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The Channel One is a fully equipped recording channel featuring separate mic & instrument preamps with tube stage, de-esser, compressor/limiter, semi-parametric dual-band EQ, Air EQ, FET distortion stage, headphone output and output gain with mute switch. 24/192 AD converter and I/O transformers are optional.SPL Channel One Features The Channel One comes with all tools on board for recording voices, instruments with the highest sound quality: Transistor/tube mic preamplifier Transistor/tube Indstrument (Hi-Z) preamplifier De-Esser Compressor/limiter with noise gate dual band semi parametric EQ Air Band EQ FET distortion for a rougher tone Headphone monitoring output Output Gain Mute switch


Presonus Eureka vs SPL Channel One?

I recently picked up a Presonus Eureka really cheap second hand and so far I'm really impressed. I quite like having the channel strip features and I'm wondering how does it compare to more expensive channel strips? How the Presonus Eureka compares to something like the SPL Channel One?

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What is the Best Mic Preamp for Voice-Over works?

...have a sound but are still very clean and super detailed. Maybe in your price range, you find a used SPL Channel One, which many German VOs use. Seems quite good for VO: Clean pre with some kind of tube saturation, Deesser, simple Comp, EQ and - could be great in the booth: A...

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Help with set-up

- You can connect the SPL Channel One output to the Saffire Pro 14 Line input with a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS cable. I think if you route the Line Outs 1 & 2 of the Sapphire Pro with a pair of 1/4" TRS cables back to the 'Play Back Inputs' on the SPL...

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