m thinking of adding some rockwool to cover most of the ceiling/roof. My question is if anyone has any ideas on how I can add...

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Avatar for Kyle P. Gushue
Kyle P. Gushue 4 days ago
Avatar for yodriges123

I think there are some kids living right underneath my room/studio in an apartment. I hear quite a lot of low & mid...

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Kyle P. Gushue 4 days ago
Avatar for logjamparty

I had three 48"x96" panels milled, and four 24"x48" panels milled. Due to a miscommunication, and me failing...

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Avatar for Adhoc
Adhoc 4 days ago
Avatar for etrella

I was closed to buying a few mic stands to throw a few moving blankets as a T shape to make gobos to record vocals. I just...

replies: 5 views: 265
Avatar for pencilextremist
pencilextremist 4 days ago
Avatar for Arqen

Click here to get the DIY Diffuser Blueprints] Hey guys, You might recall that I was going to give away free blueprints for...

replies: 873 views: 331,536
Avatar for nkrypth
nkrypth 5 days ago
Avatar for devnull

I was using the Master Handbook of Acoustics to investigate RT60 times. For a small home studio (say 8x12x15 ft = 1440 ft3 )...

replies: 0 views: 158
Avatar for devnull
devnull 5 days ago
Avatar for Mdog0928

I am building my first studio mixing room and need help with the overall design of it. I have a 15 foot by 11.5 foot space to...

replies: 5 views: 378
Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 5 days ago
Avatar for mungu

Hi all - I've been using my untreated spare bedroom as a small music room. I've always been planning to do a little treatment...

replies: 11 views: 340
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mungu 5 days ago
Avatar for The Mule

Hi everyone. I'm going to be mounting a pair of JBL LSR308 studio monitors/speakers on the wall. My walls are 1/2" drywall...

The Mule
replies: 0 views: 163
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The Mule 5 days ago
Avatar for qwertysimo

Hi, few months after discusstion in my thread Soundproofing an apartment workshop I got a chance to rent a more suitable space...

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Starlight 6 days ago
Avatar for GOStudioNC

Hello everyone! I’m posting this to the “Studio Building/Acoustics forum. It may be better suited posting it somewhere...

replies: 20 views: 325
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 6 days ago
Avatar for AnxietySwitch

Been looking to make some absorption panels for some time now, found two materials to use - Roxul Rockboard 60, (costing me about...

replies: 19 views: 49,937
Avatar for rufuscello
rufuscello 6 days ago
Avatar for LayerTX

Hey guys, I think I might know the answer to this already but figured this would be the best place to go for answers. Awhile...

replies: 22 views: 1,861
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rufuscello 6 days ago


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