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9th May 2017 Views: 17,971
Views: 17,971
9th May 2017
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I just bought an upgrade from Cubase Elements from 9 to 11 and when I try to install the elicenser complains that the “license...

Riley Casey
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Riley Casey 6 hours ago
Avatar for DJVance

Hey. I'm going to give Cubase a try, because I'm annoyed with Logic (been using it for years). My main gripe is that when...

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wakestyle 9 hours ago
Avatar for DeadPoet

Hello everybody, TL;DR : How are you all handling multiple monitors, room correction software and monitoring control? The...

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mattiasnyc 15 hours ago
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I've been really thinking hard lately about weather to start summing my mixes out of Cubase, into a summing mixer and record...

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Avatar for frenzy
frenzy 1 day ago
Avatar for Paul Vicory

After a year of enjoying the wonderful Bitwig as my main DAW, I decided to purchase an update for Cubase - a program I used...

Paul Vicory
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SV7107 2 days ago
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BT64 3 days ago
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Because the Sphere L22 records a stereo signal - with the front capsule being on the left channel and the rear capsule being...

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Avatar for BT64
BT64 3 days ago
Avatar for EveDoesAudioThin

Hey, So I just started learning cubase to make multichannel mixes of certain tracks whose recording sessions I have access to....

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Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 4 days ago
Avatar for rockyduderino

Hi I have four little questions about the mediabay - 1. What exactly happens when one performs the “convert program list...

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Avatar for rockyduderino
rockyduderino 5 days ago
Avatar for comb

Question about how cubase and lets say the Tascam Model 24 Multi-Track Mixer and use of vst effects work. Lets say I have...

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Avatar for BT64
BT64 1 week ago
Avatar for Keministi

I'm running W10 and Cubase 10.5. I have almost finished a new track. It needs finishing touches on the mix and an outro. All the...

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Avatar for DeadPoet
DeadPoet 1 week ago
Avatar for SexWithRobots

I currently use a Novation Impulse 49 midi keyboard and recently updated my system from Cubase 7.5 on Win7 to Cubase 11 on Win10....

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Avatar for farouche
farouche 1 week ago
Avatar for djwaxxy

ive got a sustain pedal for my arturia keylab 49 and everytime I go and press the pedal to record pianos it automatically mutes...

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Avatar for DJVance
DJVance 1 week ago
Avatar for maartenl945

In this video I'm showing how I use SpectraLayers One in Cubase 11 for some audio editing tasks. I wonder whether any of you have...

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Avatar for maartenl945
maartenl945 1 week ago
Avatar for Broth3rz

I have the Korg nanoKONTROL2, I want the left side buttons to be default Cubase buttons, the knobs and sliders I want to be...

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Avatar for stratdesign
stratdesign 2 weeks ago
Avatar for buddy_

Hi there, After searching I have seen some similar threads but am not sure I fully understand the answers. Is it fair to say...

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Avatar for buddy_
buddy_ 2 weeks ago
Avatar for LSP

I'm trying to upgrade from Pro 10 to Pro 10.5, and while I was able to find the link to download (from mysteinberg), I can't for...

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Avatar for LSP
LSP 2 weeks ago
Avatar for ehb

Hello, I updated my system to windows 7 64 bits and installed Cubase 7 64 bit. I installed also Reason 5. But, when I go to...

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Avatar for sansura
sansura 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Robertt8


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Avatar for Hyperspace
Hyperspace 2 weeks ago
Avatar for strahany

Hi folks, I spent considerable time locating these codes for the Houston control and thought I would share them as they are very...

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Avatar for GBP
GBP 2 weeks ago
Avatar for OliverV

First maintenance update for v11 is out: Release notes

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Avatar for GBP
GBP 2 weeks ago
Avatar for ToneG

So, I've decided to get this subscription based library called East West Composer Cloud, mainly for the East Hollywood libraries....

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Avatar for CPhoenix
CPhoenix 2 weeks ago
Avatar for kdf

In Cubase 10.5 is there somewhere to set the default for the type of midi channel that will be created? When I add additional...

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Avatar for cubic13
cubic13 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Krubbadoo

My audio interface :Apollo X6 (about 9 ms RTL @ 128) Computer: Mac OS Catalina on 2018 Mac Mini 6 core I7 32GB Ram Synths: Juno...

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Avatar for krisamadhi
krisamadhi 2 weeks ago
Avatar for thenoodle

Matthias mentioned today on the cb 11.0.10 update thread at sb.... "The MIDI Remote API is now scheduled for the next major...

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Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 2 weeks ago
Avatar for kdf

I have read many posts on this problem but no real solutions: When editing using the grid snap or snap to curser to cut and...

