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Would you buy cubase again? DAW Software
Old 24th July 2014
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archfrenemy's Avatar

Cubase is pretty hard to beat if you are an artist who writes and composes in your DAW and records / mixes your own midi and audio in your work. The newest version has been rock solid for me. Cubase has great arrangement tools, great sounding included effects / EQ, is relatively easy to learn, has plenty of tutorials, has great hardware / software integration options like the CC121 or UR824, has plenty of ways to customize and speed up your workflow, and is probably the most capable DAW in terms of getting to great final results and doing serious editing without needing to utilize outside plugins.

We are all working on different styles and aspects of music, so not everyone will need or use things the same way. Cubase is geared toward well rounded artist use these days... Engineers may not like that direction, but it works great for me!
Old 24th July 2014
Just thought of another aspect that I believe is important. Steinberg is a company that's in it this business long term. They keep pioneering stuff, some that's ubiquitus now (ASIO, VST) and of course some that may not stand the test of time (new mixer?). They survived significant changes in the business and have a strong industrial organization. They have the most important ability of all: the ability to change.

Steinberg is a safe bet.
Old 25th July 2014
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Originally Posted by Robert Randolph View Post
I do use Macs, but I have no qualms using Windows if/when it is necessary.

Would you care to elaborate on why you decided to Logic from Cubase at that time?
I was in school at the time getting my masters, and the entire Logic suite was available for $150 as an academic purchase (bear in mind at that time, the full version was $999) and my Cubase version was getting very old at that point and wasn't mutli-platform licensed. I just decided to try it.

The thing I most liked about it was the out of the box instruments and effects, which were far better than Cubase's at the time. Ultra-beat, Space Designer, EX24 etc, all stand up even today... in 2006/7 they were amazing.

I enjoyed Cubase for years, and used it with Fruity Loops for years too (which I still miss on Mac), but fundamentally Logic and Cubase are not dissimilar. I do think Logic has marginally better plugins out of the box, overall, and a huge sample library that's very useful - I don't know what you get with Cubase these days, but I don't think it's as generous, if you spend the same about of money.
Old 25th July 2014
Here for the gear
First of all it all depends on what your main production workflow is. "Cubase" is a very broad term, a little bit like "sport" or "food". The question is what do you need from a DAW, good MIDI implementation? recording live bands? audio post-production? working with midi, audio and video? live use? triggering samples, loops etc? mastering? As you can see there are a lot aspects to think about. In my proffessional work I need to use Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton. I started with Cubase years ago and having pretty good comparision between the other DAW's I would definitely buy Cubase again since it is very versatile, stable and is constantly developed by a great team of professionals. Do I love all of it? Hell no! There are some aspects driving me crazy and some features lacking which I see in other DAW's and I wish they will be there someday but knowing also the other DAW's I know what flaws do they have and I really think Cubase is in the lead here. Let's see, Pro Tool is very stable IMHO, especially if you use Avids DSP cards or interfaces and is capable of handling tons of audio tracks or video clips without a glitch - so, it is great for serious recording studios and huge post-production sessions, as soon as I need some complicated MIDI work done on it I get dizzy and I move to Cubase. Logic - very similar to Cubase in many aspects, very good in handling MIDI and audio, awesome Environment feature for geeks who like to tweak the **** out of this thing, great sounding instruments on-board for very cool price - no Windows - Mac only though, it wasn't 64 bit for a long time - so again, I stayed with Cubase here. Ableton Live - awesome forward thinking in so many aspects, great audio engine, great automation, my "no 1" solution for electronica, dance or live gigs use - on the other hand for my kind of work - mainly scoring to picture - I had my issues with other 3rd party VST instruments, samplers and I liked my workflow with Cubase better. If my goal would be EDM or HipHop maybe I would be happy with FL but at the end of the day all of the DAW's are just good enough to get the job done in this day and age and it is really up to the user how skilled you gonna be with tools you have. Whatever you choose spend time with it, learn and master it and you will be able to compose/produce/mix any genre of music with it. No clients will ask you what was the DAW used on the project - either they like what they hear or not. Cheers!
Old 25th July 2014
I have a lot of experience with Live and some experience with Reaper. I keep coming back to Cubase because it has everything I need, whether it's plugins, MIDI support, hardware support, or audio editing/manipulation. The first true DAW I ever used was Cubase 5. (Before that it was Cubase 1.0 for Mac, which was just a MIDI sequencer.)

