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CLASSIC BRITISH SOUND. BREAKTHROUGH PRICE. We consider the SA-73 the finest replica of the best sounding vintage 1073MPA preamplifier available today. The SA-73 is the is a clone of the most sought after preamplifier in the world that has been used on thousands of hit songs. Our replica recreates every drop of character and usability of this classic preamp, at a price that makes it accessible to anyone. ZERO COMPROMISE. SURPRISINGLY AFFORDABLE. Stam Audio Engineering products are about sound quality first and foremost. Every component of every unit is premium quality and carefully selected to ensure our units match or even surpass the quality of high end boutique gear. So when you see the price for the SA-73 the first thing you probably think is: how is that possible? The answer is two fold. First, we work on small margins. We want to see professional gear within the reach of anyone who has the passion to use it so we’re willing to sacrifice profits to make this possible. Secondly, we order in large batches. This keeps our costs as low as possible, and allows you to get your hands on our units at a much cheaper price. That said, how much will a SA-73 set you back? The stock price for the SA-73 is $549.00 (Sowter) and $499.00 (Carnhill) Right now though, if you put a $100 deposit down to pre-order your unit you will get the discounted price of $459 with Carnhill Transformers and $499 with a Sowter output transformer. Units start shipping in June 2017. BETTER COMPONENTS We have gone to great lengths to faithfully match the sonic characteristics and behavior of the original using nothing but the best components available, leaving no detail unnoticed; Making our SA-73 as distinctive and valuable as possible. Each unit features a Carnhill/St Ives transformers that precisely matches the originals. We also offer an optional Sowter output transformer which provides and extended low end frequency response and behaves even more similar to the original LO1166. The tantalum, polystyrene and Vishay capacitors are the finest components available that stay true to the original components found on vintage units. • Carnhill input and output transformers • Optional Sowter output transformer • Tantalum and Polystyrene capacitors • Vishay/BC capacitors • 2N3055 output transistor • Completely discrete signal path • 70dB of Gain • Trim • Marconi style knobs • 48V phantom power • Impedance selection (300 – 1200 ohms) • Less than 0.5% THD • XLR inputs • XLR and TRS outputs • External power transformer (115V or 230V) • Final assembly by hand in Chile


Stam Audio SA-73 single channel preamp / 399.00 - 499.00 !!!

Hello Guys, I am happy to announce the Stam Audio SA-73 single channel microphone preamp. The unit uses only premium components respecting the original vintage 1073 and it is identical to the 1073MPA dual channel we offer. Carnhill Transformers Tantalum and Polystyrene capacitors Vishay-Phillips capacitors BC184C transistors Marconi Knobs XLR in and XLR and TRS out DI, impedance, pol and 48V External grounded...

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Warm Audio WA-73 + WA-273EQ !!

I'm expecting to do something like this in a few weeks. Contenders would be: WA273EQ Heritage Elite HA73EQ Zenpro Carnhill modded GAP Pre73 Mk III Stam Audio SA-73 Carnhill Mk 1 Stam Audio 1073MPA Carnhill Mk 2 Stam Audio 1073MPA Sowter Mk 2

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Stam Audio - 1073EQ - New Release

I hear that, i have two more 1073eq's coming and the new sa-67, i can't even feed myself this week lol

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