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Home studio advice from the sound gods

Home Studio setup
OK by no means am i trying to perpetrate being an engineer but i would like to build my little brother who raps and sings a home studio for him to record crisp raw vocals so he can send the tracks to a REAL ENGINEER to mix it. I already have a computer (mac with 2gb of ram), I understand I will need a DAW (ill probably end up purchasing logic, because its a little cheaper than PT and the engineer said he could still make good mixes on PT from any DAW i use), I wanted to kind of stay in budget and get him an SM7 mic for about $350 (i read many good reviews about it) and as for as an interface/preamp goes I thought about getting him an Apogee Duet 1 or 2 for about $600 as i saw some good reviews about that 2.
Do any of you pros think this is enough? he just needs something clean that can be mixed by a professional.
Old 28th December 2012
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You may want to post in the low end area of GS. This area is about room acoustics which I hope he going to do.
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