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Avatar for kdf
kdf 2 weeks ago
Avatar for enossified

This is a pretty dumb question but I was messing around with step entry for the first time today and can't figure out how to tie...

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Avatar for tomoyo255
tomoyo255 2 weeks ago
Avatar for oceantracks

Are any mad scientists out there adept enough to tell me whether it would be possible (in Cubase 10.5-11) to route multiple mix...

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Avatar for oceantracks
oceantracks 2 weeks ago
Avatar for trock

Hi Everyone C11 Pro, on an imac with catalina I was riding some automation with the W on, as it was writing it i could see...

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Avatar for trock
trock 3 weeks ago
Avatar for noisycat

I just got elastic drum and likely getting seekbeats and possibly cubasis Can you use this well live As in playing your...

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Avatar for aleyas
aleyas 3 weeks ago
Avatar for telecode

Hello, I am looking at upgrading the interface I have. Its probably 10 yrs old. Looking at 192/24 interfaces that will last at...

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Avatar for oceantracks
oceantracks 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Tommy-boy

I have a decent sized midi rig with a bunch of outboard keyboards and rack modules. I have 2 Midex 8s keeping everything...

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Avatar for Tommy-boy
Tommy-boy 3 weeks ago
Avatar for heimaufnahme

Could somebody just quickly tell me, if there is video playback in Cubase LE6?

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Avatar for BT64
BT64 3 weeks ago
Avatar for babydaddymusic

This has to be possible. I have an Apogee Element 24- I went an added two mono input busses. A typical thing that I do a lot is...

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Avatar for BT64
BT64 3 weeks ago
Avatar for zigacesen1

Hi, I'm buying my first DAW and I was wondering which one I should buy. I'm more drawn to S1 but I heard it lacks some...

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Avatar for styzer
styzer 3 weeks ago
Avatar for kdf

This seems to be a bug in Cubase 10.5 and previous versions: When audio tracks are cut using the grid snap so that the cut is...

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Avatar for kdf
kdf 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Muchachote

Hello, I have been wondering these days how the people who upload to Youtube tutorials and music making videos with Cubase do...

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Avatar for maartenl945
maartenl945 3 weeks ago
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I have Cubase 11 Pro- there are many things I love however I have come across two things that are really strange and surely...

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Avatar for babydaddymusic
babydaddymusic 4 weeks ago
Avatar for djwaxxy

ive recorded a track with my band and its giving me big headaches im currently running at around over 40 channels of guitars...

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Avatar for Joe_caithness
Joe_caithness 4 weeks ago
Avatar for thedberg

A reoccurring topic in the Cubase forum is performance problems. Here is a thread for sharing confirmed, generally applicable,...

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Avatar for papaki23
papaki23 4 weeks ago
Avatar for bert stoltenborg

I downloaded a tryout version of elements and it tells me it won't registrate because the registration software that I downloaded...

bert stoltenborg
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Avatar for bert stoltenborg
bert stoltenborg 4 weeks ago
Avatar for kronkite

Wondering if anyone has advice for me. I (finally) figured out the password to my old WinXP music PC from 2004 when I was using...

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Avatar for kronkite
kronkite 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Atari Wolf

Hi everyone I recently updated to Cubase 11. I also updated Win10 to version 2H02, which was a major update. At the same...

Atari Wolf
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Avatar for ChuckDeath
ChuckDeath 4 weeks ago
Avatar for jtg0od

Hello all, I've come up on an issue recently. When i export a beat from FL studio into Cubase the bass on the track pops and...

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Avatar for Ex Click
Ex Click 19th January 2021
Avatar for vintagetones

So within the actual DAW Cubase everything sounds fine. However, when I export it sounds awful! Totally different. The EQs are...

replies: 40 views: 6,635
Avatar for BT64
BT64 17th January 2021
Avatar for canopener

When selecting a midi event in the edit page it will jump ahead around 4 to 9 bars or so depending on the zoom amount. If you...

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Avatar for canopener
canopener 16th January 2021
Avatar for yellow_lupine

Hello, I have came across a very irritating issue in my Mac with VE Pro 7: pressing the space bar from within VE Pro does not...

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Avatar for yellow_lupine
yellow_lupine 15th January 2021
Avatar for Firewire

Hi there, I am very new to VST connect, I am in the middle of a project with COVID hitting hard here in the UK and I had no...

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Avatar for Firewire
Firewire 14th January 2021
Avatar for LSP

I've always recorded at 44.1 sample rate, but recently was reading some compelling reasons to be using 48k. Not to start a...

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Avatar for Jemmy91
Jemmy91 12th January 2021
Avatar for illynoise

Is there a tool that does this for a whole arrangement? Or do you have to delete them or select them manually? Thanks in...

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Avatar for Takkyi
Takkyi 10th January 2021