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The SA-EQP1A is one of our most ambitious projects to date. Until now, there hasn’t been any comparable product that would truly respect the sound and legacy the iconic tube EQ has been offering since the 50’s. That is, at least not without a hefty price-tag. At the beginning of the project, we were not sure if we wanted to build an exact replica of the EQP1/A or the popular MEQ-5. In the end, we opted to build a fusion both equalisers into a single unit, thus adding the coveted mid-section of the MEQ5 (200hz to 7khz) into the EQPQ/A, in a manner that that carefully respects the ratios and frequency response of the timeless classic. Our version uses the exact circuit topology, with the option to add or bypass the mid-section of the popular Pultec MEQ-5. Unlike other replicas, we didn’t settle for two transformers (input/output) and decided to respect the original three transformer configuration using an inter-stage transformer: a critical component to obtain that superb low-end, silky high-end and tonal shaping heaven, with the added bonus of making the unit even more stable, providing a consistent performance and a lower noise-floor. Every single knob thoroughly follows the ratio and frequency response of the classic unit, but we also added an output gain dial so that two units can be matched with ease for stereo operation.


Stam Audio SA-EQP1A Equalizer

so... joshuanaconda is saying that the stam audio sa-eqp1a sounds identical to the real original Pultec? i´m interested in buying stereo pultec´s, while searching and reading on the internet, i came to the conclusion that the pulse techniques are the most close to the pultec´s actually the same as the old ones. but their price...

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Stam Audio SA76 ADG

Hello! Yes, please email [email protected] We are dealing with over 600 emails right now but will catch up with all of them by the end of next week We are 3 people now working just on this who are helping me out to provide a faster and better service Thanks!!

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Stam Audio SA-609 (33609 replica)

Don’t hold your breath. The website says ‘June 2019’ for the SA-EQP1A and we’re more than halfway through July...

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