I'm a very don't-fix-it-if-it-ain't-broke kind of user, and I only purchase upgrades if I feel they offer something specific that I think I will actually use. I think Steinberg's done a pretty good job at delivering something usable with most upgrades:
  • started with 5.0, think i passed on 5.5.
  • upgraded to 6.0 because of the plugins
  • upgraded to 6.5 for the plugins and comping updates
  • upgraded to 7.0 for the chord track (which i've still never used), asioguard (which turned out to be a total disappointment), and mixconsole (which I appear to be one of the few fans of). wasn't particularly happy with 7.0.
  • upgraded to 7.5 for trackversions (which was a minor disappointment), the plugin updates (both groove agent and halion sonic), and the track visibility updates (which are wonderful). also, they fixed asioguard.

Oh, also, I also normally wait a few months before purchasing upgrades. At a minimum I wait until Steinberg releases the inevitable first service pack to fix any bugs in the initial release.

I do have complaints about Cubase, but I guess they're mostly minor. I occasionally do blog posts about gear and music making, and three of the top four of my most visited posts are about how to find or restore missing presets and content in the bundled plugins- about 700 visits a month to those posts alone. (I think Steinberg should spend some more time on their installers.) I also sometimes struggle with Cubase's weird window management and goofy things like the disappearing power buttons on inserts and sends. But at the end of the day it gets the job done, and provides a pretty vast toolset that I doubt many other DAWs can compete with. (Live, for example, probably only has like half the feature set that the full Cubase package delivers.)
Old 29th July 2014
Gear Addict

Originally Posted by Robert Randolph View Post
I've been searching for a new DAW for 45 days or so now, and one thing I've noticed is the density of complaints about Cubase. I have wondered if that is due to the popularity or if the 'reports are true' so to say.

So I have a simple question: If you were to start over, knowing everything you know now, would you go with Cubase 7.5?

Yes: Why would you stay with it?

No: Why would you choose something else? What would you use instead?
No way would I purchase Cubase 7-7.5 again. Worst expenditure on a DAW I ever made. Dislike the workflow severely. Love the stock plugs, but that's it. I wish I could sell my license but I don't anyone I dislike that much
Old 30th July 2014
I wouldn't buy it again (in fact: at the moment I'm thinking of switching to PT11).

The main reason is the GUI. i just dislike it and I'm having lots of problems with it (visibility problems, fader sizes seem to shift when ever they want .. )
reinstalling and even reinstalling my OS (Mac OS 10.9.4) didn't change a thing.
I never used a program with that much problems in the GUI!!

I'll demo PT11 and maybe afterwards I'm done with cubase. heh
Old 30th July 2014
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trock's Avatar

Hey Robert

Yes, I would buy it again. I actually left Cubase way back in the SX 3 days, hated the look and i had alot of issues with it.

obviously we went thru SAW together, after that I Had/Have, PT 10, Logic, Reaper (when it first came out i supported it and still do, Sonar, Samplitude, and DP 8 etc)

You can see I have gone thru alot of them in my search.

I cam back to Cubase around 6 and have never left. its not perfect but for me its the most well rounded DAW and does everything my workflow needs and wants

1) Eucon - Works flawlessly with my controllers of choice (2x MC mixes, 1 MC transport, 1 MC V2 Artis controller)

2) works flawlessly and VERY fast with my Apogee symphony Thunderbridge/Thunderbolt connections. i can also get very low buffer settings with this without a hitch (32 with a lot of tracks and plugs while overdubbing)

3) i love vari audio and have melodyne so i know both, for me Vari Audio works better because it does what i need it to do, sounds great and is built right into the track

4) THe VSTi's that come with it are now really good and while i have and use alot of third party ones i think ic ould easily use the cubase stock sounds for many many things (i use RMX, Omnisphere, NI, SD and EZ Drummer 2, and others)

5) The stock plugin's are very good and hang with all of my Waves, Izotope, Voxengo etc. again i could just use them and be fine

6) this is personal pref, i love the new mixer window and layout, its by far for me the most powerful of any DAW i have used. its more clicks as some have said but i can build and save incredible strong templates based on on old world console to really anything i want

the biggest reason to is while all the stability, and power is there, i know it best now and really dont need anything else, nor do i want to spend the time learning another one when i have no reason to even look right now.

I have tried almost everything but have come back to cubase and i am really happy with it right now.

I have Logic loaded, Reaper, Studio One, etc but i never use them. thats just me though.

anyway, yes i would buy it again, and barring a snafu from steinberg i will be buying 8,9, X whatever for a long time to come.

the only thing i really wish would happen would be for Yamaha to come out with a killer DAW controller for Cubase ala C24 (mini Nuage)

that would be fantastic.

thanks and good luck
Old 30th July 2014
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Benmrx's Avatar

Would definitely buy it again. And that's coming from someone that's been using PT since v5, and spent time with Logic, DP, Live and Reaper.
Old 30th July 2014
Originally Posted by trock View Post
I would buy it again. I actually left Cubase way back in the SX 3 days, hated the look
Originally Posted by trock View Post
obviously we went thru SAW together
Either you are both a Windows 3.1 GUI fetishist AND an eyball sado masochist, or that is a contradictio in termini right there...
Old 31st July 2014
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trock's Avatar


that was pretty funny actually

ah the SAW days. in reality though Bob was great, his DAW was stable as heck, and he supported it really well, and their were skins

that being said

that was pretty funny
Old 2nd August 2014
Here for the gear

Originally Posted by DAW PLUS View Post


Disagree. Use Bootcampon your Mac and follow Steinberg/NI/Focusrite tweaks, that will keep you running. Or buy a good workstation. heh

Once again Marcus hits the nail on its head...

PS: After using Logic, I switched to Cubase, Nuendo, still scribble with Studio One, and currently diving into the feature abyss called Sequoia. Yet 90% of my work is still done in Cubase. The only reasons I look at other DAWs is I do think the Cubase workflow is still not as fast as I think it should be (as with most other DAWs), and I just don't like the new mixer.
I tend to agree. Use a few, most are not all expensive these days ... horses for courses and/or the people/projects we might be doing at different times. I also find DAWs a little like different musical instruments & that they influence musical thoughts and processes in different ways. Cubase for example I've been using on and off since 1987, same for Logic from when it was Notator/Atari, and Sound Tools (now Pro Tools).

Cubase & kin are built for MIDI, VIs and solo composition IMO and Cubase is very slick in this respect (prefer it to say Logic these days). Ableton Live on the other hand helps me make very, very different kinds of music & also rewire like a dream to Cubase (tho' I do wish rewire could be recorded on the fly via clip generation, rather than the more long-winded off-line bounce /range). ProTools for example, for working in a studio recording live bands etc.

So, not 'one or the other' in my view. Use a couple or a few, just like a few good guitars (if that's your thing).
Old 7th August 2014
Gear Addict
absolutely, its the most powerful and flexible DAW, coming from a guy who has used FL, Reason and Ableton extensively, its macro commands and midi editing is leaps and bounds beyond anything ive tried, I am currently on 5.5 and looking forward to purchasing 8
Old 7th August 2014
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zephonic's Avatar
For compatibility reasons, I would go with ProTools, it is just easier to use what everybody else here uses.

But I am generally very satisfied with Cubase/Nuendo, and think it is better than PT in many ways.
Old 8th August 2014
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feck's Avatar
I would not buy it again.
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